Monday, June 30, 2008

Wikio Rankings again and other admin

Yes, I do seem to have found myself shilling for Wikio, but they send me the rankings in advance (though no money, alas). And I am pleased to report that this month, I can feel a little smug, since I have jumped up the rankings to regain my #2 slot in the political blog rankings. Here's the Top 10.

Strangely enough, your humble Devil is still not in the PoliticsHome Top 100 Blogs.

Bitter much, Mr Montgomerie?

In other admin news, the number of readers at The Kitchen has declined slightly over May and June; this is not entirely surprising given my more sporadic posting. From Google Analytics:
45,990 Visits
16,773 Absolute Unique Visitors
57,817 Pageviews

The really joyous news is that useage of all flavours of Internet Explorer, The World's Worst BrowserTM, has dropped to just below 47% (only a couple of years ago, it was near 90%).

However, you will all be excited to know, no doubt, that your humble Devil is still very much enjoying his job and seems to be making a good impression too. So that's nice.

And, despite the slight fall in visitors to the site, MessageSpace revenue has picked up considerably since I last reported on this. Whilst I made only about £250 from September through to the beginning of April, since then I have picked up another £150 in revenue. This ups my per monthly MessageSpace earnings, from roughly £38, to about £50. It's still not a living, but it does allow me to buy a beer or two (or buy petrol for a week)...

Finally, I have never been a big Flikr user since I don't take photos (never really having had a camera of my own). However, I have decided to resurrect my Flikr stream in order to put bits of artwork up there. It's mainly the Devil Tarot at present, but I have found a couple of sites that have encouraged me to start doing art for fun again and so I shall be working on some decent illustrations (rather than the rush jobs that the Devil Tarot represents).

In the meantime, the other designer at work has been signed off sick for three weeks and we have a lot of work coming in so I am pretty swamped. I shall attempt to keep posting throughout the week (if I can just get used to this concept of actually taking time off work for an hour at lunch) but not only am I (happily) busy with work, but I tend to be too tired to do much in the evenings (unless it involves free booze) so posting may get a little more sporadic.

It's a good thing that I don't have anything to do at weekends these days, eh? Although I am seriously contemplating a trip to Wiltshire to attend The Englishman's Chilli Cook-off next weekend...


Anonymous said...

Fuck me you get more traffic than Staines? Listening to him you'd think he had more hits than the i player

Devil's Kitchen said...

Ah, no.

No, the way that the rankings are calculated is detailed here, but it is essentially based on weighted, incoming links (not including Blogrolls). So, a bit like Technorati, but not including blogrolls, in fact.

As a general rule, my actual traffic is about a third of Guido's whichever way you measure, IIRC. But I am, I suspect, read by more bloggers, who then link.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Chris! But surely no-one reads Labourhome? OK - Maybe for a laugh?

Anonymous said...

Surely you mean UKIPHome...then again you'd have to ask Chad Noble, I suppose.

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