Monday, June 16, 2008

MEPs: You're Too Stupid To Vote

Note: The author of this post is not The Devil's Kitchen

Via Ian Parker-Joseph, who spotted this in the New Europe journal (bolding mine):

Referenda and Democracy

The EU has now accumulated significant (bad) experiences with referenda.
It was very delicately yet effectively communicated by the Romanian social-democrat MEPs:

“The referendum in Ireland has demonstrated that direct democracy (by way of referendum) cannot ensure the progress of the European process.
The security, liberty and prosperity of hundreds of millions of European citizens ask for complex leadership actions, which cannot be appreciated by heterogeneous populations, from the point of view of the information level and the education one.
European integration is a process that must be conducted politically by the elected representatives of the European citizens.”

In other words, we can't be doing such things as asking the people what they think of the 'European process', because they are too stupid to give the correct answer.

I've seen plenty of examples of the utter contempt of Eurocrats for democracy, but I reckon this tops the lot. This should be on every newspaper and news bulletin in Europe - with the headline: This is what they think of you.

UPDATE: This evening's statement by Hans-Gert Pöttering, president of the European Parliament keeps up the dictatorial tenor of Saturday's press release:
"...Without the reforms which are made possible by the Lisbon Treaty, the accession of further countries to the European Union is hardly conceivable. We call upon the EU Summit on Thursday and Friday in Brussels to take all appropriate steps to make the Reform Treaty a reality.

The ratification process must continue without reservation. We call upon the Irish Government, for its part, to submit proposals as to how we can jointly progress beyond this difficult phase in European politics...It remains our goal to see the Lisbon Treaty enter into force before the elections of June 2009 to the European Parliament..."

What part of no don't you understand, Herr Pöttering?

UPDATE 2: An online petition has been set up, calling on Gordon Brown to respect the result of the Irish referendum and abandon the attempt to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. Sign here.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone in the process of circulating this?


Anonymous said...

Ian_QT: "This should be on every newspaper and news bulletin in Europe - with the headline This is what they think of you."

But it won't be, will it? This ruling triumvirate of political, media and bigbiz dominators will simply not allow it.

Bread & circuses for the masses.

For the UK, just consider the numbers of people who read these political blogs, think and contribute, and compare with the daily readership of the Sun. Then project that across Europe.

A whole continent sleepwalking into suppression.

Anonymous said...

the great liberal thinkers, who believed in a degree of cooperation between states to limit the causes of conflict will be turning in their graves.

i agree that this should be circulated. i'll start with a few blogs

Anonymous said...

About a year ago DK himself noted this example of Peter Hitchens laying into the representatives of the three main political parties on Question Time about the reality of the EU steamroller. It was worthy of being quoted because it was (and is) such a rare example of a eurosceptic being allowed to speak on the BBC.

Anonymous said...

This is what they think of you.

But who are "they" in this instance?

What is status of ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, a bunch of countries that have barely discovered what democracy is, have now declared the the peoples opinions are garbage.

Perhaps if they had asked people to vote on a simple constitution like the US one, then people would have understood - shortly before dismissing it as obnoxious and irrelevant.

For most of us it is only necessary to know that EUrocrats want it so very badly for us to determine that we won't want it at all. No brainer really.

Snowolf said...

I've looked into my crystal ball. (I here must now under new legislation make a declaration that this is not scientifically proven and should be treated as entertainment).

Following the fall out of the Irish no vote it has taken a good deal of time for EU Commission big-wigs and national foreign ministers to come to agreement on what must be done. A decision from the Czech and Swedish governments to abandon ratification as pointless in light of the Irish referendum meant that the whole document had to be re-written, signed and re-ratified in a lengthy process that saw a signing ceremony amid much hoop-la in Milton Keynes.

Calls have come from large sections of Britain for a referendum on the new treaty, as supported by Prime Minister David Cameron whilst in opposition.

Cameron has rejected these calls by saying that the Milton Keynes Treaty is significantly different from the Lisbon Treaty and no referendum is needed. He then went on to add 'what did you lot fucking expect? You gave me a huge majority and actually expected things to change? The Romanians were right, you are too stupid to vote. See you in five years, suckers.'

Anonymous said...

I told you Hitler is still alive! Now we know where he is.

Anonymous said...

I have a horrible feeling that Snowolf is right. We are losing our democracy in front of our eyes and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it. Suggestions please.

Anonymous said...

They haven't really tried to sell it to the people. Nor do many of the elected scrotes have a genuine mandate to ratify further integration. Brown certainly doesn't.

If Lisbon changes nothing then there is no need for it. If Lisbon changes things there is a real need for it to be done with the support of the people it will affect. Yet all they can bleat on about is how it will be 'good' and how it is 'right' that ratification continues.

If they cannot outline substantive benefits which the people of Europe actually support, then they should fuck off. Their failure is to try tying up the previous treaties into one document. Rubbish in = rubbish out. Simplicity is the key. It would make just as much sense, if not more, to wipe the slate clean and begin afresh with a straight forward constitution, which limits the EU and not us.

It would not even need all 27 to agree. Let some pathfinder countries rattle off this simple, straightforward constitution and see who wanted to join. Call it EU 2.0 if they want to be down with the kids.

Anonymous said...

This may be of interest. Looks like the BBC may be in trouble with the fuzz, like their zanulab comrades.

Anonymous said...

Oooh it makes my blood boil them bloody pig headed toe-rags!

Who do they think they are ...seriously?

If one nation rejects it then its dead. That was the agreement. Ratified by all or none at all.

Now they move the goal posts! Wankers! The project must not fail! Q= Why not?
So what if the EU disappears under the weight of its own corruption?

We would be free once again to control our own destinies.

I have put an article into my local newspaper about this. I doubt it will get published but hey that's Democracy for you!

Unknown said...

I dont know about anyone else but I am genuinely fucking scared...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Andy, be scared: about the real terror, not the scare stories that they feed you with.


Snowolf said...

From the BBC website, contained in a public submission article on business speak bollocks:

"'Going forward' is only half the phrase that gets up my nose - all politicians seem to use the phrase go forward together. 'We must... we shall... let us now... go forward together'. It gives me a terrible mental image of the whole country linking arms and goose-stepping in unison, with the politicians out in front doing a straight-armed salute. Is it just me?"

Quite appropriate I thought, and no, it isn't just you.

Anonymous said...

Vot part of nein do you not understand Britsher pig dogs. Zer vote is not for zer likes of you.

Seig Heil for ser EU the neu reich vich vill last for und thousand years.

Achtung Tommy for you zer democracy is over.

Letters From A Tory said...

I also always thought 'no' was quite easy to translate into lots of different languages, but maybe I was wrong?

Old Holborn said...

French Europe Minister Jean-Pierre Jouyet says: "I don't think you can say the treaty of Lisbon is dead even if the ratification process will be delayed."

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier says: "We are sticking with our goal for it to come into force. The ratification process must continue."

Spanish Europe Minister Lopez Garrido says: "The treaty will be applied, albeit a few months late."

European Commission President Jose Barroso says: "The Treaty is not dead. The Treaty is alive, and we will try to work to find a solution."

British Foreign Minister David Miliband says: "18 countries have now passed the reform treaty...each country must see the ratification process to a conclusion... there needs to be a British view as well as an Irish view."

Old Holborn said...

Anonymous said...

"The security, liberty and prosperity of hundreds of millions of European citizens ask for complex leadership actions, which cannot be appreciated by heterogeneous populations- "

oh , I do like that bit . Such sivery words. Could have straight from the mouths of Goebels or of some Communist functionary.

Come to think of it, the words were from a Roumanian so thats pretty well exactly what he was in a former life.

Anonymous said...


It is clear that the political elite are building up power for themselves... It's been quite clear for some time that European govts see the EU as a route too much more power...

These eurocrats as you call them all understand very well that they will acquire more power as a collective (euro collective). This has always been the plan of the political elite..

Now regarding the petition, for which I shall sign of course. But give me one crumb of evidence that Brown will take any notice of it.. It’s clear to me that he sees Europe as part of his heartland. A Europe for which he would like to dominant and influence... If not him, certainly some over tosser who replaces him...

I see your fear in their rhetoric for sure.. But the elite have the bit between their teeth now, particularly since Bush has trampled all over freedom in recent years... I cannot see petitions; politics or rants (for which I enjoy immensely) will get us nowhere... Kindest regards as always...

QT said...

@patrick: This post was by me (Ian_QT), not DK.

Anonymous said...

Apologies Ian... I really should'nt try and rush this posts out at lunch time...

Dr Evil said...

Signed it early afternoon today, Tue 17th June. Will the bastard listen though? The Continental equivalents certainly aren't and are trying to ignore the Irish referendum.

Anonymous said...

Non elected bureaucrats, drunk on power and moving toward becoming quasi dictators do not care one shit for the view of 'the people.'

The EU will continue to swallow every vestige of national government and continue to control our day to day lives, through what we can grow in our fields, to what we can throw in our bins, and every other fucking aspect inbetween.

The only solution is to leave. The only party that makes that case as the central plank of its manifesto is UKIP.

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