Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Paul Flynn MP: criminally ignorant moron

The Cynical Dragon pointed me towards this rather unpleasant post from idiot Labour MP, Paul Flynn.
Global warming deniers have undermined well-founded public alarm on Global Warming. Panic is our only hope. Channel Four and Nigel Lawson have pushed the seductive message of comfort and reassurance that Global warming is not happening.

It’s bunkum, but the weak long for happy delusions that will ease their worries. Confronted by the loud-mouthed environmental ignoramus brigade of fuel gluttons and macho poseurs, British politicians' green convictions are wilting. Today's Observer poll suggests that six out ten
Britons are not convinced that global warming is the supremely vital issue.

The public fear must be cranked up again.

When challenged in the comments, little Mr Flynn was pathetically dismissive. Given that the man is a pig-ignorant fuckwit with an over-weening arrogance (have he and Polly Toynbee ever been seen in the same room together? Just saying...), I decided to fisk his reply...
The global-warming deniers do not have science on their side.


I know that you are a politician, but do try not to lie. Let us have a look at two pillars of the AGW: the Mann et al. "hockey-stick graph", and arch-climate loony, James Hansen.

The hockey-stick graph was thoroughly debunked—it was shown, by MacIntyre and McKitrick (try Google, Paul), that whatever data you put in the result was always a hockey-stick. Which is why, of course, the IPCC no longer relies on it. There is an example of the science being on the side of the "deniers".

And James Hansen... Well, where to start? I know, let's start with his speech of twenty years ago to the US senate, shall we? This gentleman has helpfully shown how accurate Hansen was.

Further, we have been told recently that the current cooling trend is due to cold currents in the Pacific and that this will mask the catastrophic warming. Really.

It is strange, is it not, that not one of the climate models predicted this cold shift. One might almost conclude that the models were not terribly accurate and that their predictions should be taken with a sack of salt. Especially since these "scientists" have all been using a set of equations that assume that the Earth has an infinitely thick atmosphere.

You might also like to observe that the only significant warming in the land temperature record is added after the figures are collected.

There are, of course, also significant problems with the way in which land temperature figures are collected (urban heat island effects and suchlike) which leads one to wonder why NASA, for instance, does not use the far more wide-ranging and accurate satellite data (clue: because the satellite data shows insignificant warming as compared to the land measurements).

But I doubt that you will be interested in actual data, eh, Paul? You'll just take what you're fed, like the good little bit of lobby-fodder that you are. I can imagine you now, which your fingers pressed tightly into your ears, shrieking, "la la la la! I can't hear you!"
Over 90% of the best scientists in the world are demanding immediate action from Governments.

Who says that they are "the best", Paul? You? What qualifications do you have to judge that?

And since when was consensus of any use in science? A couple of hundred years ago, the consensus was that the sun revolved around the Earth.

More recently, the consensus was that thousands, if not tens of thousands, were going to die of vCJD (remember that, Paul?). We're still waiting...

But what should we do? Well, why don't you have a look at the IPCC SRES A1 family of scenarios? They are the scenarios based on technological advancement, greater international trade and cooperation, and people around the world getting richer. Go on, have a read: you never know, you might like the idea.

Oh, and just while we are on the subject, the Stern Review made absolutely no mention of the A1 scenarios. At all. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Which is just one of the reasons why those of us who actually know about the subject and who read his report dismissed it as useless scare-mongering.

Oh, and the scientific consensus supports us there, by the way. The only people who still quote the Stern Review without getting actively embarrassed are politicians, because they, as usual, know no better.
Some, but not all of the deniers, are in the pay of the oil industry.

Oh, yawn. Nearly every single one of the AGW scientists is in the pay of governments and the state is hardly a disinterested party. These scientists also know that if they mention AGW in their reports or proposals, they are more likely to get funding.

And do tell, what motivates those people who, you admit above, are not in the pay of the oil industry?
My description of them is a little too restrained.

Paul, my description of mental fascists such as yourself is never so polite and yet I too am still far too restrained.
There was a gobal warming denial vote in the Commons recently. 5 out of the 650 were found.

Sorry, Paul; how is that in any way significant? How many MPs have any scientific qualifications at all? How many of them have actually read any original reports or studied raw data?

For god's sake, the vast majority of you could not even be bothered to read the Maastricht Treaty, or the Lisbon Treaty and I bet there are more lawyers in the Commons than there are scientists.

Most of you vote on issues of which you have little or no understanding and base that vote on little but your own prejudices, petty squabbles and party affiliations.

The only thing that we can rely on is that you MPs will, at every turn, vote for more money and more power.

No wonder the general public holds you all in utter contempt: you are, in the very clearest sense of the word, contemptible.


Paul Flynn, ladies and gentlemen: arrogant arsehat of the day and a wonderful ambassador for our elected representatives. Well, excellent for those of us that maintain that they are all stupid, corrupt, self-serving simpletons, anyway.


Anonymous said...


Mark Wadsworth said...

This chap will need a lamp-post.

I don't even own a car, and I am a bit of a wimp, to be honest, so I object to being described as a "fuel glutton and macho poseur", just because I am not a shill of the nuclear/windmill/bio-fuel/insulation/double-glazing/etc industry.

Anonymous said...

A fine takedown to be sure. I tip my hat to you devil.

And a big "fuck you" to you, Paul Flynn, you fascist cunt.

Anonymous said...

Great fisk, DK.

An asdide, the last EU science research grant that I did (nothing whatsoever to do with AGW)had an AGW tick box, along with gender equality promotion and the like.

Meanwhile, the average standard of our science is going down the pan by the year.

Anonymous said...

An an aside ...

Anonymous said...

Ah bugger - yeh, I know - preview is my friend

Anonymous said...

I like the way it's climate change 'deniers' now! It's clearly a small step from skepticism about the latest bit of apocalyptic fearmongering to being an anti-semitic Lowenbrau-loving veteran of Combat 18!

Anonymous said...

Should we now start to say "he has been flynned"?

Dave Snark said...

His paranoid views on 'big pharma' are equally ridiculous, it seems it's ok for him to be skeptical but when others question things they're deniers.

At the end of the day, if he and his ilk need to use scare tactics then they haven't got a real argument.

Trixy said...

There is a professor at a university in Ireland who also works for the European Commission. He doesn't believe all this junk about global warming and man made climate change but he can't say anything in his job to that effect because then the funding for his university department will be stopped.

I am reading 1984 so I can find out which chapter the government are on and have an advanced warning of what will happen next.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Trixy, they've got to the bit where they abandon science as in "inventing new stuff that improves well-being" and replace it with science as in "discovering new ways to control people". The story stops there.

Dan Vevers said...

Hahaha that was excellent

Anonymous said...

Trixy, whilst reading 1984, please can you check if there is anywhere in the book where it is subtitled: Authoritarianism for Dummies.

Anonymous said...

Well said DK. Opening the mouth before engaging the brain seems to define these fuckwit socialists.Look out for a totaly half-baked, half arsed idea and it is usually uttered by either a government minister or one of the puppets.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3:05

If it was only socialist MPs bigging up the AGW fraud it wouldn't be so bad. Cameron has also reserved his party's rooms at the AGW Fuckwit Hotel.

cassandra said...

It brings me some comfort that most of these psuedo Marxist fruitcakes will be out of a job within 24 months!
He says "we have to crank up the fear" and that just about sums these fuckwits up doesnt it? The socialist dream called the USSR was smashed by the Reagan/Thatcher alliance but the Western supporters didnt go away did they? The AGW fraudsters wish for a Marxist paradise complete with Gulags/mental hospitals for those who dare to question the Nu order and no amount of reason will stop them. 1984 was a warning NOT a fucking template! Animal farm was an accurate dissection of the socialist mindset I think?
I can picture the world how the AGW fanatics would shape it and it would look like East Germany where people take what they are given and do what they are told! A land where a Nu stasi listens to every word spoken and kids denounce parents to show trials called peoples tribunals! Where the state supplies a ration book and queues for everything is the order of the day for the grey masses while 'party officials' shop and live in walled enclosures immune from shortages or ration cards! Where cars are only to be given to 'party members'! In this Nu peoples democratic utopia the grey masses only purpose is to serve the state and of course the 'party' and any dissent is either a result of mental illness or counter revolutionary, subversive class enemies! A land where everyone dresses in grey but the 'party members' wear grey silk and the worker wears grey cotten!
In the Nu common purpose Nu world order the masses do not want democracy because it only confuses them, what the masses really want is 'delivery' and in the Nu brave world of the watermelon workers paradise thats what they will get. in fucking spades!

Anonymous said...

I believe in global climate change - it changes all the time. It's just the concept of: the only climate change is global warming, and man made CO2 is the only cause of it; that is tosh.

Have you noticed they (BBC, Government Ministers etc) have stopped saying "global warming" and now say "climate change"? They are preparing the way for their climbdown.

Anonymous said...

"The public fear must be cranked up again."

Don't you get 42 days now for terrorising the public?

Fidothedog said...

DK, well done. I mean it serious well done on fisking the liar Flynn.

The man has supported Fidel, signed that EDM praising the man to the skies (oh you refered to all of them as cunts and another well done for that by the way.)

He has had to pay out over £30K in a libel case a few years back - check his wikipedia page for details.

Ignored the outsourcing of jobs by LTSB to India and has acted as a corporate mouthpiece for them on several occasions since. Oh he actually refused to meet myself and others at the time the outsourcing took place, each time we asked he was unavilable, too busy etc etc etc.

Also check out EDM 996 on how we are all in danger from as tsunami, serious I make this not up!

He also loves North Korea, planned to meet the lardy dictator of that lovely place a few years ago.

Oh and do have a look further back through his weblog for the bizarre hair pictures that he posted of himself. Nice to see maturity in politics....

Anonymous said...

This man is beneath contempt, a pile of rancid fanny batter on a stick.

Mark Wadsworth said...

What Umbongo says.

I've looked up the bit that Trixy is looking for an posted it here.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind so much, but according to Newsnight now the intelligence agencies have got in on the act. It seems global warming will cause all sorts of security issues which can only be addressed by more funding for intelligence agencies. Now there's a surprise.

One shill was on saying the US government should spend $250 billion on researching new fuel technology. I wonder how much of that $250 billion he was planning to get his greedy mits on?

Whenever you have a war there are always the possibilities to make immense profits from war budgets. The war against climate change is just the same, except that unlike in most wars, there isn't even a real enemy. It would be a beautiful concept if we weren't the schlubs who had to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Just been watching Newsnight where the arch-moron Paxman was talking to Margaret Beckett (possibly the most stupid MP in the government). Paxman started wittering on about Global Warming being the most important security matter of the day. 'We are talking about the imminent destruction of the whole planet here.', was one of his more hilarious statements. Fuckwits and idiots all.

Anonymous said...

He also loves North Korea, planned to meet the lardy dictator of that lovely place a few years ago.

Herro Mr Paul Frynn - don't you know how flucking busy I am ?

Anonymous said...

"Climate change"...didn't they used to call that "Weather"?

Anonymous said...

Last week's New Scientist had a feature on the last time the planet warmed up. It warmed to the point where there were no ice caps at all, there were crocodile-like reptiles in the Arctic and lush forests in Antarctica.

Presumably that was because of brontosauri driving everywhere in their dino-carriers and T. Rex eating all the wind farms?

Anyway, life didn't die out as a result. The planet didn't turn into lava.

Life flourished, in fact, and when the planet cooled many species died out forever.

When it warms up again, many species will die out forever.

That's not an 'eco-disaster' as the global-warmers portray. That's called 'nature' and like it or not, we don't control it. Species evolve. Species die out. That's how the planet has always worked and how it will continue to work. You can't stop it with taxes.

These eco-warriors with their 'conservation' are atually promoting 'stagnation'. Left to themselves, every species on the planet has options when the environment changes.

1. Move to somewhere they can continue as they are.

2. Adapt to the new environment and change.

3. Die out.

If we don't accept that the planet cares not a jot for our politician's pronouncements and will warm and cool as and when it pleases, then we are doomed to take option 3.

If the planet is going into a warm cycle then it'll happen whether you drive or walk. It won't make a gnat's runny dropping of difference. Likewise, if it's time for an ice age, then better dig out those thermals because we can't stop that either.

I am utterly sick of hearing about the 'right to life', applied either to humans or to wide-eyed little furry things. There is no such right. Life is luck, not some generously-awarded prize. We are here purely as a result of chance.

We will leave by the same means.

If the seas are really rising by a millimetre a year (and whoever measures that, you have far too much time on your hands) then I think even I could outrun the encroaching ocean. I refuse to worry about that when there are tens of thousands of nuclear weapons in the world, and lunatics in charge. We could all be blasted to radioactive ash at any moment.

Now that would be real global warming. That's worth worrying about. I'm surprised they haven't found a way to tax it yet.

Old Holborn said...

Wonderful rant Leg Iron. I salute you

Old Holborn said...

James Higham said...

Go for it, DK. No taking f-king holidays on your part. No sir!

Anonymous said...

now things have taken a turn for the worse (cheers gordo) these nu-lab idiots are outing themselves as the stalinist pricks they really are.

Paul Flynn - public don't agree with me lets ratchet up the fear.

Sion Simon - democracy is nothing more than a 'glass paradigm'

Andy Burnham - you don't have a right to privacy.

Harriet Harman - its okay to discriminate against white men

please let me know if there are any other stalinist pricks disguised as nu-lab progressives who have outed themselves.

Mulligan said...


I salute you sir, excellently put.

Anonymous said...

Politicians always absolve themselves of any culpability on most occasions. This is a clear example of a politician blaming everyone else, but themselves...

The biggest pollutant of them is of course Govt itself..

Who controls what happens to waste?

Who builds the roads for anyone and everyone to use?

Who decides on where a polluting business can reside?

Govt of course!

If anyone wants to think twice about this, then consider who has made planes, trains, cars more efficient and less polluting? The free market of course... The majority of people want cleaner air and of course the market responds to these desires with innovation beyond the mindset of twats like Paul Flynn

Of course govt is currently using airlines as its patsy as a means to coining in more tax for themselves... They are convinced by their own lazy arses that global warming is their way of scoffing more goodies from nations coffers...

Fuck them all fuck Paul flynn.. and fuck govt once and for all...

Anonymous said...

The earth 'll be ok - its just human 'civilization' that will be threatened. Hate to be boring but buy a big gun - when all the urban people cant feed or heat themselves and start roaming the countryside for twigs and calories and want to eat my life stock..... well I'll be using them for compost.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Pond Life gets off on guns...

But how big is the carbon footprint of your average 9mm, and who will recycle the shell cases?

Won't the heat flash from the muzzle increase global warming, let alone the long term damage from gunpowder smoke pollution?

And what about the shots that miss... won't Mother Nature be wounded?

I think we should be told the facts here

Anonymous said...

The only Climate Change Deniers are those that insist that it can be stopped or stabilised by controlling the emission of CO2.

The article made for an amusing read.

But today I hear that Toss pot Brown is to spend £100 billion of my money to control the un-controllable. I'm sure a lot of blogs are being typed ,as I type this, on that subject.

Old Holborn said...

Not by me. I work in renewable energy as a consultant. Fucking Ferraris and helicopters all round methinks!

Anonymous said...

Well at least someone's going to spend my money wisely....

Jones said...

Just goes to prove how deeply unpleasant all Socialists are.

Anonymous said...

climate change deniers are like holocaust deniers. its too horrible so lets pretend its not real.

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