Friday, June 27, 2008

Hara-Kiri Harman

Author's Note: The author of this post is not The Devil's Kitchen

Leg-Iron at Underdogs Bite Upwards has an excellent post up about Harriet Harman's Equality Bill
Now, if you are discriminated against because you are a white male, you have absolutely no recourse in law. If you are female and/or a member of any ethnic group, you can bring the full weight of the law down on anyone who so much as looks at you the wrong way. Especially if it's a white male. Those half-human trash should be made to cast down their eyes in the presence of their betters. Sound familiar? Remember who that once applied to? Remember what they did about it? Duck, because here it comes again.

People wonder why the BNP are doing so well. Christ, it's not rocket science. Turn the whole of the legal system against a group, any group, and they'll turn to whatever party offers to support them. In this case it's the Look After Whitey party. I certainly don't want them in charge but why do you think they're getting so many votes? Because they have something to offer? No, because the other parties are deliberately sending voters to them as the last haven of non-persecution they can find. The country has been simmering for a long time and it's coming to the boil.

Are Labour composed entirely of brain-dead idiots, or are they doing this on purpose? Is Gordon Brown really Nick Griffin in a saggy mask? Labour are certainly doing their best to raise support for the BNP at every level of society. There must, surely, be better ways to spite the Conservatives. Why not send voters to the Lib Dems? They seem relatively harmless. Or the Libertarians, one of the very few who actually have policies I can agree with.

This is just the latest fuckwitted move that has making me seriously wonder if Labour are trying to lose the next election in as spectacular a fashion as possible. Do they think they're setting Cameron up for a fall? NuLab are constantly being attacked by the likes of Polly Toynbee for doing the bidding of Murdoch and Dacre, and then they turn around and hand them something like this on a platter. The front page of yesterday's Express screamed 'White Men Face Jobs Ban'.

Next thing, they're having the temerity to wonder why white males feel disenfranchised. And then they're going to wring their hands about why the fucking BNP received more votes than Labour did and probably will in future elections also. Harriet, and everyone else in the Labour party who is behind this idiocy, are you all out of your fucking trees?

What's all of this nonsense in aid of? The 'positive discrimination' proposals aren't likely to actually change much out in the real world of employment. What they have achieved is to give the Government all of the wrong headlines and given the 'right-wingers' a partially true story that's going to do the rounds for months if not years to come. Why? So a fucking socialist cunt with no experience of the realities of the business world whatsoever can live out her fantasy student union politics? I fucking despair.

I think for all the rhetoric about politicians here and on other libertarian blogs, there's generally some kind of assumption that at a minimum level at least they know what they are doing, and have some concept of public relations. This is the latest move from Labour that shatters both of those illusions.


El Draque said...

In theory it's supposed to be used in a "tiebreaker" situation: all else equal, you may choose the one who makes your workforce more diverse.
I give it six months before some "victim" complains that they were actually the best but everyone in the office thinks they were chosen for their gender, colour, religious affiliation, or whatever.
Incidentally, if one employer can favour diversity, why can't another favour a non-diverse workforce because he finds they work better together as a team?

Roger Thornhill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"I give it six months before some "victim" complains that they were actually the best but everyone in the office thinks they were chosen for their gender, colour, religious affiliation, or whatever."

Well, that's exactly what's going to happen, isn't it..?

Old Holborn said...

If White Middle Class Englishmen are no longer voting ZNL, they must be punished. They must be made to eat from the hand of the State and learn not to bite back.

That'll teach the fuckers. You don't love us anymore? See how far you get on benefits then you cunts. With a handicapped, unqualified black lesbian female boss as your superior - as indeed they are. Now, suck the teat of the ZNL state or fucking die of hunger. That is your choice.

Who said we are undemocratic?

Fucking bastards.

Ken said...

Thought for the day...

Having lost the working class vote through their own stupidity, Nu-Labour is trying to bolster its new core vote of local government workers.

Just a thought that came to me.

Anonymous said...

This piece has given me some thoughts.


Andrew Zalotocky said...

I think this is happening now because of Brown's weakness and the certainty of a massive defeat for Labour at the next general election. For many ministers this will be their last chance to promote their own pet projects, and a weak leader like Brown is liable to give them anything they want in order to postpone the final collapse of his government a little bit longer.

So Harman is seizing her final chance, and other ministers will probably do the same. It makes the government even more unpopular but they know they're going to get thrashed at the next election whatever they do, so they don't really have anything to lose.

However, the more changes they can push through now the greater the chance that Prime Minister Cameron will be unwilling or unable to reverse them all. Harman will be hoping that by time the Conservatives get in her laws will be an established fact with a constituency of beneficiaries to defend them. It's all about creating facts on the ground, and you can be sure that they know exactly what they are doing.

Either that or the Daily Mash has become a documentary.

Anonymous said...

If the White Paper passes, I will join the BNP. I will be a dhimunni no more.

Anonymous said...

I agree Devil. I actually think they're planning a Gotterdamerung. Labour are so fucked they've decided to take the country with them and want Cameron to cope with the ultimate destruction.

Nick M

Anonymous said...

"so a fucking socialist cunt with no experience of the realities of the business world whatsoever can live out her fantasy student union politics"

That, in a nutshell, sums up the last few years of this government. Once upon a time they may have believed they could bring about a socialist paradise by 'educating' us and by 'sending out the right message'. Eleven years later - stubborn bastards that we are - we still refuse to share their student union fantasies and, by Christ, don't they hate us for it?
They have fucked over every section of society. They've got it in for high earners, low earners, motorists, smokers, small businessmen, big businessmen, drinkers, eaters, fox hunters, gamblers and God knows who else. They loathe the 'common' habits of the working class almost as much as they despise the 'borgeois' habits of the middle class.

So who the fuck is left to vote for them??? Their contempt for us is total.

In its dying spasms, New Labour has nothing left but its hate. It is a whirling dervish of spite and vindictiveness, casting out its venom towards anyone who does not share their infantile dreams of 1968.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:25

I followed your link. Looking at the top left of your page, I suspect you might be tongue-in-cheek or perhaps mad.

Either way. I'm doing very nicely, thanks. I've never been in a position where I've had to wonder whether I was passed over for a promotion because of my skin colour or gender. I'm lucky that way and I know it, and appreciate it. What I do in the real world is specialised and filthy and few people want to do it, so I can get paid for it.

My situation is not the point. The point is that millions out there have been in that position - white, black, whatever colour you choose. Whether they were right or not is irrelevant. They perceive it that way and it makes them angry. Very angry. They will look for someone to lash out at, that might well be immigrants and immigrant families, and that might include me. Especially since I'm doing okay.

Hideous Harman's idea is to let everyone sue if they think they have been racially or sexually discriminated against unless they are white, British and male.

Is the resulting resentment unjustified, do you think?

Do you consider it to be an 'equality' policy?

Do you think the average white British male will shrug and say 'Oh well, we're on the scrapheap for life so we'll just have to accept it'?

Will it, or will it not, drive thousands more into the waiting arms of the BNP? Or worse - there are some seriously dangerous groups out there that make the BNP look as threatening as a knitting circle.

Do you imagine far-right parties will make no attempt to capitalise on this? How about far-far-far-right parties? How about a future where Combat 18 have councillors? Sound good to you? It has a definite laxative effect on me.

I bet Nick Griffin can't get to sleep tonight because he can't stop laughing like Pennywise the clown. Oh, they float down here. The voters float...

It's not about white men wringing their hands and doing the honky equivalent of 'Oh lawdy lawdy' (which for clarity, is 'tut'. I know, it doesn't really have much of a ring to it).

It's about setting up a vast tract of people who are getting angry enough to think in terms of piano wire and lampposts.

The last time we had a civil war was in the 1640's. Lots of people died in terrible ways and for the average tatty scroat in the village, nothing changed. The shitty King was replaced by a shitty Government, and that was it. Civil war never does a damn thing for the poor buggers who have to fight them. They just end up paying their taxes to a different mad arse.

Yet Labour seem determined to set it all off again. Who's the MP for Huntingdon these days? If his name is Cromwell, I'm digging my bunker deeper.

I'm not worried about whether some immigrant will take my job. That's not likely (and since it often involves pigs I am not in the least bit concerned about either Muslim or Jew competitors).

I'm worried about what the millions Labour see fit to piss off every day are going to do when they've finally had enough.

It's not about race.
It's not about gender.
It's about straws and camel's backs.

The last one is floating down...

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hi folks - I'm the BNP election agent for the area where I live. I've long told every party member I've met that Blair and Brown are the best recruiting sergeants the BNP has ever had. Nick Griffin is an amateur in comparison.

I don't know, Leg-iron, if Griffin is laughing himself to sleep at night - but I am. I simply can't believe my luck. I may be the first election agent in my particular town to have one of his candidates elected to the Council ... or even, I dare to pray these days, Parliament. Give this government the next couple of years to establish their own little gotterdammerung and I'll be on my way.

And yes, Leg-iron, there ARE groups out there who scare the shit out of even the BNP.

I held a discussion on this very topic at our local group meeting a couple of nights back - our membership is struck speechless by this stroke of luck.

Our latest bestest friend after Blair and Brown - Harridan Harperson. If I close my eyes and blank out her face, she even gives me a hard-on. It'll be up the arse of course - sans lube. And it wont be for sexual pleasure - it'll be for spite, and a nice piss enema to finish off with.

Actually, I used to be a Labour Party member and activist - dedicated. It was the shite Blair was throwing at this country that sent me over to the BNP.

Anonymous said...

It's an excellent piece. Like many, I get the impression Labour are now pursuing a scorched earth policy.

Soon, they will be seriously thinking about appropriating the property of white males to redistribute to the worthy.

You know, if I was black, gay, or disabled, (and an intellectual) I would be wondering if there was going to be a backlash. If I was a woman, I would probably be thinking about fluffy kittens.

Anonymous said...

Leg-iron, i agree it's not about pale skin. It is about morality and integrity. It is about being a free man or a slave. It's about not being ground under the Soviet boot.

The non-white males lost their respect when they allowed feminists to give them unearned kudos. They let themselves be corralled into Black Caucuses alongside Homosexuals and Females. They all became sexualised, victimhoodized and infantalized. They took the Mammon in place of character without any murmur of protest.

For NuLabour, the working man never yielded the knee to tax credit (you give to me and I give you back) and the corruption of Welfare. Immigrants just put their hands out and received.

It is now the hands of the white British male and the few men of colour with any character left, to stop this country turning into a Haiti.

A third of Black men will join. Two thirds are just a lost cause.

And we've seen it before: puritan against Catholic, fascist against Communist. Angry males against the mad religions of female-centric people who put friends before country.

When we're forced to take extreme sides. Then there's civil war.

Anonymous said...

"6/28/2008 12:16:00 AM"

Eloquently and succintly put.

Are more words required...I think not.

Anonymous said...

"at a minimum level at least they know what they are doing,"

All the times I have visited your blog this is the first sentence that made me doubt your sanity!

Anonymous said...

I'd just urge everyone to buy Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, if you haven't already and not many people in the UK have, read it, pass it on to a friend. Socialism is evil - plain evil. It's not a misguided but essentially benign philosophy: it is rotten right through, from its very origins.

It *always* ends in tyranny - it cna't do anything else.

Anonymous said...

Stop saying 'British'.

It only applies to the English.

Snowolf said...

I said elsewhere:

Race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, whatever, it makes NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE. You can either do the job, or not. Why on Earth in the 21st Century are we keeping records on what little boxes we fit into? I only care about if someone is a) competent and b) a decent person. The rest is irrelevant. Why not keep records on how many members of staff have blue eyes, are left handed or enjoy eating cauliflower? Fucking cut it out.

There is no such thing as positive discrimination, only discrimination. It amounts to saying there is good and bad democracy, for example if an electorate is given a referendum on an important treaty and. . . oh. . . hang on. . . shit.

As for the BNP angle, sure not even Labour are stupid enough to engineer their entry into the commons, are they? Perhaps they are banking on this to kick-start floaters in a journey back to Labour to stop this 'evil racist menace'.

I put that in inverted commas, as I am wary of talking of the BNP in the same fashion of the EU talking about the Irish no vote. As much as I disagree with them, if it is what people vote for, whatever the reason, we have to accept it.

Who knows, maybe one or two BNP MPs might be the kick up the arse the big three need?

Devil's Kitchen said...


"It *always* ends in tyranny - it cna't do anything else."

Quite so. Some time ago, I wrote this:

"The point is that socialism relies on force, it's entire structure is predicated on forcing people to give up their possessions to support those whom they would not willingly support otherwise. What socialists do is to extort and steal from people in order to sustain and pay for the socialists' own beliefs. This is why socialism has led to so many nightmarish regimes..."


Anonymous said...

"Positive" discrimination is merely revenge, petty, vindictive revenge.

In the USA positive discrimination in college admissions simply favoured black students from middle-class, affluent backgrounds over white students from poor, deprived backgrounds, i.e. actual deprived people.

"Positive" discrimination does not eliminate discrimination, it simply doubles it.

Anonymous said...

"This piece has given me some thoughts.


Good job you didn't ask for a penny for them. You'd be overcharging massively...

"For many ministers this will be their last chance to promote their own pet projects, and a weak leader like Brown is liable to give them anything they want in order to postpone the final collapse of his government..."

Well, we can count of the Lib Dems and the Tories to vote against this illiberal piece of legislation, and denounce it at every opportunity then, can't we?

Can't we....?


Anonymous said...

Harridan Harperson has long been a cross between two Viz character - Milly Tant and Student Grant, a pathetic arrogant braindead cow who can't see the damage she's doing because her head is so far up her fat arse. She's not helped by having one of those smug faces that just makes you want to slap her until she stops smelling like an old haddock.

Anonymous said...

Who built this fucking country.

Was it disabled lesbains ?

Muslim council workers ?

Long Term Student Academics ?

Union Stewarts ?

No!!!! It was able bodied men and predominately White and the original inhabitants of these fair islands.

Now that is the most racist statement I have ever made(not counting my utter hatred of a things Islamic) but enough is enough.

Lefty fuckwitts with no idea about enterprise and economics. Its not a fucking rainbow we are trying to build but a sustainable economy.

Ps. How fucking bad was that comment that was removed?? I am totally interested in who could possibly have made a statement to be censored on DK.


Mad Jock MacMadman of the Fucked of White Male Clan

Sir Henry Morgan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sir Henry Morgan said...

Mad Jock

The comment you're wondering about was removed by whoever wrote it. It said removed by author - that means removed by author of the comment. If it had been removed by DK it would have said removed by blog administrator.

I just did that immediately above to demonstrate to you. Removed by author - i.e. I removed it. You'll usually find that the comment immediately after the deletion is by the person who made the deletion - I'd guess it was a comment by Juliam. Commenters ususlly do this when they make a comment, consider it inadequate in some way on reading through it, so delete it and rewrite the comment.

You get that facility when you sign your comment with a google account (the name comes up in blue). The comment comes up with a little blue dustbin in the bottom corner, visible only to the person who wrote the comment. You don't have this facility because you didn't sign off your comment with a google account (name - or 'anonymous' - is in black).

If you click on the name, when it's in blue, then that acts as a link to the account page for that name - if they have a blog or two, they'll be listed and you can visit by clicking on the blog name.

Not many people will take the trouble to explain this sort of shit to people - someone did it for me once.

I said thank you.

"Thank you you Welsh cunt" would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

"I'd guess it was a comment by Juliam."

Nope, sorry. I tend to leave any typos where they are - even I'm not claiming to be perfect ;)

I think it was there as a 'missing' post before I posted. Someone must have thought better of whatever it was.

Snowolf said...

I saw it before it was deleted.

It was Harman offering DK outside for a Stella and kebab fuelled scrap later on this evening.

Obviously she considered that she's get her arse kicked.*

* This may be a lie.

pagar said...

As there seems to be a bit of anti Harman feeling, let me add another wrinkle.
Let’s just cut through this PC gender equality bullshit.

It is my observation, and I believe everybody knows it deep down, that statistically men and women workers do not provide equal value to employers. The simple fact that they are of different genders means they are not the same.

Women tend to have children. They usually have larger breasts. They tend to talk more. They have periods. They tend to be less aggressive. They have higher rates of absence from work through sickness. They do not have balls. In my experience, they tend to be more empathetic and intuitive. We are told they are better at multi-tasking. The fact is that the fact of their gender tends to contribute to their abilities.

Many of the above are generalisations and all selection should of course be on the basis of the particular skills of the individual candidate but to allege that men and women workers are the same and have equal value to employers is patently untrue.

To insist that companies be compelled to treat them is if they have the same value is the worst kind of state interference in the market.

Roger Thornhill said...

I was the author of the second post. I thought better of it as it did not flow properly, was intending to repost but then was hijacked.

Harridan Harm-man thinks that way because she knows little to zero about life outside of the Public Sector. In addition, C4 showed some excellent vox pop from women and in particular ethnic minority women who all said that they wanted to get the job on merit, not box-ticking or because of a need to "balance" - I think Harridan has not only lost the White Male vote (she never had mine, the rancid old hag) but also the self-respecting women and ethnic vote (so not much damage to labour then as any self-respecting person would not be voting for that bunch of mendacious scumbags by now).

Personally I think it is an attempt to see how far they can go. How far people can be pushed. It is a fencepost, IMHO. One day we will need to ask permission to employ someone, to only be allowed to employ those the State decides should get the job. I am not kidding, even if that "permission" is some centralised database where you put in the NI number and a red or green light shows (could be kiddy fiddler, persistent parker, murderer or someone who is Eurosceptic).

KG said...

Want to escape the madness? Thinking of emigrating?
Then don't choose New Zealand--this place is almost the perfect example of where these insane policies lead..
If it takes civil war or a BNP-type party to turn this madness around, then that's just fine by me. And there seems to be a growing number of people who are pissed off enough to feel the same way.
Enough is fucking enough.
Pass the hemp rope....

Anonymous said...

It appears NuLab ARE purposely:
1. Trying to lose the next election and handing a poisoned chalice to Cameron.
2. Trying to destroy society in the same way it is happening across Europe.
Turning men against women, black Vs white, old Vs young, british Vs immigrants has divided society across all sectors.
Thatcher once said there was no such thing as society.
Never has this been more true than NOW.

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