Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No Surrender!

Our beloved government would not have been able to secure the passage of legislation designed to restrict the activities of one group of religious extremists (Muslim terrorists) without the help of another group of religious extremists (the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland).
Today, we have witnessed of the greatest trivialisations of our heritage that our history might just have ever seen - the individual's ancient liberty to be free of harrassment from the state has descended to the same level of political importance as a deal between the Labour Party and the DUP over Ulster's water rates.
When that old demon Paisley was shouting 'No Surrender!', we didn't realise that he and his disciples would be quite so willing to surrender the liberties that they were famously unwilling to extend to their fellow citizens. I guess that the cry that all lovers of British liberty should take up in the face of this tawdry, shitty, godawful, crappy wee deal is one which might be familiar to the followers of the Rt. Hon. Rev. Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley -

'Never! Never! Never! Never!'


Old Holborn said...

What fun.

Sky are reporting that Snotty has given the bigoted bog trotters £1.3BILLION of our money so that he now has the right to lock up ANY of us on a whim.

The 800 year old Magna Carta ripped up by one Scotch and 9 pig eyed Micks on a bribe

Thinks might, just might, get nasty for this.

Anonymous said...

>The 800 year old Magna Carta ripped up by one Scotch and 9 pig eyed Micks on a bribe<

Most of the MPs who voted for this legislation were English, friend, while the SNP and Plaid Cymru voted against it.

Don't trivialise what has happened by treating it like some childish English vs Scots spat. This is about the most wholescale assault on our British liberties in generations. Stay focused on that truth.

And, Martin, maybe the DUP would have been more enthusiastic about extending rights to their "fellow citizens" if these "fellow citizens" (your co-religionists) hadn't been engaged in a campaign to ethnically cleanse the Emerald Isle of everyone who wasn't sufficiently Catholic.

Old Holborn said...

Fair point

I will reserve my hatred for the the bowler hatted masons of the Belfast Taliban and the treacherous English pigs who were too scared to defy ONE snot gobbling, one eyed arse felching Paedo.

Fitaloon said...


Anonymous said...

This country is well and truly fucked. Much as I love it, the time has come to call it a day and leave.

Old Holborn said...

This is the most slippery slope we have been on in the last 800 years. And that is saying something. You cannot overestimate how fucking furious I am.

I am not a Muslim extremist. WHY am I now subject to the same suspicion they are? HOW DARE my servant, the State, even contemplate seeing me as a threat when I have done NOTHING?

We are now the servants of the State. The State thinks we may steal the sugar and treats us with the contempt and suspicion that common convicted criminals deserve.

HMP Britain.

Every single one of the MP's that voted for this obscene afront on MY liberties can expect an OH "special" Email if not a visit. They are not my fucking masters, they are my fucking servants and I intend to remind every last fucking one of them of their place in the great scheme of things. If they don't like it, they can get a proper job.

Utter, utter, utter, utter, utter CUNTS. A plague of anal warts and cancer of the face on ALL OF THEM and their kindred. They are walking us into a malignent dictatorship, run by a snot gobbling, stuttering, incompetent Stalinist.

DIE Brown. DIE a painful, stinking death, full of horror, shit running down both legs, hand quivering, jaw dropping terror, cold panic, vomit inducing, sweating, confused, wide eyed, gibbering, desperate, clutching, pleading, blubbering, begging for forgiveness and whimpering like a three year old lost in a forest at nightfall.

FUCKING DIE. Then let me piss on your face, shit down your throat and throw your bloated lifeless remains in the Irish Sea to be ravaged by Halibut who will be landed in Belfast and eaten by bowler hatted masons of the Belfast Taliban who will then shit your putrid remains into the bogs of Ulster, you CUNT.

(bit peeved, have you noticed?)

Come and fucking get me, you bastards

Anonymous said...

So, all the usual suspects on the major blogs are venting spleen like olympic spleen venters at a spleenathon.

I am angry too, but in a quiet way; I am going to suggest nothing less than a revolution. I am suggesting a campaign of civil disobedience and disorder, something that will cause a crisis about who is going to run this country and about our freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Democracy has been killed off with corruption and lies. Tonight is just one of a series of death throes.

We need to up the ante a bit and start fighting and me.

Anonymous said...

OH - Wonderful imagery. If you need someone to hold them down for you, give me a shout.

Oh, and if you don't hear from me for six weeks, you'll know what's happened...

Mark Wadsworth said...

Dan Hannan has it covered

£200 million towards water rates

Anonymous said...

Worse than the DUP, the UKIP member voted WITH the government! I give up, I just fucking give up.

silas said...

I cannot believe that Bob fucking Spink voted with the Government. Specifically as the UKIP policy document says:

"7.9 UKIP would abolish Control Orders, as we regard detention without trial as an improper state
of affairs."

Bob Spink, die. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Gordy had to promise the UKIP to get that vote? Perhaps he promised a referendum - well, we all fell for it last time.

Sigh. Another one off the list of 'possibilities to vote for at the next election'.

It's starting to look as if only the Monster Raving Loony party is free of madmen!

Anonymous said...

unrelated t'article but i know u like this stuff

Mulligan said...

A prime example of why we should never be kidded into thinking PR is a good thing.

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