Friday, June 06, 2008

Henley update

The UK Libertarian Party's decision to stand in Henley has a brief mention in the local
AS the date for the by-election to chose a successor for Boris Johnson is announced for June 26, a new party has put forward a candidate.
He is Ian Parker-Joseph who will be standing for the Libertarian Party. This will be their first election.
Find out more by visiting: LINK

The Nameless One has also written about LPUK's first foray into real campaigning.
If you want to read about what Ian is up to in his campaign to win Boris's old seat, then you can check out the campaign blog here. For me, there is a great post that explains exactly why the people of Henley should vote LPUK. Ian writes:
I want a Government that doesn't repeatedly lie to me, I want a Government that is truly transparent and publishes everything for everyone to see, but more than that I want a Government that is small, really small and efficient, that doesn't need to steal the hard earned money from everyone to fund its own existence.

Which sums up the case for the Libertarian party nicely for me. And I wish Ian the very best of luck.

We even have rosettes...


Anonymous said...

Need any canvassing assistance?

Anonymous said...

A friend commented to me recently that he's seen the BNP regularly canvassing his home area, and has never seen anyone from the main parties. This may account for some of the unbelievable gains that they have had. So, as a suggestion, regular and repeated canvassing may give him an edge.

Anonymous said...

"We even have rosettes..."

Heh. Now, why does that remind me of guild hawkers in Stormwind shouting out 'We have a cool tabard!!'...?

Seriously though, good luck. It would be nice to see an alternative party do well.

wonkotsane said...

I can imagine you canvassing Mr Mounsey ...

DK: "Hello, I'm from the Libertarian Party, can we rely on your vote?"
Old Dear: "Oh no dear, I vote Conservative"
DK: "Well fuck you then you sour faced old hag, I hope you get everything you deserve by voting for that Tory cunt"

... said...

my home constituency. brilliant. shame it's the safest tory seat outside of richmond.

It Will Come to Me said...

He looks as thought he might be a refugee from the LibDems.

Does he wear sandals (or worse still Crocks) to go with the beard?

Anonymous said...

Do you take twinks?

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