Monday, June 09, 2008

Now this is real corruption

It has been a source of come distess to your humble Devil that last week's crash prevented me from commenting on the glorious joy of the Tory MEPs' fraud. Guido has been doing sterling work, however, so excuse me whilst I link to his posts for my own satisfaction.

The Kitchen has documented the duplicity of Giles Chichester before, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see that little fuck get his comeuppance.

Guido: Leader of Tory MEPs Under Suspicion
It gets worse, the leader of the Tory MEPs, Giles Chichester, has been caught paying £445,000 of public funds to a company of which at one time only he and his wife were remunerated directors.

That is an insurmountable conflict of interest. Even if, as is so often the way with political corruption, he faces no charges, he should at the very least be relieved of his position as Euro-Tory leader.

Guido: He Says "Whoops-a-Daisy", We Say "Corrupt"
Now he has been caught red-handed profiteering from public monies and only after days of calls for him to go, what does he say? He told West Country ITV last night:
...whoops-a-daisy I am shown up to have made a mistake. OK, hands up, mea culpa and I am putting it right.

Not "whoops-a-daisy", not a "mistake", Giles Chichester deliberately and disgracefully used a front-company to profiteer from his own expense claims. That is unethical, dishonest and a resignation matter. He is supposed to be fighting waste and EU-fiddles - not designing them.

Guido: 13 Tory MEPs Still Hiding Their Expenses Even Now
Giles Chichester has resigned as leader of the Tory MEPs and his career is effectively over. Guido can't see him being re-selected. As is always seemingly the way with these things we never see any criminal charges. The guilty politician will waffle on about "good faith", "mistakes" and our old favourite "a technical breach of the rules".

In reality it is criminal fraud.

Giles Chichester is a lying, corrupt piece of shit who should be prosecuted for criminal fraud and misappropriation of public funds. He won't be, of course: instead, he will retire on a fat EU pension, also paid for by us.

Nice work if you can get it.

Obviously, we have also had the joy of Caroline Spelman too. And your humble Devil has also dealt with Sir Robert Atkins before, and it's good to see that he's been abusing his expenses also.

As has Tory MEP, John Purvis. No surprises there.

And who could resist Guido baiting Mad Nad?
Post-lunch Guido peruses Nadine's blog to discover a picture of her comely researcher, one Jenny Dorries, and Nadine has this to say:
If Michael Crick or any other journalist would like to check it out she is working from my staff office, just be our guest. Is there a better communication tool than a blog?

No of course not, so Guido calls Nadine's office; "Is Jenny there?" "No she has just popped out" comes the reply. Guido leaves his number for her to call back. Seconds pass... ring, ring. A lioness roars down the line in tones that remind Guido of Mrs Fawkes. Nadine is not impressed. Guido protests that she did invite calls. She also complains about the blog's coverage of Caroline Spelman. Guido points out she never called about Guido's coverage of Beckett's pergola or Follet's window cleaning at our expense. We agree to differ.

Elsewhere on her blog Nadine laments
"The frenzied attack against Conservative MPs and MEPs, orchestrated by and emanating from the left wing BBC and press has equalled that of an animal in its death throes. The more terminal the position looks for Labour, the more desperate the BBC and left wing press become. The incoming Conservative government has many big dragons to slay, the BBC has to be the biggest."

Yes, Guido and those horrible left-wingers at Open Europe must be desperately trying to prop up the Labour Party. Guido wonders aloud to Nadine whether, just maybe, Spelman's troubles might come from another direction, after all, the Whip's office knew of her misdemeanor, perhaps others in CCHQ knew as well?

But the most appalling revelations concern that little shit, Den Dover (who has also featured on The Kitchen (see UPDATE at the bottom of the post)). This Tory MEP has employed the worst excuses ever for his corruption, which is extensive.

But even that is not enough: because, you see, Dover's particular brand of corruption explains why Cameron and his merry men did not actually move until these revelations came to light.
+++ Den Dover Euro Cash Laundered Into Tory Coffers +++

According to the Electoral Commission records, Den Dover's "service provider" company MP Holdings gave £1,200 to the North West Tories and printing worth £1,701 to the Chorley branch in 2004. Dover has personally given the party £57,000 since 2001.

Now, why am I not surprised...?

Oh, and Guido warns that he has more to come as regards Labour and LibDem MEPs too: I can't wait...

As I have said before, fuck "the rules" and fuck "the precedents": is it too much to ask that those who seek to rule every aspect of our lives are not themselves corrupt?


Anonymous said...

DK, I have a soft spot for Nadine Dorries ever since she set you right about the realities of abortion (you know: the legalised scam that allows men to coerce their girlfriends into aborting viable human babies). But even you clearly have a problem pinning corruption on Dorries especially when there are blatant fraudsters like Dover, Chichester, Cashman and Broon around.

Letters From A Tory said...

It would be nice if you could have at least mentioned that 82% of Labour MEPs and 70% of Lib Dem MEP have refused to release their expenses, far more than the 55% of Conservative MEPs who are holding out.

Old Holborn said...

The Tories are doing the correct thing by purging their sloppy shit first.

They'll be sitting with their feet up, hands washed and a nice glass of claret when the real EU shit hits the fan.

I really wouldn't want to use the bog after ZNL have been in there.

Mark Wadsworth said...

From the picture of Jenny D, you can see straight away that she has never done any typing in her whole life, she's just waving her fingers over the keyboard and giggling.

Spelman should be hung by the neck until dead. Bitch.

AZ said...

Jesus. Can I employ my son at taxpayers' expense to do the annoying things in my public hospital that I can't be bothered doing? He's only 3 but he sings nicely.

Actually I only have one question. Was this job advertised? And a followup or two- what was the interviewing process? Who interviewed? Was the daughter's name blacked out?

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