Monday, June 23, 2008

EU Commission to the European people: "fuck you."

Feel the contempt that the EU elite have for us, with this video from England Expects...

Key quote from Margot Wallstrom,
"Don't forget the European leaders have invested a lot of political capital into this whole procedure".

Ah, well, if the "leaders have invested a lot of political capital" into this project, who gives a fuck what the people actually want, eh?


The Remittance Man said...

People make bad investments all the time. What has their misjudgment got to do with the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

As the German chap said The treaty is Tot. Dead.

Um.. bit thick of me but could someone enlighten me as to what Margot's title stands for TBAF??

Anonymous said...

They've made a loss so they should stop 'investing'.......

Anonymous said...


TEBAF = The ever beautiful and fragrant

Anonymous said...

And I have to pay for those stupid fuckwitts?
How did this poxy idea ever get started?
how long could they cobble a "state" together before it exploded into a huge war? they don't even seem to see what they are doing.

Give everyone a vote and if its yes then fine(i will leave)but if no then junk the whole stupid socialist bollox!

Old Holborn said...

Ah, "the Irish votes decides the Irish position but cannot determine the position of other countries"



Lamp posts in Brussels anyone?

I want them dead. Their bloated corpses, riddled with bullets, disembowled, eyes bulgeing with terror hanging from lamp posts.

You utter, utter, utter cunts. You WILL be held accountable, you WILL hear the people of Europe knock on your door at 3am and we WILL look under your bed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon.

And now I will get back to sharpening my bayonet for the 3rd European War.

Anonymous said...

Hitler said in Meein Kampf that
"Should one State preserve its national strength and its national greatness the empire of the Jewish satrapy, like every other tyranny, would have to succumb to the force of the national idea.". So he agreed with euro skeptics in extreme nationalism.

The founder of the EU Robert Schuman was nearly exectued by the NAZIs.
So anyone who is a euroskeptic is a neo nazi who is contuing Hitler's dream.

Anonymous said...

@dirty european socialist

Just please fuck off, you pig ignorant fucktard.

Get back to the Home for the Mentally Deficient before the nurses miss you.

Anonymous said...

6/23/2008 08:26:00 PM FUCK YOU PAEDO SHIT DICKHEAD. I have an IQ of 120 and postgraduate qualifcations. I need no lectures from an uneducated NAZI dickhead shit for brains.

Devil's Kitchen said...


I'm guessing that your post-graduate qualification is not in any of the following categories: history, philosophy, politics, economics, rational debate or English.

And an IQ of 120? Is that as measured against the average chimp population?


Anonymous said...

Devil's Kitchen
My qualifications are in science. Step back in awe.

AndNowInStereo said...

I reserve most of my hatred for Martin Schulz. The man is perfect for the European Parliament; he'd have embarassed himself out of office a thousand times if he was involved in national politics, the arrogant dick.

I'm not that impressed with Avril Doyle either. Go to the following news story, click through to the video, and you'll see what I mean:

Anonymous said...

Dirty European Socialist said
"Devil's Kitchen
My qualifications are in science. Step back in awe".

And is your dad bigger than DK's dad as well?

NotClauswitz said...

The EU must die, the European fantasy flirtation with fascism and totalitarian control rears its ugly head again - it's nearly timeless, St. George is forever spearing this nasty, repulsive, vile and loathsome dragon.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

"dirty european socialist said...

6/23/2008 08:26:00 PM FUCK YOU PAEDO SHIT DICKHEAD. I have an IQ of 120 and postgraduate qualifcations. I need no lectures from an uneducated NAZI dickhead shit for brains"

All right fucktard, if you want to play that silly teenager's game. I too have qualifications to postgrad level. And MY IQ is 164 (and I'm a seriously violent cunt with it). An IQ of 164 means I'm what's known as in the 99th percentile. Statistically - and it's all about statistics as you should know if you really do have serious qualifications in a science - that means you have to work through between 30,000 and 100,000 people before you encounter someone with an IQ as high as or higher than mine, depending on what measure you use for the Standard Deviation (I'm sure you know all about the different ways of measuring the Standard Deviation, you being IQ120 with science qualifications coming out of your ears an' all). In a country of 60 million people that means that statistically - and as you know it's all about statistics (still with me so far?), there are between 600 and 2000 people with an IQ as high as or higher than mine in Britain.

IQ 0f 120? Thick as pigshit mate. Hoist by your own fucking petard. Which is what I hope to have the pleasure of one day doing to TEBAF and her colleagues present and past one day. Don't need a petard though - an eight foot long, four inch thick, pointy stick will do. You can join the party if you wish - though whether as host or guest I'm unable to say at this time,

Of course - all of the above is only for those of you foolish enough to believe in shite like "IQ". It means jack shit mate.

One of my brothers is a medical doctor at Consultant level and is very well thought of in his field the knowledge and competence stakes (ahhhh 'stakes' - oh my oh my I love that word).

IQ 98.

Go get fucked you ignorant arrogant fuctard. Come back when you need to shave. This isn't the student Union bar, and you are not surrounded by a bunch of groupie adoring first year freshers.

Here you impress no one, and indeed, only demonstrate your immaturity.

Oh, and by the way wankspunk - as you're into failing the Godwin test (look it up you ignorant spunkbubble) - why not follow the link through my name and see where you arrive? I expect we wont be seeing you here again eh? Someone much better to hone your intellectual and debating skills on.

Anonymous said...

@Sir Henry Morgan

Let's not endorse this dipshit's delusions of grandeur by pretending that his bullshit about his grand qualifications is anything other than the lies of an internet tough guy.

Even under ZanuLabour's dumbed down education system, no-one could pass their A Levels or Highers with his degree of sub-literacy. He can't spell. He can't string a coherent sentence together. For DES, grammar is simply something that happens to other people. And as for logic, critical reasoning and argumentation - ha fucking ha!

Now, DES appeared once before, on St Paddy's Day, spouting similar lies about his many postgraduate qualifications in computing science from the University of Oxenbridgeford and how, being a computer jeen-ee-us, he didn't need no stinkin' literacy. Unfortunately for our left-wing fantasist, computing and pure science degrees require just as much competence in English language and strong reasoning skills as any Arts or Humanities subject.

What this boils down to is that he's a fucking lying little shit. But you know what? It's good that he does this. Every time he posts, every time he makes a fool of himself, every time he screeds about "NAZI PAEDOS!!111!!", he degrades the EUrophile cause and brings more uncommitted people into the EUrosceptic camp.

Fuckwits like DES are our best friends. They're useful idiots (not that DES would know the origin of that phrase), so let them have their ego-wanks and let them spray their retardo-cum all over the blogosphere. At worst, they provide us with much amusement as we fisk their epic ignorance; at best, they win our argument for us.

Anonymous said...

Sir Henry Morgan go fuck yourself you vile NAZI paedo shit. So you're a violent cunt and you think that is something to be proud of you evil NAZI dangerous little shit. A cunt like you should stay the fuck out of politics. An EVIL NAZI shithead do you lot realise what sort of dangerous sinister people you are playing with evil nazis scum. They would kill your the momment they get power. I very much doubt you have an IQ of 160 seems more like the 98 you quote. Are you one of those fake doctors.

6/24/2008 03:38:00 AM Fuck you NAZI paedo shit. I have an IQ of 120 and postgradudate qualifications. You proabaly do not relaise this but English os not the only fucking course at Uni.
I have a male strategic brain which is why I am poor at english, and good at strategy and map reading.
I assure you NAZI must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

""I have a male strategic brain""


A bad workman always blames his tools

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I don't even have so much as a a GCSE in English. You're a moron.

Got military experience have you? If you're coming after me boy, it'd be best if you have - and a lot of it too ... like I have.

What the fuck is a "male strategic brain"?

You are good at strategy? Explain please? You were in command at the Battle of Cannae? Is that it? You don't even have the strategic ability required to manouvre your way around a written sentence - it's demonstrated for all to see every time you write.

Map reading ... ooooh I am impressed.

Fuck off little boy. Get a bit of life in before you start threatening the big boys.

As it happens, I'm not a Nazi - but if you really thought I was ... do you think it'd be a good idea to piss me off? Anyway - educate us all by using your massive IQ (note, your IQ to mine is like someone with an IQ of 76 - which some chimpanzees can beat - to yours, what, exactly, a Nazi is. Do learn your place on the evolutionary scale dickhead.

You will notice I am using complex grammar. Use your navigational expertise and your strategic genius to navigate your way around what I say, in order to see if you understand what I'm saying.

Oh sweet jesus you're funny. You ought to be on the stage.

Devil's Kitchen said...

If the Baron-Cohen report is correct, "male strategic brain" might translate as "autistic spectrum"...


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I know - when he says he has a male strategic brain, he means his brain is in his dick.

Not so much shit-for-brains then, as dick-for-brains. Seems I wasn't so far off with 'dickhead'.

Anonymous said...


Your comment re Autistic syndrome set this thought off.

I think it's possible that we are being used for a computer programming, or psychology, experiment.

Look at DES's answers - it's almost as if the things we say are being fed into a comment generating program, and the experiment is to see if it can fool real people into believing the program is a real person. A form of Turing Test, if you like. Those DES answers are certainly very stereotyped. There's nothing in any of them that indicates cognitive processes - and despite being wiped out on one or two things, those same things keep getting thrown back. Go re-read the entire thread from the point at which DES comes in.

If forced to choose, I'd say DES is a computer program. Either that or an autistic mong.

It was just their hard luck to test the program who, as chance would have it, are able to combine just the right set of skills and knowledge needed to suss it out.

Anonymous said...

DK - neither Psychology nor Computer Science. Rather - both.

Cognitive Science - a combination of the above two (you need to already have a good degree in one of the above before you can even enter Cognitive Science study - or you did, unless these Labour fuctards have dumbed that down too) - and a shitload of other things too - Linguistics, Logic, Philosophy of Mind. Philosophy of Science etc etc etc.

I sudied it at Edgbaston at postgrad level. All the other students thought we were a bunch of weirdos. They had a point. And what we see here is exactly what you might find in Cognitive Science research ... the military, especially, would be interested in this sort of stuff - or Military Intelligence, anyway. People researching in those sorts of fields were the only ones interested in recruiting us after graduation.

Anonymous said...

DES, I know that English is not the only course at university. The point, you foolish infant, is that you have a level of English that is so weak that you clearly do not have the skills needed to get into university in the first place.

Child, you do not have the literacy skills to sit any secondary school exam. You do not have the skills to read a UCAS brochure or to submit an applications.

You are functionally illiterate - and I have news for you, boy: literacy is not optional at university. The idea that computer programmers or scientists don't know how to read and write basic English is....frankly, staggering.

And, yes, I concur with DK. Having served as a Special Needs Co-ordinator for both my Faculty and Department, I would say that DES certainly seems to exhibit habits that could fit a number of autism spectrum categories: at best - at fucking best - DES clearly has some form developmental disorder.

Which is funny all by itself. The only person the EUrophiles can get to argue their a subliterate 13 year old fantasist with Assburger's Syndrome.

Fuckin' Epic Win!

Anonymous said...

correction to 01:34 comment above:

" test the program who, as chance would have it ... "

Should read:

" ... to test the program on people who who, as chance would have it ... "

Snowolf said...

One of the most chilling videos I have seen in a while. However I wish it had been made without the dramatic background music, I'm afraid that is on a par with the emotional manipulation of the Labour 'people's juries' or whatever the much trumpeted (and now silent) focus groups were called.

What struck me was the point raised by the balding German socialist towards the end that wanted to know where the Pro-EU campaigners were in Ireland.

The fact is they weren't needed, the treaty was going to be imposed no matter what the population said. Let us hope the Czechs and Swedes do the sensible thing and kick this bloody thing out as well.

Roger Thornhill said...

"The only person the EUrophiles can get to argue their a subliterate 13 year old fantasist with Assburger's Syndrome."

Or even Arsebiscuit's Syndrome? TEABAG* Margot appears to suffer from that.

* The Ever Annoying Bureaucratic Autocratic Gorgon

Gawain Towler said...

Ladies (maybe) and Gentlemen.
It has been a while since I laughed so much. In these dark days I thank you from the botom of my dank heart.

Anonymous said...


Where are you? You haven't left us for good have you? Nooooo - tell us it isn't so.

Missing you already.


Anonymous said...

purely as an aside i happen to have an IQ of 98.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd show my name.New to these bloggynettythings.Sincere apologies.But I learn.I read it from a book.

Anonymous said...


You are my brother and I claim my £5.

Anonymous said...

Sir Henry Morgan Meathead A meathead i knew it. I knew it now shut up and keep to digging the latrines for the officers. You call people mong so you make fun of the disabled to get to me a new low for you. Who will you insult next the jews, the gays, the blacks.

6/24/2008 01:54:00 PM Bull shit. You have no idea what university is about. English is not the only fucking course at uni. Now take your finger out of your butt and don't lick it.

Roger Thornhill Keep rogering yourself and leave politics to the men with male brains.

Anonymous said...

That last commentator doesn't seem right in the head either.It would be unfair, however, to deprive him of purpose.What I think is truly tragic is, in general terms, that thought beyond that deemed 'acceptable' can only elicit a stream of abuse and not a rational response.It seems to be a hardwired defect within the species and one not very easily overcome.'dirty euro', what you say seems lacking in merit and I suppose a plea for greater introspection would fall on deaf ears?

SHM. cheque is in the post.

Anonymous said...

Eh! You spent alot of time in the dictionary didn't you.

Anonymous said...

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Andrew said...

It would appear that no one who has commented here is interested in the debate at hand, they would just rather lie about their IQs and non existent degrees. This only furthers the thought that maybe the Council and Commission should be left to run things rather than the portrayed EU citizens on here who are either compulsive liars or racist. I sometimes worry for Britain and the EU when i see this kind of thing.

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