Sunday, June 29, 2008

Strike them off and strike them down

Oh look: another example of patrician cunts who set themselves up as arbiters of our behaviour acting like total swine! Who would'a thunk it?
Young women fleeing forced marriages are being betrayed by GPs and benefits staff who "collude" with families to return them against their will, a senior police officer police has revealed.

Doctors and Job Centre workers are breaching confidentiality rules and passing on vital information to families, allowing them to trace and punish Asian women who are attempting to escape coerced marriages and "honour"-based domestic violence.

Commander Steve Allen, who is the spokesman on forced marriages for Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), revealed that some doctors have informed girls' families that they have asked for the contraceptive pill, placing them at risk from fathers or brothers who believe this means the family's honour has been besmirched.

Cmdr Allen also told The Sunday Telegraph that Job Centre workers have accessed the National Insurance details of women who flee violent husbands, tracing where they collect benefits and passing the details on to their families so they can be found and forced back to their marital home.

Now, not to excuse the barbarity of the beliefs of many in this country—beliefs informed by a combination of religion and very, very small penises—these people named in the article are, plain and simply, utter, utter cunts and I hope that they die in screaming agony.

Timmy points out that a database state will make tracing these unfortunate women all the easier in any case.
Having a National Identity Register, one where it is a criminal offence not to update your address, will make tracking down such miscreants so much easier, won’t it? And with the hundreds of thousands of people who will have access to said database, it won’t be possible to stop people doing so.

Finally, a use for it then! To continue the oppression of young Asian women. Makes you glad to be British, doesn’t it?

Are these benefits workers not breaching data protection rules? Should they not be punished?

In the meantime, the doctors most certainly are breaching patient confidentiality rules. They should be tracked down and struck off the medical register.

And if anything happens to the women concerned, then they should be charged as an accessory to murder or assault, or whatever. And then their breach of the medical code should be taken into account and they should be imprisoned forever, without parole.

Utter bastards. These people are scum.


Roger Thornhill said...

These are not any people, they are those who put their "culture" above their profession, the law of the land and, most importantly, the individuals they serve.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

To those of us who have a serious shitty on about Islam, and track the doings of Islam and Moboons, this is old, old news.

But when we try to tell people like you, you call us racists (what race is Islam again?). And this is nothing - did you know that the biggest population of genitally mutilated Somali women in the world, outside Somalia itself, is in London, and measured in the tens of thousands.

You Libertarians have got an awful lot right on the nail, and on the whole I do like you - but sometimes you are so utterly wrong you couldn't be more wrong if you were doing it deliberately.

Stop immigration now. Send all Moboons back to where their families originated from, or you will be fighting a Lebanese-style civil war on the streets of your own country within 25 years.

Read this if you want to find out why you have the attitude to this that you do - and why I and people like me have the attitude I do.

By the time you find out you are wrong, it'll be too late - you'll have to fight.

Devil's Kitchen said...

No, Henry, we libertarians would deal with this situation too. Those women who are being physically assaulted, imprisoned or murdered because their relatives follow disgusting, primitive religions, i.e. all of them, would have precisely the same protection under the law as anyone else. And those who have infringed upon their liberties would get precisely the same (extraordinarily harsh punishments, as compared to today) as anyone else.

Everyone is equal under the law, without fear or favour and with no regard for religion, custom or culture.

You attack someone's life, liberty or property and you will be punished under the full force of the law.

And I am afraid that those people who regard women as "property" would have to adapt or find somewhere else to live; a woman cannot be someone's property under a libertarian legal system, since no person can own another person (it is an infringement of their liberty, and is slavery).


Sir Henry Morgan said...


And every word you just said I'd go to the wall to defend. But Islam just will not have it. Their GOD tells them they must take over the world.

And they wont have it any other way. How can you defy the word of your God?

And they believe Bigmo was the perfect example of a man - to be emulated in every way possible. He was a serial rapist - raped one on her wedding day after he'd just murdered her husband in front of her, and tortured her father to death - he was a paedophile - marrying a girl at six and shagging her when she was nine (he was 54) - he was a brigand, an enslaver, a murderer. He supervised the genocide of a Jewish tribe, 900 men beheaded in one day, and all their women and children enslaved. And this is the ideal example to be emulated.

If they win the civil war that's coming, they'll do that stuff to us. The survivors will have to live under the terms of the Dhimma (Treaty of Umar). Where do you think the Nazis got the idea from of making various minorities wear distinctive marks or badges?

And you cannot fight a civil war with the law. Send them back now, while we still have numbers on our side.

Anyway, I'll leave it alone now. You'll learn in time. Remember me and what I said when it happens - I'll be dead anyway by then.

Devil's Kitchen said...


I'll refrain from quoting the Man For All Seasons at you, but you cannot tear down the law for one special group.

Many Muslims in this country have no wish to invade or enslave us.

Don't worry: once we have alternative forms of power, then all of this will be moot. The Arab oil states will collapse because of their backward views and there will be no money to fund terrorism.

Fear not, it will work out. And believe me, I will be laughing at them.


P.S. Christianity adopted the same stance, if you remember. That didn't succeed either.

Anonymous said...

Sir Henry Morgan:

As DK says, the vast majority of Muslims don't sit awake at night plotting to take over Britain. They just want to get on with their lives.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

This is the last I have to say here on the topic:

... and the majority of Iranians don't sit up at night plotting to hang young women who've been raped, gayers who come out, or stone married women who've had an illicit shag.

But then, neither do they do anything to put a stop to it. Think it'll be any different here?

Anonymous said...

"But then, neither do they do anything to put a stop to it. Think it'll be any different here?"

And how are you putting a stop to the politicised police arresting harassed retired people for "kidnapping" young hoodlums? What are you doing to stop the wicked withdrawal of treatment from cancer patients who dare to buy additional drugs to extend their lives by a few months?

And don't answer "posting on blogs and writing letters". That's not exactly an option open to Iranians is it? Or are you going to complain that they voted for Imadinnerjacket? Did you vote for Blair?

Anonymous said...

just to point out that you are taking as holy writ the allegation that a police officer makes, without, it seems, much substantiation of this allegation. It is also a very loose allegation; if one gp ever had done this, it would back up this allegation; yet it is scarcely evidence of a large scale conspiracy.

Secondly, I am a little bit surprised by your take on this. The police officer is asking for more power from the state, and more information to be withheld from families (since they are all potential murderers). You seem to be agreeing that the jobsworths should take even more power from families.

QT said...

@henry morgan: The Julie Bindel of the far-right.

Devil's Kitchen said...


The information belongs to the individual, not the family, for precisely these reasons.

I don't know why you are surprised: I am a libertarian, that is to say "an individualist".

I pass no judgement on "families", only individuals. And if these individuals are having their rights infringed by their own families, and their trust betrayed by doctors and others (who are breaking the law or, at the very least, their word by doing so) then you can hardly expect me to approve.

I am one of those old-fashioned types who believes that my word is my bond, y'see.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Kay tie

I vote BNP. I'm a BNP member. I'm a BNP minor official and election agent. I am currently conducting a by-election.

And I'm also awaiting my turn for 42 days incommunicado in a box. Who do you think that legislation is really aimed at?

DK will probably get a turn at it too.

Multiculturalism has never worked, doesn't work, and never will work. One culture MUST overwhelmingly dominate if there is to be a peaceful society. And Islam is a particularly disruptive culture. There is serious trouble, death and destruction, everywhere in the world where there are large numbers of Muslims cheek by jowl with another culture. So far, up to yesterday, since September 11th 2001 there have been 11,342 Terrorist attack committed worldwide by moboons.

Would you fancy a holiday in the south of Thailand?

Sir Henry Morgan said...


You might try attacking the message instead of the messenger?

And if you think I'm far right then you know exactly jack shit about the BNP.

Dan Vevers said...

Ah, you're far-left then. That's a whole load better.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Incapable of attacking the message then?

Anonymous said...

Per - people were saying the same thing about honour murders a few years ago - the whole establishment and the media were in complete denial about it. This copper isn't going to be making this stuff up without being on very solid ground. He is asking to be branded a racist (I hazard a guess that the GPs involved are not predominately white), and for a copper these days that is death.

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