Friday, June 27, 2008

Labour less popular than the BNP

Well, the Henley by-election results were somewhat... well... absolutely disastrous for NuLabour.
The Conservatives have won the Henley by-election, pushing Labour into fifth place on the day Prime Minister Gordon Brown marks his first year in office.

Mr Howell took the seat with 19,796 votes to the Lib Dem candidate Stephen Kearney's 9,680.

Labour's Richard McKenzie could only poll 1,066 votes, behind the Green Party's Mark Stevenson on 1,321 and the BNP's Timothy Rait on 1,243.

NuLabour also lost their deposit.

And the BNP continue their worrying rise...


Old BE said...

At least Labour now know how to improve their popularity - court the racist vote.

What happened to the LPUK candidate?

James Higham said...

If only it were nationwide.

Anonymous said...

I think Harriet Harman is Nick Griffin in saggy drag. Everything she does seems designed to improve the BNP vote by making it illegal to be white and male - the same people the BNP are trying to appeal to.

Blue-eyes, it's not that simple. Those voting for the BNP aren't all racists and the BNP know it. They're picking up white-working-class and white-middle-class males who have been sidelined by 'equality' laws that will soon make it legal to kick white men in the street.

Yes, that's an exaggeration but imagine a BNP drone spreading that round the local pubs. That's how they work, they aren't converting people to racism, in fact they're keeping that part low key. For the moment.

I am concerned at the rise of the BNP. While they were a small party with a councillor here and there, the were harmless. In fact, they were useful because we could threaten the main parties with the potential to replace them with extremists.

Now that threat is coming about, and far from tackling it, Labour seem determined to make it worse! They announce policies designed to enrage Whitey and drive him into the jackboot shop.

If you want to stop the BNP, stop sending them voters. If they get into power, their policies will not be as benign as they claim.

(I have to declare an interest - as a descendant of immigrants I would only be here as a 'guest' under BNP rules. I would no longer be allowed to call myself British).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I got so carried away there I clean forgot to laugh in Gordon's face.


That's better. It won't upset him because he's not listening anyway.

Old BE said...

LI I know that. The BNP is just a protest vote. But the protest will be very loud if the "equality" bill gets through without serious changes.

This is what socialists don't realise: most of the stuff they do achieves exactly the opposite of what they want.

Anonymous said...

If you want a facist party, then why not vote for the one that says that on the label. One that pretends to be something else (ie Labour) obviously doesn't have their heart in it.

chris said...

Labour are doing worse than the Fascists in the polls, and they are also worse than the Fascists on civil liberties. More than a coincedence I hope.

Trixy said...

People are concerned about immigration and the BNP are getting the oxygen of publicity.

Our media are more concerned with getting their party of choice in power than about reality and they too have lost touch with the man on the street (not sure if Harperson will let me say that, but I'll risk it). As such, they fail to publish the truth about the issues people are concerned about. If you're concerned about immigration and generally only get your news from a national tabloid, you'd think there was only one party which addressed your concerns. And it wouldn't be the Tories.

Anonymous said...

re @leg-iron: You do have to wonder just how stupid Harriet Harman can get. Everything is about the ridiculous ideology of equality to her, she seems to have no concept of reality whatsoever.

Anonymous said...


Indeed the BNP is a concern.. I mean you can understand the uninitiated uneducated whitey concern... Its not like us whiteys are breeding much these days... and you only got to look at the average Muslim family whom are knocked up to the tune of 4 kids for each family...

However that’s no reason to fall on this scum (BNP) for any resolution.. Govt has done a good job of finding scapegoats for all its corruption... Whether it’s the free market, race, drugs or terrorism... They then lean on religion as a pillar for their sanctimony...

The trouble is, for the most part we have always made the argument for effect, rather than the argument for morality... However in this morally relativist world we inhabit, this is a long shot. But I believe this is the only likely way we can ever win the minds of the majority...

Anonymous said...

I once worked with a junior trade union official in the 1970s who, at one election, could not make up his mind whether to vote National Front or Labour.

Not just in the economy, but also socially and politically, there is the rank smell of 1970s socialist decrepitude in the air.

Anonymous said...

Patrick said... ".. I mean you can understand the uninitiated uneducated whitey concern..." - patronising, moi?

Traction Man said...

I see that the BBC's website makes no mention on its front page of the hammering Gordon took at Henley. They really are a bunch of sick gits. To think we have to pay an annual tribute to those lazy feckers.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything to cheer about.

The LibLabCon smashed all others out of the park again, with Blue Labour taking the lead for a bit.

A few years later, the same shit happens again, only Labour are back in charge.

Rise of the BNP? Maybe they have floated to the top of the irrelevant, but who cares? 50% bothered to vote. The VAST majority stuck with the old school, EU alliance.

I can hardly contain my excitement.

Anonymous said...

What do you think can be done about the rise of the BNP, DK?

Anonymous said...

Alternative title for you DK - Labour still more popular than UKIP and LPUK. Labour may be shit and heading for the exit...but better a hasbeen than a neverwas.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Not sure I agree with you there, Neil. If a LPUK candidate never gets elected, at least we can say that we did no harm.

I don't think that NuLabour can make the same boast.


Anonymous said...

"Labour less popular than the BNP"

So one bunch of Socialists defeats another bunch of Socialists; big deal!

Anonymous said...

Neil Harding has much to be proud of. His party, the party that's ruled the country with an unassailable majority for more than a decade, beat LPUK.

That's a fucking awesome achievement. The party of government beat a glorified pressure group with a membership that's barely in double digits.

Well done, Labour. Kudos to you.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Oh, by the by, LPUK actually pulled out: we realised, within a few days of wandering around Henley, that we were woefully underprepared; we simply didn't have, for instance, any print materials, etc. in order to explain to people what we stood for.

Many of you will be derisory, I am sure. However, damp squib though it was, we did learn a lot from the few days of campaigning that we did, and we are currently rectifying those problems that we can.


Anonymous said...


When you do fight at a general election, remember that one leaflet gets delivered foc (you have to supply the leaflet).

Also remember that Royal Mail often don't deliver what they should - a lot of our leaflets were dumped in skips or delivered to the wrong constituency. Good ol' postie.

Anonymous said...

You do on the other hand seem to have a candidate at Haltemprice.

bernard said...


What do you mean you HAVE to pay for a TV license?
Get rid of it and you won't have to. It's not the bread of life you know. Sucker for the screen.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the BNP they shine a light on many things the other parties would only be too happy to ignore. At the moment it's a straight choice between them and the LibLabCon establishment parties who want to continue with mass immigration, the divisive and doomed to failure philosophy of multiculturism (particularly in the form of the 'race relations' and 'equality' industries and support for the myriad of ethnic only organisations up and down the country), pandering to and appeasement of the most dangerous of all religions, Islam and further integration into the EU. That's extremism.

'... as a descendant of immigrants I would only be here as a 'guest' under BNP rules. I would no longer be allowed to call myself British'. Where's the evidence for this?

The word fascist gets thrown around a lot on this thread in regard to the BNP. What evidence does anyone have that the BNP in their current form are 'fascist'?

Apologies for any spelling mistakes, after all I'm only an 'uneducated whitey'.

PS I'm not a BNP member but in the absence of an alternative I would vote for them for the sole reason that, despite the constant brainwashing insistence that 'diversity is wonderful' the conclusion I've reached after watching my city being completely transformed by mass immigration is that it most definitely isn't. I also refuse to accept that deciding that things were much better before mass immigration is either racist or indeed fascist.


wonkotsane said...

The only down-side of the demise of Liebour is their voters taking their protest votes to the Illiberal Dumbocrats and the BNP.

Anonymous said...


Not sure what was patronising particularly... Did you read the rest of my post?...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:22

I'm white and male and born and brought up British in Britain. (I know, better watch out for the Harman Snipers). Labour don't want me, in fact they are doing everything possible to make life difficult for me.

I'm a second-generation immigrant, which accords me no special status under Labour because my immigrant grandparents were white Christians, and therefore high on the Labour list of undesirables anyway.

So I can never vote Labour. I might as well vote to have myself tied to railway tracks.

The BNP website (I looked in on it a long time ago and, understandably, didn't bother going back so there might have been changes) stated that while immigrants wouldn't be removed forcibly, they would be 'encouraged' to leave. They went on to say that first and second generation would be allowed to stay but with 'guest' status. It might have extended to third, but I can't remember.

So they don't want me either.

If you have a family history of Britishness, the BNP are the only party currently openly guaranteeing that that will mean something. I can't disagree with that. I have no lefty illusion that all BNP voters are slope-foreheaded morons, I am well aware that their support comes from anyone who wishes Britain to stay Britain, from all levels of society. I am well aware that few of their supporters are really racist and that, in fact, many of their members are not racists. However I suspect their agenda goes deeper than they admit but I seriously hope to be wrong about that.

However, the BNP themselves stated that I could stay only under sufferance. As second-generation I have no other country to 'go back to' so I don't want the BNP in power. Although I want Britain to stay Britain too, I'd really like to stay British along with it.

So I can't vote for them either.

If the opportunity arises, I'd vote for the first party to stand up and say 'Look, let's just stop pissing around and get something useful done'.

Anonymous said...

leg-iron said "I'm white and male and born and brought up British in Britain."

I'm in the BNP and that's good enough for me, it's really race that I'm concerned about, not the nationality of your grandparents.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:19

Aaaahhh... you might want to consider your words before you say them.

I'd just finished saying that racism might not be core to the BNP philosophy and you've just buggered that royally.

Look. I know black people, Asian people, orientals (Chinese/Japanese, it's hard for me to tell when they have an English accent) and others whose families have been in this country longer than mine. They are British.

Dammit, many of them make my abilities with English look like the ramblings of a council estate scruffbag--which is where I started life, by the way. And it was good. Both parents had jobs and scroungers were sneered at in those days.

Fortunately I went through school before Labour made it illegal to think.

I don't want to be accepted because I'm white. I want to be accepted because I'm British.

Skin colour shouldn't matter. What should matter is a) whether you came here by legal means and b) whether you want to be a Brit.

If you want to make this country into a different one, leave. If you want to become part of this country, then come in and have a cup of tea.

I have a simple outlook on life because I'm a simple sort. I don't care what race you are. I like you or hate you depending on you. Not on what you look like.

Heck, I don't look like much myself.

Anonymous said...

Leg-iron, if you want Britain to stay Britain and you want to remain British you've got nothing to worry about.

From the BNP website...

'..the introduction of a system of •voluntary• resettlement whereby those immigrants who are legally here will be afforded the •opportunity• to return to their lands of ethnic origin assisted by a generous financial incentives both for individuals and for the countries in question.

'We accept that Britain always will have ethnic minorities and have no problem with this as long as they remain minorities and neither change nor seek to change the fundamental culture and identity of the indigenous peoples of the British Isles.


Anonymous said...

Leg-iron, yes race is important to some in the BNP but in my opinion it's largely a confused response to the imposition of multiculturism (a divisive philosophy that makes any sort of assimilation impossible). Remember that all the areas of Britain that are now majority ethnic were once indigenous English, mostly working class, communities. These have been broken up and anyone who dared to complain was branded a racist. It's left many people very angry. The prime motive is not hatred of others but love of ones own 'kind' or culture or way of life, history etc.. It's gone too far and a rebalancing of the excesses and extremism of the liberal left is inevitable. The BNP are part of that process.


Anonymous said...


(Disclaimer: My opinions are mine. I belong to no political party and wll probably never do so. Unless I take over yours)

I think the word 'ethnic' should be forever deleted. Its only use is to allow the lefties to feel good about themselves by patronising and demeaning the disabled, women, those whose skin happens to be a shade less white etc. As an example, if you have no legs the leftie arses think you are incapable of expressing yourself. That you can't hear them unless they shout and use small words. Well, fie and forsooth, thou dastardly poltroons, one's brains are rarely to be found gracing the environs of one's femur. Unless one is a Labour mish-mash constructed only of the produce of the One Nose to Blow Them All... Once again, I digess. I would apologise if I cared.

There are no 'ethnics'. There are only 'people'. There are British and there are Foreigners. Not racist, Britishist. We are leg-iron, fill in the rest if you have the education...These days... I am not hopeful.

Honestly, I don't give a nematode's dropping for ethnicity.

If the BNP want to appeal to a wider audience (and let's face it, they've never had and never will have a better opportunity) then they have to drop the whole KKK thing. Permanently. Get rid of the 70's skinheads with 'this way up' tattooed on their foreheads so they knew which end to get out of bed in the morning. Stop doing that slavery-minded bollocks. Get into the real world. Wakey wakey, innit boyo, you have to stop playing to the lowest deranged scum. You don't need them now. Don't be so bloody twp, Nicky. (He knows what I mean and if he doesn't the Welsh will eat him. Raw.).

All of the Black, Asian, Oriental people I know would, if there was a war, fight as British. Why? Because THEY ARE BRITISH. What the hell use is a party that wants to throw a big chunk of the British out of Britain?

Wakey wakey, soup-dish-mind (look up Sydney Sheldon for that one and if you don't already know, don't dare say I'm not British enough, ya spaz).

Ethnicity. Minorities. Irrelevant. All that happens with ethnic minorities is they get picked on. Scrap that and you're there. The BNP is one step away but will they ever take that step? I think they might be led by self-interested arseholes with no neuronal activity beyond 'Duh...what do I get?'. Just like all the other parties. And just as doomed.

All I care about is 'Are you British?' If the immigrant is legal, and wants to be British, then why send them away?

Send home the crazies and the parasites. Our own home-grown parasites, well, there's always Rockall.

Keep those who want to join us. Dammit, welcome anyone from anywhere in the world who wants to be British. Free bowler hats and brollies, and tea and scones for all. We love it here. If you love it too, come and join us. Never look at colour or gender, look only at intent.

To hell with skin colour. It means nothing. Not. A. Damn. Thing.

Nicky-boyo, I can take your party where it's never been but you won't like what I'd do to it, I suspect ;)

Nah. Forget it. I'm too busy filling the bunker with cans.

Anonymous said...

Leg-iron, I have to say your comment isn't the clearest I've ever read but I think I can discern some meaning.

The whole skin colour thing has always been a red herring. Resistance to immigration has never been about skin colour. Reference to skin colour was always an easy descriptive. The fact that the indigenous British have fair skin is an accident of our location in Northern Europe. We've always been pretty welcoming and assimilated those of foreign cultures but what has happened in recent years has been unprecedented. Not only have we experienced massive waves of immigration but there has also been the complete antithesis of assimilation with the concept of multiculturism. Every time it's our culture that has to give way to cultures many of us have little or no interest in. Being able to celebrate Eid or Diwali holds no interest to me.

Wanting to do away with the idea of ethnicity is never going to happen. We are what we are. Some will assimilate into British culture others never will. The irony is that the BNP are champions of diversity. They desire that Britain remains ostensibly British, Spain Spanish, Nigeria Nigerian etc.. What a boring world this world would become if we were all the same. Their philosophy is, come and live here but don't try and change us. That said the numbers in this country are already too high so a voluntary reduction would be of benefit to everyone, including those who choose to remain.

When was the last time you saw a BNP member who was a '70's skinhead with 'this way up' tattooed on their forehead'? Those days have long gone. Take a look at any of the videos of meetings on the BNP website and you'll see ordinary men and women. A million miles from the image portrayed by Searchlight. An organisation run by self confessed communists. The BNP have changed which is why they appeal. The party you are describing is either the BPP or NF.

Times are changing and the BNP are a necessary and inevitable voice that deserves and needs to be heard. If you are a legal migrant to this country you have nothing to fear from the BNP.


wonkotsane said...

You need to read the BNP constitution, not their manifesto, to find out what their policies actually are. Their manifesto is the toned down, acceptable face of the BNP. Their constitution is where the worrying stuff is - forced repatriation of anyone who can't prove their heritage, curtailing freedom of the press.

Anonymous said...

Labour’s 3% share of the vote in the Henley by-election is one of the most shocking statistics that I ever heard. In 100 years time it will be one of those scarcely credible statistics that historians use to make a more general point about the period – like the one about no one voting at all in Scotland in the 1826 General Election.

3% is a fringe party; it’s almost within the pollster’s margin of error. It’s what a crank or a weirdo gets when they insistently force themselves upon the attention of an electorate. It has to be watermark. I think that it marks the beginning of two mutually reinforcing phenomena, both of them affecting Labour supporters: shame and despair. Quite suddenly it has become shameful to profess to support Labour. You need to have some courage to do it publicly, and anyone wanting to vote Labour has to bear up under the weight of that shame. The despair comes out of the feeling that Labour is doomed, that going down to the polling booth and registering a vote for them is a pointless twilight act, a sort of pantomime of a once significant act. The Labour electorate is beset now by faithlessness.

Read more of my views at my blog, Just who the hell are we? on, at:

Anonymous said...

Wonkotsane, I've read their manifesto, mission statement and policy document and I didn't see any mention of 'forced repatriation of anyone who can't prove their heritage'. Can you give me a link to the document you're referring to please?


Anonymous said...

Antisocialist - I'd been at the fire water. I've been checking other blogs to see if I left any other drunken ramblings. So far, nothing too bad.

Anonymous said...

Im a white male born in England as was my father and his father etc.. Im British, but before that I am an Englishman, My wife is Asian and of course our children are mixed, in the past I have voted Labour and Conservative, I voted for the party that I thought would do the best for our country, which never really happened.
Now our country is in a mess, over immigration, whites as 2nd class citizens, a religion I want no part of, having more and more influence (oh and if I go to the council to get something done it takes ages, so I send the missus so its done and dusted)
So I think who will stop immigration, who will stop giving away our speeding fine money and taxes to other countried when it should be used to help the poor here, who will get tougher on crime etc. I am left with no choice, I must put what my ancestors fought and died for first, above all else, I will have to vote BNP. I know this will mean my wife and children will become permenant guests, as I would be in her country, they have a saying, 1 blood, 1 people, 1 nation. but I dont see any other way, and I wonder how many other people are now feeling this way?

Anonymous said...

Kicking white guys in the street and getting off with it. it's been happening for years.
Quick story, I was living in Nottingham with my girlfriend who is now in Canada , She was waiting outside a bar one evening about seven when she was attacked and severly beaten by 4 black girls, the girls were caught and when it came to court they said that Alison had made a racist statement and that is why they attacked her. Liars, she would never have said such a thing.
These people had come to this country and have used this racism card to beat up whites and I know this to be true. If they hate whites, christians,Brits why on earth do they come here.


this goverment looks after druggies,ira terrorists, former ira terrorists, kid on asylum seekers, pheodophiles, criminals especially muslim criminals better than they look after the pensioners that made this country what is is.
Do you think I could go to Iran,Syria, Pakistan, Aphganistan and get a council house, nhs and benefits for the rest of my days NO NO , and to say this I would be branded a racist.
Its time to shut the door on immigrants, illegales, look after our troops and pensioners.
NO money on translaters or lawyers for appeals either, and while i'm here Neil Kinnock and his wife have a cheek creaming millions every year supporting socialism.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to re-establish
the British Union of Fascist and kick these foreign leaches out.
I'm not a racist, but I feel that my children no longer have a future within this country. We are bled by those taking benefits from us and taking them back to their own countries. We deserve more and yet labour claims "We've reduced the amount of immigrants allowed to enter the UK". Firstly no they haven't, and secondly, why reduce it when it should be stopped full stop!

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