Monday, June 09, 2008

Silly Bishop!

It's enthusiasm a-go-go over in the Scottish Executive, as they trumpet their latest education initiative!
Parents have a crucial role to play in supporting children's learning and the successful implementation of Curriculum for Excellence, Cabinet Secretary for Education Fiona Hyslop said today.

Naughty Mister Bishop Hill is more than a little sceptical of the efforts, as he sees them—even going to far as to call it "turgid bilge".
I've written before about the refusal of my children's school to allow parents to see the curriculum that's being taught, so Ms Hyslop's turgid meanderings ring pretty hollow in these 'ere parts. Having refused me, the school informed the school council (that's the board of governors to you) that a summary of the curriculum would be prepared and released to parents. This was just after Christmas. Now, they have "changed their minds" and we are told to wait until the new term starts in the autumn.

And if you believe that you'll believe anything.

So if you'll excuse me, Ms Hyslop, I think you're not actually telling the truth. I think you don't want parents playing any role in their children's education at all.

Oh, silly Mister Hill; you haven't go the message, have you?

It isn't about you being able to influence what your children learn at school, but what the government can force you to teach your children at home. Silly boy!

Much though they may deny it, the government has noticed that our education standards aren't up to much. Even they might apply the word "shit" to the quality of British state education (although not in public, obviously).

However, the last thing that they are going to do is to let you insignificant parents influence learning: you might teach your children naughty things like "the state is not your friend" and "government always does things badly". You may even teach them that the British Empire wasn't all bad or—if you are extra specially naughty—you might even teach them some science that pooh-poohs global warming. Or you may teach them some actual history with hard facts. Like the body count in Communist Russia, or Communist China, or something.

So, what will happen is that the school, a.k.a. the goverment, will set the agenda. You will then be given tasks, of the government's devising, that are "crucial" in "supporting children's learning" and, if you don't do them, you will be reprimanded and then fined.

It's really very simple, Mister Hill; you have confused the idea that you have a "crucial role to play in supporting children's learning" with the notion that you may be able to influence what it is that your children learn.

Silly Bishop!


Anonymous said...

If I ever have kids, I plan to teach them the best way to skin a politician.

They're energy efficient - if you put them on a spit, they spin themselves!

I can just see the next few generations wandering the streets muttering 'resistance is will be assimilated...' unless the few remaining brains in the education system get themselves together in time. It doesn't look likely.

Soon, soon, we will have homogeneity in thought, word and deed for all.

Don't all these mad regimes eventually set about killing off the intellectuals? Won't be long now.

Anonymous said...

Am I being stupid again?

I thought that curricula were public documents.

If not I recommend a backwards porcupine on a stick from behind for the appropriate policy-maker.

Anonymous said...

I think this comes under FoI in England, and I don't see why they should be fussed about it.

Most educational institutions I know have lesson plans copied to a central server - so it should be a matter of burning a DVD.

They should be pleased he is interested.

On the previous refusal, the FoI guidance in England seems to indicate that they should not be able to withhold the info. and follow the "Guidance Notes" link.


Anonymous said...

PS Obviously I am aware that he is in Scotland. The regimen should be similar but involved a caber.

Roger Thornhill said...

The fact that FoI has to even be MENTIONED in this context - what people paid out of monies forcibly intercepted say and do with our children - shows how much the mindset of Statism has permiated. BTW this is not a criticism of Matt.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic but...

I was astonished to hear my daughter reporting that her science teacher had been expressing Global Warming Sceptical views in the class. Mind you, it is a grammar school and so there is a danger that the kids will see through B**l S**t if it's served up to them on a plate.

Presumably the teacher involved is keeping children in her cellar as sex slaves - that's what climate change heretics do.

Anonymous said...

I've not pursued this through FoI yet. A couple of people (not school staff, I hasten to add) have said that there may be repercussions for my kids if I do. I'm trying to do this the nice way before pursuing the "nuclear" option.

My patience is wearing a bit thin though.

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