Sunday, June 15, 2008

It seems that defiance is catching

The debate over David Davis continues but it seems, via Samizdata, that maybe, just maybe, principles are catching.
Gordon Brown faced a fresh challenge to his authority last night after a leading Labour rebel promised to campaign for David Davis in the renegade Tory's forthcoming by-election.

Bob Marshall-Andrews yesterday defied the Prime Minister to sack him, adding that he hoped other Labour MPs would join the former shadow home secretary's one-man crusade for civil liberties.

'They can't muzzle the whole of the party, and it seems to me foolish in the extreme in the present climate to start describing civil liberties as a stunt,' he told The Observer. 'I have had emails asking, "Why does it take a Tory to say this"?'

Meanwhile, Unity accuses the Libertarian Party of being "dilettante keyboard warriors" over at Liberal Conspiracy. Unity might possibly have a point if it wasn't so tragically obvious that his support for civil liberties was seriously conflicting with his membership of the Labour Party.

I have the greatest respect for Unity's investigatory powers and forensic ability to fillet information but, just occasionally, I find it somewhat difficult to square his vociferous passion for our social freedoms with his continued financial support of NuLabour.

So, given that Unity finds LPUK's actions over this "rather a disappointment"—and wilfully conflates my personal mischief-making exhortation to send Brown a white feather with official LPUK policy—and he won't back Davis, what is his solution?
You can still send a positive message if only you organise, campaign for and turn out en mass on polling day and deliberately spoil your ballot paper as a vote for the restoration of civil liberties lost over recent years.

If no one will go in to bat for the restoration of liberties, then that is what I’ll be arguing for and supporting over the next few weeks, and not David Davis.

Right. Yup, that's a solution, right enough. Another alternative of course, Unity, is that you stand in the constituency under a banner of "the restoration of liberties".

Is it that you just cannot bring yourself actually to act against the Labour Party, or could it be that you are nothing more than one of those "dilettante keyboard warriors" that you obviously so despise?

In the meantime, Bishop Hill has already countered Unity's arguments and he comes to a very simple conclusion.
And there it is. There's one guy with a set menu. Don't walk out of the restaurant because he doesn't offer a la carte. All the other places are shut.



Anonymous said...

This is one of those facepalm.jpg moments.

Voting for or supporting a candidate who stands on a platform of restoring civil liberties is a vote for the status quo...


...spoiling your ballot paper and removing your voice and vote from the electoral process is actually a way of fighting against the status quo.

Facepalm, amigos: when the Stupid is so great you just can't express it in words.

Anonymous said...

And there's me thinking you WERE the Libertarian Party.


Devil's Kitchen said...

Second Anon,

Ooops indeed.


John Trenchard said...

dk - just wondering about the LPUK shutting down public access to their forums.. how are non-members , such as Ron Paul supporters in the States, supposed to engaged with the LPUK - will there be an affiliate website with public forum access?

Devil's Kitchen said...


Unlikely. The simple fact of the matter is that we were spending far too much time moderating the forums and not enough time doing rather more constructive things.

Until that situation changes, it is unlikely that we will be re-opening any official public forums.


Longrider said...

I don't often disagree with Unity, but he is wrong on this one. As Conor Foley points out, his suggestions ultimately objectively support the government's stance.

Anonymous said...


That's exactly Unity's point - at his core, Unity is ZanuLabour through and through.

Where he disagrees with the party, he does so in a way that won't weaken the party and he encourages others to do the same - hence his grand strategy which can best be summed up as Fight for civil keeping your fucking mouth shut.

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