Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oh, do keep up!

Apparently, MPs fear that ID Cards might actually be used.
The compulsory identity card could be used to carry out surveillance on people, MPs have warned.

Members of the Commons home affairs select committee said they were concerned that the way the authorities use sensitive data gathered in the multi-billion-pound programme could "creep" to include spying.

Oh, ya think?

In other news, bears lack silvian sanitary facilities, there is a high probability that Pope is not Protestant and we can now say, with a fair degree of certainty, that water isn't entirely dry.

Fucking hellski...


Anonymous said...

How about..packet of fags please..yes sir please insert your id card.

Off to the pub pint of guiness please...ok sir insert your id card.

or even ! to swim please...yup its the spy in your wallet time again.

log on to the internet oh dear please insert your fucking id card.

as you say fuckinghellski

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Ive lost my ID card down the toilet (don't ask) - already; honest.

Anonymous said...

You meant "sylvan" or possibly "silvan".

Not a sheep said...

or as I blogged, "no shit, Sherlock".

Anonymous said...

The meeting of two neurons in that hallowed place is to be as savoured as the appearance of cosmic events blazing in the night sky, as galaxies clash in the depths of the universe.

It's just a shame that in comparison, the relative distances between the constituent parts of such events seems to be greater within those treasured walls than is to be found at the frontiers of space, making them infinitely more rare

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