Saturday, June 14, 2008

My detention's bigger than your detention

Thanks to the email correspondent who pointed out to me that the island of Jersey have decided that they can do better than 42 days.
THE Home Affairs Minister has sent shock waves through the legal profession by authorising the indefinite detention of suspects without charge.

On 5 June, Senator Wendy Kinnard amended the criminal code that had limited pre-charge detention to 36 hours.

She did so under delegated powers enjoyed by the minister under the terms of the Police Procedures and Criminal Evidence (Jersey) Law.

However, that same law states that before such changes to codes are made, the minister is required to publish a draft of the changes and consult interested parties. She did neither of these things—a failure that has left the Island’s criminal lawyers stunned.

Wow! This makes NuLabour look positively liberal. And whilst our politicians have had to slice away at the salami—72 hours, to 7 days to 14 days to 28 days to 42 days (I think that was the progression)—Senator Wendy Kinnard seems to have gone the whole hog in one day.

Which is appropriate for someone who bears a close resemblance to a fucking pig.
The new code came into force on Thursday, but no statement was released to either the media or the legal profession.

No, I bet it wasn't...


Panopticon Britain said...

Wow. The article doesn't even mention "Terrorist" once. Obviously, these guys at This Is Jersey realize it affects everyone, not just actual criminals.

Anonymous said...

Well that sets a precedent.

Gordon's eyebrows will be raised so far they'll be tickling his arse. It can't be long until he tries the same thing.

I have to wonder why Jersey even needs this power. Aren't they already super-selective over who they let in?

And I agree, The porcine resemblance is uncanny.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the good burghers of Jersey do rather better if they worried more about the network of murderous paedophiles (many of whom are members of the island's political leadership) rather than trying to revisit their Nazi-sympathising past by bringing back concentration camps for Sand People?

Just a thought. I'm not at all suggesting that, just because certain other Jersey senators are murderous paedophiles, the illiberal crypto-Nazi Senator Kinnard is a murderous paedophile who has helped to dispose of the bodies of raped and murdered children while shieling other murderous paedophiles from the police. Although, of course, she certainly could be a murderous paedophile. And on the basis of that possibility, she should probably be imprisoned indefinitely. Just in case.

Just saying.

Michael Heaver said...

She's just showing off.

Anonymous said...

What, pray, is a "fucking pig"?

Does that bear any resemblence to a "pig fucking", or a "pig which is used for breeding and is currently doing its stuff", or a

"suckling-pig" which i believe mediaeval warlords used to eat at table?

I don't think we could eat that woman whose mugshot you showed. She would taste nasty.

But I do wonder why she wants these powers. Prhaps nobody will agree to fuck her, unless threatened wqith this punishment?

She is a "DOUBLE-PAPER-BAG-JOB". YOU have to wear one as well, in case HERS FALLS OFF.

Anonymous said...

The even MORE important (for the people of Jersey) thing I would say is that:-

Watch the MONEY drain away ... slowly at first, so that the sad, sad, ugly, woman does not notice, but ever faster, and faster, and.........then......

I wonder whose side she's on?

James Higham said...

Nice people - no more than we've come to expect.

chris said...

A quick google and I see that she is a member of Liberty. What the fuck?!

Anonymous said...

A model to be emulated by future NuLab security "reforms"?

Anonymous said...

sorry...out of context, I know, but I couldn't find the last relevant post quickly. Thought you might like a glass of Australian Red Sheesh. No doubt coming to an ubersocialmarket near us soon.

Whatever, maybe this Jersey bovine had had three glasses?

Anonymous said...

72 hours, to 7 days to 14 days to 28 days to 42 days (I think that was the progression)

Ordinary offences, anti-terrorist offences

Rob said...

This is pre-modern garbage. We're living in 2008 not 1215 or whenever the prehistoric magna carta was signed. And which was probably signed by a bunch of tallyhoo men anyway.
As usual it's little Englanders sticking up for this garbage, stuck in their romancing of the past to the complete DISREGARD for human life. Devil, do you care more about some terrorist than you do about human life?

Anonymous said...

Whoop de doo, it's terrorists! It's ok to go against the fundamental rules of our society, because, well, they're terrorists!
Methinks vivalalabour needs his head checked.

Anonymous said...

So vivalabour thinks the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six should be back in prison.

It's nice to see our leftist friends show their true colours.

It's nice to see that the left's commitment to human and civil rights goes out the fucking window as soon as some stupid cunt of a Mussie blows himself up.

Go change your trousers, vivalabour. You've shat yourself with fear of the Evil Brown People.

Wat Dabney said...

A frightening thought for Jersey residents that they are at liberty only on sufference and could be arrested and interned at any moment, dependent perhaps on nothing more than the mood swings of Senator Wendy as her menstrual cycle progresses.

Her historical doppleganger, the bloated Hermann Goering, at least went to the effort of facilitating the burning of the parliament building before imposing martial law. A poor charade certainly, but one that at least demonstrated some residual respect for the populace.

Where next for this modern-day gauleiter? Racial purity laws to bring about the creation of a porcine, ginger master-race?

Anonymous said...

An election must be coming soon in Jersey. I expect political opponents to be rounded up soon.

Not a sheep said...

Jersey soon to be twinned with Harare?

Anonymous said...

My detention brings all the Mussies to the yard
And they're like it's bigger than yours.
Damn right, it's bigger than yours.
I can intern you,
but I don't have to charge.

Anonymous said...

Might want to check if all the Nazis did in fact leave Jersey after the occupation. Looks like there's still one left.

Anonymous said...

" chris said...

A quick google and I see that she is a member of Liberty. What the fuck"

If she is, surely a quick e-mail ought to see her drummed out of the organisation pretty sharpish?

And WHAT a news item...!

Guthrum said...

Sadly some people feel that membership of 'Liberty' looks good on the CV without understanding the implications of what Liberty stands for-

Anonymous said...

It should be economic suicide if Jersey implement such an evil and unnecessary law.

It seems that they may have withdrawn the "badly worded" Order, but there is no word of any apology.

According to the Jersey Evening Post: Indefinite detention order withdrawn

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