Monday, June 30, 2008

Tee hee

Do you think that Gordon is enjoying his premiership? Here's another vote of no confidence in the useless, monocular fucker...
Labour is doomed under Gordon Brown's leadership, former party donor Sir Gerry Robinson has said.

Sir Gerry, a businessman who last gave money to Labour in 2005, told BBC News Mr Brown had put it in "probably an impossible position to come back from".

He was one of four Labour backers to tell a newspaper they were reluctant to fund Labour with Mr Brown at the helm.

The party is also facing a financial crisis, with the prospect of repaying millions of pounds in loans made to it by wealthy individuals when Tony Blair was in charge.

The party - which files its annual accounts next week - is relying on support from the big trade unions as it seeks fresh donors.

But Sir Gerry, who has given £70,000 to Labour since 2001, said he would not be contributing any more funds until there was a change of leader.

Oh dear, oh dear... It really couldn't happen to a more useless, spiteful, unpleasant little man, eh?
Health Secretary Alan Johnson hit back at Mr Brown's critics, insisting the prime minister had had a "good year".

Mr Johnson also maintained that oil was actually $3 a barrel, that wind turbines were very useful and that Vesuvius had never exploded and the residents of Pompeii were alive and well.

The prime minister has had a "good year"? What the fuck? Seriously, does Health Secretary Alan Johnson think we are idiots?

You might argue, as NuLabour apparatchiks do, of course, that the upheavals of the last year have not been the Gobblin' King's fault but by no stretch of the imagination has Gordon had a "good year". It started off with near Biblical floods, Foot and Mouth (caused, it was revealed, by the government's incompetence) and Bluetongue pestilence, and the bombings at Glasgow airport; it has carried on with the credit crunch, the oil crisis and house price correction.

May I suggest that somebody check on Health Secretary Alan Johnson's mental health? Because whilst I am no doctor, if you ask me, he gone completely fucking hatstand. Either that, of course, or he is incapable of telling the truth.

Oh, wait, he's a politician...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he means that wee clunky Gordon is capable of plumbing far greater depths?

Anonymous said...

I don’t know to what extent Labour’s unpopularity was caused by Gordon Brown’s failings as a leader, but it is clear that whatever the effect of voter-fatigue and economic hardship these things have been connected by the voters with Brown. He is the symbol of Labour’s failings and of their own difficulties. To remove Brown would neutralise some of those negative associations. An ousted PM is a sign of contrition on the part of a ruling party and implicitly the party could allow him to take a great deal of the blame with him.

Alan Johnson is one of the most plausible politicians of his generation. It is difficult to make concrete the appeal of a politician when it is based on tone and style, but there is something about Johnson that inspires confidence and that disarms mistrust. I don’t want to talk about charm because there is something performative about charm and Johnson’s great talent is to convey the impression that he isn’t performing – that he is being genuine. This comes across best in Johnson’s knack of accepting just enough of the criticism of the government to placate his interlocutors whilst contextualising those failures within a broader narrative of success. It is all too easy to to lose perspective in appraising the redemptive potential of new leaders, but I think that Labour’s critics would find themselves up against a much more robust politician in Johnson.

Read more of my views at my blog, Just who the hell are we? on, at:

Roger Thornhill said...

"whatever the effect of voter-fatigue and economic hardship "

Translation: It is none of Gordon, the vile policies, rancid cabinet nor the Labour Party's fault. At all. Eh-var.

Anonymous said...


Labour's unpopularity stems from things like making promises and then renegeing on them. From comments like 'We must start listening to people' after losing byelections. It is not lost on we tatty scroats at the bottom that Labour have been in power for eleven years and now say they are 'going to listen'. We don't believe that anymore.

It stems from taxes creeping up in all areas of life. It stems from Alistair Darling's comments like 'If you don't want to pay the higher tax on old cars, just buy a new one'. It stems from Harriet Harman telling us that it is legal, nay encouraged, for anyone who feels they have been slighted on the basis of race or gender to seek legal redress--unless they are white, British and male. We hate that our children are immune to any form of discipline and receive substandard education. Many of the unemployed hate being there but since they were told throughout school that 'alternative spelling' and such was just fine, and that competition was a bad thing, none of them can now hold a job. Just a few recent examples.

It is not all about Gordon Brown. It is the patronising, we-know-best, control freak attitude of the current government. It is the constant meddling in every little detail of our lives. For the record, I have little hope that the next one will be that much better but they will win on the basis that we hope they might be less bad.

We don't hate all politicians. We hate what they are doing to us.

I, for one, certainly don't hate myself. I have to say I'm not too keen on you.

Dave said...

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DK you posed two opinions in the last sentence. I 'll go with the latter. The man is incapable of telling the truth

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Mr Johnson. Good job Brown isn't Prime Minister of say South Africa, where having a goodyear has a completely different connotation.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that Brown doesn't have a bad second year then.

Anonymous said...

"Johnson’s knack of accepting just enough of the criticism of the government to placate his interlocutors whilst contextualising those failures within a broader narrative of success. It is all too easy to to lose perspective in appraising the redemptive potential of new leaders, but I think that Labour’s critics would find themselves up against a much more robust politician in Johnson."

What the bleeding hell is this about? Is this gobblydegook available in English? And if it is, do I care?

All too easy to lose perspective? I think I got that bit... Fucking hell, our glorious PM lost his perspective a long time ago.

cassandra said...

Gordon Brown said it best himself when after being utterly destroyed at the local elections he said and I quote: "The message I take from the voter is that they want me to carry on and guide us through these difficult times and making the right long term decisions for the Nation"! NO you dirty pervert they want you gone! Alan Johnson is a classic example of the NuLabour type ie crafty,dishonest,arrogant,crooked and nasty! I draw comfort from the fact that I have seen the future and I got a glimpse of Johnsons face when he loses his seat at the next election and it gives me a warm glow to think that types like him ARE going to get whats coming to them, in fucking spades!

Not a sheep said...

Maybe it's a disease of Health Secretaries, remember Patsy Hewitt's "best year ever" remark about the collapsing NHS in 2006.

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