Saturday, June 14, 2008

Unbelievable: An Idea

This man is an authoritarian cock of the very first water. Oh, and you know what? I think that he might be a terrorist too... That'll do. See you in 42 days, Luke.

Via Tom Paine, I see that Luke Akehurst is a totalitarian cunt.
Maybe instead of Labour fielding a candidate in Haltemprice & Howden we should find a Martin Bell type candidate - preferably a recently retired senior police officer, or a survivor or relative of a victim of a terrorist attack, to run under the following 5 word candidate description: "Independent—for detaining terrorism suspects".

I'm fed up with us playing softball with the Tories while they posture and pontificate on this issue. If they want to play liberal they should pay the full political price for it and be eviscerated at the polls for being soft on national security. We should have their stance on this issue on every single poster and leaflet at the next General Election and then see how Davis and his mates feel about a referendum on this issue.

So, Luke Akehurst would embrace abolition of habeas corpus and further erosion of our freedoms, just to spite the Tories. Nice. It is this kind of stinking, amoral, tribal politics that makes me yearn for the abolition of the party political system.

Mind you, people like Luke Akehurst make me yearn for his company, a piece of two-by-four, a sound-proofed room and total immunity, frankly.

Harry Haddock is also appalled.
Did he really mean that? Did he really mean that they should dig out a mother of someone blown to bits by terrorists and plaster her face all over an obnoxious ‘dog whistle’, knuckle dragging authoritarian campaign? The answer, unfortunately for his children, is yes, he did.

Unaware of how vile and repugnant his suggestion was, or perhaps unable to let his morally bankrupt Nu-Labour pride be dented by heeding the ‘when in a hole, stop digging’ advice dished out in the comments, he soon manages to better his original foul outburst;
Personally I think it’s “vile” that this man didn’t do his duty as Shadow Home Secretary, which on issues of counter-terrorism is to ensure they remain above party politics by supporting the Government. I also think it is “vile” that he can’t accept with good grace that he lost a vote in the House of Commons. I find his absurd invocation of Magna Carta too hilariously pompous to be “vile”.

Yes, that is the problem, Luke, isn’t it? He didn’t do hiss ‘duty’ by bending over and taking this disgusting idea forward under the instruction of our statist masters. Internment is good. Freedom is bad. The Magna Carta is a silly old, hilariously pompus document that has got in the way once too often. Its time has come. Let us rip it up and enter a brave new world.

You intellectually challenged, spiteful little twat.
I simply do not understand why the “civil liberties” of people suspected of terrorism would be considered of more value than the civil liberty of the rest of us to go about our lives safely.

Are you a real person, Luke? Are you so stupid, as well as so morally vile, that you don’t understand the principle of innocent until proven guilty? Do you not understand why we have trials? Are you so terribly dim that you can’t understand that without the presumption of innocence, for everybody we have no freedoms whatsoever? Nothing to defend from terror, for we would be under a reign of terror ourselves? Are you really that thick?

You dosey arsehole. You silly little pimple.
The “limits of the role of the state” have been mentioned. I am more interested in the duty of the state to protect its citizens.

Ahhh, Luke, you finally understand. Or perhaps not. If the state is to protect its citizens from coercion and violence, it is a good start that it doesn’t become the primary danger to their freedoms itself, because if it does, the terrorists can give up and go home. Game over. The state has won. You cannot enslave a people who are already enslaved. You cannot threaten peoples with violence if the state already does that as a matter of routine.

You sad, shrivelled excuse for a human being.

Do wander over to Harry's and get a succinct fisking of The Idea as Luke Akehurst quite willingly continues to dig himself deeper and deeper into the pit of shit that he has got himself into. For what becomes increasingly obvious over the course of these comments is that Luke Akehurst is a man without any morals whatsoever; nor has he any concept of freedom, nor of its importance.

In other words, were he born a few decades earlier and a few thousand miles east, Luke Akehurst would be the guy shoving the steel pins under your fingernails in the dungeons of the NKVD.

Whilst you contemplate the hideousness of what Luke is proposing, you might also care to have a look at his profile. [Emphasis mine.]
Labour Party activist since 1988—firmly on the moderate wing of the party. National Secretary of Labour Students 1995-6. Parliamentary candidate for Aldershot (2001) and Castle Point (2005). Hackney Councillor (Chatham Ward) and Labour Group Chief Whip since 2002.

Yes, this disgusting creature is a Labour Party animal through and through and he, apparently, is on the moderate wing of the party.

Fucking hellski.


Anonymous said...

David Davis constituency info (just had an email from them)

1) Email address “”
2) Cheques to “H&H CA fighting fund”
3) Address “Haltemprice & Howden Conservatives at 32, Main Street, Willerby, Hull. HU10 6BU”
4) Campaign website will be up on Monday.

Can we take Gordon Browns passport away? - he has failed his Britishness test.

Give it to Gurhka Pun instead - I believe he passed....

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the objection to 42 days.

I mean, internment worked sooooo well in Northern Ireland, didn't it?

It practically brought peace to the province overnight.

And don't bother mentioning the Birmingham Six or the Guildford Four because, as a committed Labour voter, I have no idea who they are and I will never have any idea who they are unless/until they are useful in attacking a Conservative government.

Broon prevails!

Anonymous said...

"Brother" Akehurst is about as moderate as I am. The difference is I'm waaaaaay to the left, and he's a pro-market authoritarian fanatic. He's only mainstream in the sense that that is where the mainstream is in NuLab these days.

Anonymous said...

I bet he's the first fucker to scream about Guantamo Bay , too. Funny thing is those prisoners were given the same Habeas rights as American citizens the same week the English citizens lost theirs.

Lizzie B said...

I particularly love his exchange with Rachel. Apparently if you've been a victim of a terrorist attack, this doesn't mean you're going to be smart about law and order - or at least, not smart enough to agree with Luke. What an utter cunting tosser. I really hope the powers that be read this and fire him.

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