Monday, June 23, 2008

Dirty European Socialist: fulfilling my prejudices

It is always rather satisfying when one is proved to be correct and so it is with great delight that I remind you all that I called the Dirty European Socialist "a barking mad nutter who should only be approached when wearing full anti-loon protection gear".

Luckily, he has turned up in the comments to verify his lunacy, the fucking nutjob.
Hitler said in Meein Kampf that
"Should one State preserve its national strength and its national greatness the empire of the Jewish satrapy, like every other tyranny, would have to succumb to the force of the national idea.". So he agreed with euro skeptics in extreme nationalism.

The founder of the EU Robert Schuman was nearly exectued by the NAZIs.
So anyone who is a euroskeptic is a neo nazi who is contuing Hitler's dream.

Now, just in case you were unable to decipher DES's message through the fuzz of abysmal spelling and general mangling of the English language, what he said was this: if you are a Eurosceptic, then you are a neo-NAZI intent on continuing Hitler's dream.

Laughable, quite laughable. As I said before, "he must be about thirteen years old and an idiot to boot."

But it is joyous too: the more EU-philes like him who pop up with their insane NAZI epithets the better, frankly...


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Hitler who was the leader of the NaZi party ? And is this the NaZi which is an abbreviation for NAtional SOcialist ?

Dirty European NaZi seems to have his facts slightly arse-about-face, hence the amount of shit he talks !

Mark Wadsworth said...

He posted something vaguely similar over at mine, now surely nobody can be that stupid, can they? Or perhaps they can?

But his rants aren't so bad that they're funny either. I mean, it's not actually clear what he means in the first place. So they're not even annoying, they are puzzling more than anything.

AFAICS, anybody who quotes Mein Kampf in support of his argument must be mentally ill, surely nobody reads that crap? It's about as relevant as quoting the Bibble or the Koran or something.

Anonymous said...

He's probably a bit bored now the SATS have finished. He still deserves to have his head put down the toilet and then flushed. Wanker.

Anonymous said...

Aw, he missed out 'racist' and 'bigot'. He's just not trying, is he?

He needs a few more re-education lessons in the PC Camps, I think. Or is that PC Kampfs, perhaps?

Dr. Cromarty - you can use my toilet. I have suffered the wrath of Barley Wine so it'll be especially effective. Bring your own gas mask.

Mark Wadsworth - 'bibble'. I'm never going to to refer to it as anything else from now on!

Mulligan said...

Unfortunately this lunatic's thought process is not too far removed from the thinking of our EU "masters" , remember the Italian who said that Eurosceptics were the real terrorists?

42 days without trial for being a eurosceptic, coming to the UK soon.

The Secret Person said...

I thought he was bad when he commented on my blog that the BNP hated the white working classes. Don't know who he thinks votes for them?

But 'all Eurosceptics are Nazis' takes the biscuit. He also came up with (I paraphrase for the sake of comprehension) 'Hitler had good presentation skills, all people who care about presentation skills (and denigrate Gordon Brown's) are Nazis'.

I'd be interested to hear his views on other Nazi passtimes such as road building, vegetarianism and keeping dogs.

Anonymous said...

He gives thirteen year old idiots a bad name.

Anonymous said...

*refrains from pointing to the nutty eurosceptics who use similarly inane arguments*

*decides not to point out the similar insanity of the "EUSSR" and "Zanu Labour" memes either*

*waves coyly*

*blows kisses*

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of starting a blog too, and I'm going to regularly link to his blog as a special case. When I get bored or just can't think of anything remotely funny to say, I'll send my one reader (probably just my girlfriend) over there so she can piss her sides while eating popcorn.

Let no-one say that I'm an inconsiderate boyfriend.

Oh and nosemonkey, I've never known any eurosceptic to produce a Youtube video claiming that Satan was behind the creation of the EU.

*blows a kiss*

Devil's Kitchen said...


I was contemplating pointing that out myself, but I was pretty sure that a) most people are aware of such things and b) that you'd pop in to point that out!


wonkotsane said...

The irony is that Hitler tried to form a European Union in the run-up to the Second World War.

Anonymous said...

*points at Wonko*

Rob - there you go. I've seen that argument used extensively (and entirely seriously) before to claim the EU is a Nazi project. Or a Catholic one designed to undo the Reformation. Or something to do with the Masons. And if you want real insanity, might I suggest you do a Google for "Javier Solana" +antichrist? Hilarious stuff...

DK - Let's face it, EU matters attract maniacs like flies to shit. I've seen far more nutty Eurosceptics than pro-Europeans though - most nuttily enthusiastic pro-EU types (at least, the kind that engage online) are well-meaning teenagers who know fuck-all about fuck-all, after all. Fairly harmless, I'd say. Don't know much about Dirty European Socialist, but I doubt he/she is any more lunatic than some of the people on your side of the debate.

Tomrat said...

Has this idiot never heard of Godwin's law?

Anyway me and my Zionist Cabal masters will be sending him a rather surprising package in the near future (its a toaster) *laughs maniacally*.

Tim Carpenter said...

"I've seen far more nutty Eurosceptics than pro-Europeans"

Of course. To go mad you must have to have your own mind to lose in the first place.

Anonymous said...

*refrains from pointing to the nutty eurosceptics who use similarly inane arguments*

One does not have to ignore them to be able to enjoy the sheer stupidity of this comment. If he had said, Hitler had brown hair, therefore all people with brown hair are Nazis, it would have displayed the same level of intellectual rigour.

As to the Eurosceptic nuts, in my opinion, they are the only reason we didn't give up on the EU years ago. They provide the Europhiles with the best excuse for avoiding a debate.

*decides not to point out the similar insanity of the "EUSSR" and "Zanu Labour" memes either*

Come on, whilst we all agree that there is a gulf between comrade Bob and Grabber Gordon, ZaNu Labour have displayed an increasingly sinister level of disregard for the people of this country and the liberties that they previously enjoyed. ZaNu Labour meme is just a way of getting that idea out.

It is not impossible to imagine a future government that utilisies the changes that Labour have made, in order to repress us.

As for the UESR, again an exaggeration, but as reactions to the Irish vote once again illustrates that we have a "politburo" that rules us, against the interests of the people. Small countries are giving the same level of leeway as Moscow did to its puppet states. There are no tanks on the streets, nor Gulags, but the contempt that the Brussels elite hold for us is just as strong.

Anonymous said...

Serf, as reasonable as your arguments are, he might still try to totally blow them apart by saying "YOU'RE A PAEDO!!!!!"

Then he'll have won and brought us all over to his point of view, obviously.

I wonder why he's not back yet? Maybe he's wanking off to the lingerie section of the Grattan catalogue...

The Filthy Smoker said...

On another note entirely - and settling a long standing debate - Polly Toynbee has just been on the radio, saying that she earns £117,000 a year.

Anonymous said...

Nosemonkey: you may be amused to learn that the EU was indeed a Catholic plot (though not a Vatican one).

It has gone rather horribly wrong, as Schuman feared it might.

Anonymous said...

Oi, don't knock Grattan lingerie porn! Some years that's all the company I get.

Anonymous said...

In reply :
NaZi Baiter So you are a NAZI. Glad you admitt it.

Mark Wadsworth People should read Mein Kampf so they can no what people like you think.

dr cromarty Fuck you you bullying paedo. You're the one who deserves to have his head flushed down the big with everyone in school crapping on it. You would probably enjoy it.

Tomrat Piss off you NAZI creep. Making evil threats like that. If you send me anything I will hunt you down and pay you back man to man. Maggot worm coward. paedo NAZI shit. Any creep can make threats over the internet. Make your threat with your real name and then we will see who is the real man.

Rob Farrington Yeah NAZI boy now we know what you do in your spare time. LOL.

Serf Brussels elites what are you on about the UKIP have crooked MEPs .

Nosemonkey Snot dribbler

Sam Tarran You have a bad name.

The Secret Person The BNP would like to put the working class in camps, and not one with nice tents.

Travis Bickle So helping terrorists is good in your view then.

leg-iron sStop inviting people to use your toilet this is not cottaging website.

Anonymous said...

wonkotsane No he did not. He was explicitly against european union there is no evidence he tried to form a euroopean union and the founders were abused by the NAZIs. Jean Rey Schuman were persecuted by the NAZIs.

Anonymous said...

So who is this tomrat creep making death threats to me. Are you a fan of borat?

Anonymous said...

So the evil tomrat who basically mqade a death threat Has blog called Jerub-Baals Spleen Vent Obviously some neo nazi stuff from Mein Kampf i presume. He claims he lives in the north of england. Must be have been parahcuuted in at the end of ww2. He claims he is from Leeds. Right then. The creep wants to scare me. Right then.

Anonymous said...

Cracking retort. You are beyond parody, young man.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you you bullying paedo. You're the one who deserves to have his head flushed down the big with everyone in school crapping on it. You would probably enjoy it. [dirtymouthed teenage euroweenie]

M' Lud, the case for the prosecution rests.

*Judge solemnly dons black cap*

Anonymous said...

"Cracking retort. You are beyond parody, young man."

I have speculated that 'he' is not a person at all, but a bot, using techniques from the old Eliza software of yesteryear. It's pretty easy to do. Swap "you're" for "your", "know" for "no", to simulate New Labour literacy standards, throw in allegations of bullying and homophobia, add some insults about cottaging, liberally sprinkle the word Nazi about, chuck in some paedo insults (not forgetting to mis-spell "paedo" of course) and presto! Instant illiterate New Labour apologist..

Anonymous said...

So you eveel NEO NAZi spleen venters kan't take my crticismisms? Thoght so. Reed Meen Kampf it proves all euroskeptics are national socialists like Higtler.

Your all bullying paedos. You all Piss OFF you NAZI creeps. Making evil threats like that to me. Maggot worm coward. paedo NAZI shit. Any creep can make threats over the intrernet to me. No one likes me. I'm a real man. Your all horrid to me.

Anonymous said...

Nosemonkey Go fuck yourself you paedo shit.

Anonymous said...

Budgie's euro-socialist zombie piss of nazi paedo shit.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry Nose Monkey I did not realise you were pro european I thought your insults were aimed at me. Anyone is it sis offensive of you to call me a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Quoted by Open Europe: "German sociologist Jurgen Habermas argues in Spiegel that the search amongst EU governments for a "technical solution" to the Irish no vote is "little more than unadulterated cynicism on the part of the decision makers, especially given their protestations of respect for the electorate. It is also wind in the sails of those actively wondering whether semi-authoritarian forms of pseudo-democracy practiced elsewhere are perhaps more effective after all... "

Anonymous said...

DK - Let's face it, EU matters attract maniacs like flies to shit. I've seen far more nutty Eurosceptics than pro-Europeans though - most nuttily enthusiastic pro-EU types (at least, the kind that engage online) are well-meaning teenagers who know fuck-all about fuck-all, after all. Fairly harmless, I'd say.

Sorry, NM, but that is logically incorrect. The great nations of Europe have, through struggle and personal sacrifice, fought off, deposed or otherwise recovered from undemocratic dictatorships to bring their peoples democratic freedom. Spain, France, Germany, the UK etc have all had to do this in living memory, the former Soviet Block countries more recently. For anyone to 'support' these countries entering into an organisation that is so democratically deficient as the EU is therefore, logically, completely insane.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and in case you hadn't realised it yet, Dirty European Socialist is a wind up merchant.

Anonymous said...

Harry Haddock fuck you pillock, someone has been sniffing glue for too long.
Europe has learnt in the last century that it is at it's weakest when it is divided.
Why did Hitler the huns, the soviets, and islamic empire manage to conquer sections of europe because we were weak and divided. Your argument for a weak divided europe plays into the hands of the enemies, both internal and external, of european civlization. Surely you have learnt that we need an equal federation of equal nations. Not a weak divided contintent that can be invaded by islamc nazis, chinese commies, yankee devil worhsipping necons or interla large states that are taken over by a new hitler figure. Hitler would never been able to take over the EU.
Why do you think a strategic genius like Eisenhower saw it as vital for europe to form a european federration,. Because it was vital for geopolitics stand point now leave geopolitics to guys with male brains like me.

Anonymous said...

Hurry Haddcock nazi paedo shit true. I'm not a wnid up merchent you've evil spleen ventrar. Oh sorry I'd not realise yuo where a pro-europaen so you werent getting at me like what all the reel NAZI big paedos shit. Anyone is it sis offensive of you to call me a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Budgie's euro-socialist zombie
Where is sylvester the cat to deal with this fucker.

Anonymous said...

I was the strategic genius who saved europe from the NAZIs. I supported european federation to keep europe strong. Now mind your own busines before I bayonet you up your limey asses. You help the NAZIs no end.

Anonymous said...

Euroskepgtic are all dumb pratts with primite brains probably not male in their brains as they do not understand geopolitics.

Anonymous said...

What is this you crazy euroskeptics want to carve up europe and make it ripe for plunder I can't believe, you forget the lessons of history over and over agsain. Hitler must love guys. I guess the guy did not die after all. I wasted my yankee ass saving you limey asses and then you want to wreck it all over again. Take your bayonet and ram it up your limey butts. Why did I bother you Limey pussies. Hitler would be produ of you.
I am proud I spoke up for European federation as I am a strategic and geopolitical genius. :

Anonymous said...

As I said... Troll.

Ignore him, he'll go away.

Anonymous said...

dirtyeuropeansocialist you are Greg Lance-Witless and I claim my £5.

Anonymous said...

DES - are you from 4chan? Do u liek mudkipz? Is this all an elaborate trolling attempt?

Anonymous said...

@Dirty Euro Socialist:

Could you please stop mis-quoting me? You are sullying my already somewhat compromised reputation.

As to the argument of whether or not I would have been in favour of the EU - I was in favour of the Third Reich! I thought I'd made that perfectly clear!!

Thatcher's Child said...

Hitler was the first person to use the term, 'United States of Europe'.

Any one over the age of 14 can see that Hitler and the EU have an awful lot in common!

Anonymous said...

Disgusting Euro Sociopath:

120 IQ ain't what it used to be, that's for sure. It used to signify someone with reasonable intelligence, capable of coping with real life.

Are you certain it wasn't 12.0? You didn't just miss the meaning of that little decimal point, did you?

More intelligent things than you have emerged, pallid and writhing, from the anus of a tapeworm-riddled pig.

Ah, now you're getting ready to type 'nazi paedo' in all caps because you can't distinguish between the terms, have little understanding of what either actually means, and have no imagination whatsoever.

Type away, foul excresence. Insult to the best of your ability, you foetid pool of liquefied stoat droppings.

You're doing a great job of showing us how the europhiles think. Almost as good as the twisted verbiage spouting from the mouths of the politicians. Keep it up.

(I know I shouldn't taunt the mentally afflicted, but I can't help it)

chris said...

@Harry: sure he/she/it is an ugly troll, but they're hillarious as well. Love the comedy spelling and grammar., and the whole strong state == good state thing, LOL.

Tomrat said...


I would make it a pretty safe bet that my name is some version of "Tom"; I'm pretty certain I beat you on the "lacking anonymity" front considering your handle gives no indication to your identity.

As for "sending" you anything since when has offering electrical consumer products to complete strangers over the internet whilst laughing maniacally (or at least insinuating your laughing maniacally) be construed as "threatening"? Oh wait...

As for your "elucidation" of my blog title (must really get round to getting my lazy rear end into writing my monthly rant) a quick google search will quickly reveal "what" (or more appropriately "who") Jerub Baal is; I can assure you it has little to do with "Mein Kampf" which you seem to be really jonesing for.

Finally I would seriously suggest reading up on Godwin's law, if anything to make you engage brain before writing (or at the very least disengage bottom before more bile is spouted). To save you this olympiad-like mental leap I've included the wiki page:

Also you might like to read up on a Scientology tactic called the fair game policy:

Its not big and its not clever. Twerp.

And I thought Iwas developing some troll like tendancies!

Anonymous said...

"dirtyeuropeansocialist you are Greg Lance-Witless and I claim my £5."

Is he that oddball who used to post on ConHome using the term "Vapid Commie Ron"? He just struck me as a miserable old man.

Anonymous said...

Why are we have all this bash of Nazis? So, we kill ein jew or two, that does not we bad persons, no?

Just because I Nazi does not meaning I like to make the ficken with the children. I am liking the Chancellor Merkel, she nice woman with soft and rounds, yes?

Anonymous said...

Buy that man a swear blog!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If he's a for real 13yo embryo socialist who's into calling everyone a paedo/bully/nazi, he's a cunt. If he's a wind-up merchant - he's a cunt.

Either way, he's a cunt

Anonymous said...

@anon 04:50 pm

I'd need to see pictures before I can say if it's a trap.

I will note that DES' moniker is suspiciously close to DESU...

I wonder if DES can make me a delicious sammich...

Anonymous said...

Dirty european socialist,

Wanking off to the Grattan catalogue was what I USED to do when I was around 13. Get my point, now?

Oh, and any NAZIS(!!!!) who thought I was ONE OF THEM(!!!) Would be very surprised to see the contents of my T-shirt drawer. I've even been asked if I was Jewish (I'm not)!

Anonymous said...

V Hitler never ever used the phrase united states of europe. He never fucking said it give me a referrnce for your lie.
Winston Churchill's called in 1945 for a "United States of Europe," a federation.
But i suppose you NAZIs just cannot accept that. Eisenhower also supported the concept.

Anonymous said...

leg-iron NAZI paedo scum.

6/24/2008 04:26:00 PM fuck you nazi paedo creep. I have an IQ of 120 and postgraduate qualifications you are a tedious nazi creep. I was banned from conhome for beating people in arguments.

chris Nope I am someone with a legitimate view, you are an ugly creep.

Tomrat You threantened me over the internet you evil nazi cunt.

dr cromarty Nope you're a fucking cunt paedo nazi cunt. I gave legitimate views so you make some bizzare violent requests for me fuck off you evil violent nazi shut.

Anonymous said...


What exactly are your "postgrad qualifications" and where did you do them?

If you want us to throw these claims around, you should not be afraid to provide detail.

Anonymous said...

Foul-mouthed euro spondoolick:

120 IQ is 'dolt' in academia. The cleaners can do better than that.

If you had Ph.D or M.Sc you'd have said so, so that leaves only the option for those who have completed their media studies degree and don't feel like doing any real work yet.

Your 'postgraduate qualification' is a PG.Dip, and it sounds like the monkey's tea party ads for a reason.

Actually, most of the students on those courses are reasonably smart, but there's always one.

I suspect, in your year, you were the one.

You know, I'm going to keep at you until you can come up with an insult that isn't just one of the PC world's usual comic lines. I don't think you can do it because you have the cognitive capacity of a boiled pea and you smell like an armadillo's armpit.

With best wishes,


Tomrat said...

Dirty Euro,

Great to see you addressing my views in a healthy, grown up manner; Its also great to see you addressing my concerns about your use of certain terms to death - for a second I thought you were actually retarded but I appear to be wait I'm right! what are the odds.

Oh, and I can look up other peoples blogs too: yours earlier posts are very information - I'll quote one (star marks my own for added emphasis - Tom):

Look at Stalin kicking Hitler back to Berlin.
Since when were the left wing soft on national security.
The labour party is now **strong on national security than the BNP, the UKIP, the Sinful fein and the Tories.**
As the BNP, the UKIP, Sinful Fein and the Tories are all against 42 day terror detention.
Because the left **care about the people.** The right only care about materialistic issues.
I hope the house of lords back the people.

Yes Stalin was indeed "tough" on "terror" (you may like to link to the following blog article I took 5 seconds finding online: 20 million deaths minimum. I wish I could be that "tough" on terror and sleep at night.

Tomrat said...

And another thing DirtyEuro,

I would also like to add that it doesn't surprise me that you do not allow comments on your blog; pure fascolism as a brighter man than I once pointed out - spouting nonsense as truth while denying yourself correction from better informed (a chimp for example is better informed) sources.

Anonymous said...

leg-iron A diploma it was not a dimploma with all respect those who get a dimploma. What are you on? I will not give you my exact qualification as I do not want to be found out. I have allready given enough info by telling you it was in science. One prick on this has allready threatened to send me stuff through the post. I am no not stupid enouh to reveal my exact academic record. I will not tell you the exact subject exact academic record or the college / uni, the detail allows me to be tracked down by evil nutters.

Tomrat You already said you would send me stuff through the post you are an evil thug. Shut up. You are either an incredibly dangerous psycho or a pathetic nutter who likes to make hoax bomb threats to people either way you could get a prision sentence for either, and you know it.

By the way prick. I already clealy stated i do not support Stalin you utter pratt. I already pointed out on numerous blogs he killed 20 illion and Hitler killed 40 million. If you look on internet search engines you can see this is what i wrote. But you fail to note that. I was merely pointing out that there is no reason for the left to be seen as soft on terror or national security as Stlain showed to Hitler. You are the NAZI I am not and never have been a Stalinist.

Anonymous said...


How dare you ignorant vermin Nazi paedophile vermin question him.

Anonymous said...

Churchill called for "a kind of United States of Europe" to be like "the League of Nations" - that is, a loose intergovermental alliance of sovereign nations - not a statist/socialist bureaucratic monolith like the EU. In any case he excluded Britain from it.

There are numerous references to Nazi, Communist, Fascist and Vichy sympathisers advocating European union and the suppression of the nation state, among them Goebbels, Funk, Ribbentrop and Quisling.

Walther Funk, Hitler's Finance Minister, planned a "Europaische Wirtschaftgemeinschaft" (a European Economic Community), directed by Germany, and with a single currency. Separately, Ribbentrop proposed, in 1943, a "European Confederation". Whilst Hitler decreed that work on this should cease, in fact consideration went on until January 1945.

(All references: "The Great Deception" Booker and North pub 2005).

Anonymous said...

Budgie Churchill clearly asked for a federation. Euroskeptics can rewrite history as much as they like. He clearly asked for political union. Reading his articles and speeches he explicitly supported a strong political union. It is only those who seek to rewrite history who claim he did not. They have no evidence for their claims. He did not mean a league of nations, the UN was allready being founded. He could easily have just said league of nations if that was what he meant. The Great deception is an alarmist book that produces extremist views it is biased in the extreme, written by two extreme euroskeptics, like all euroskeptics they seek to ignore the facts of history. Yet even thy are forced to admitt that Hitler explicitly did not support the idea. While Robert Schuman, and Jean Monnet two men persecuted by the NAZIs founded it.
Ribbentrop was just a German ambassador to the UK. He was not major figure in the NAZIs despite his affairs with royals. Major NAZIs were explicitly against the concept. So are we to take Hitlers on Ribbentrops line on what the NAZIa thought.
If you look you find that even the few nazis who did argue for european unon were simply using it as a pathetic propaganda trick to make their occupied nations support them. They knew the idea was to be thrown away after the germans had used the other nations.
Read the original plans for european unity by the few nazis wjho claimed to puruse these plans, you find their texts consist of two sections propaganda and the actual justification which was simply an excuse to stop the USA invading. I demand euroskeptics take note of this.

Anonymous said...

>I demand euroskeptics take note of this.<

I demand you gargle my nutsack, you slack-jawed inbred kiddy-diddling fucktard.

Anonymous said...

At the Congress of the European Movement at The Hague on 7-10 May 1948 Churchill's European unity strategy paid rich dividends. He made several highly publicized speeches and in his keynote address Churchill sketched out his vision of a united Europe and Britain's place in it, emphasizing that it was "impossible to separate economic and defence from the political structure." He called for a European Assembly and spoke of three world pillars in the United Nations--the USSR, the United States and Western Hemisphere--and a Council of Europe that included Britain linked to its Empire and Commonwealth." He hoped to reach a time when people would be proud to say, "I am a European," and would think of themselves as much European as of their native land.

This view is totally counter to the neo nazi views of modern tories. There is no way you can claim Churchill was not pro federation

Anonymous said...

6/24/2008 11:43:00 PM Fuck you paedo nazi scum.

Anonymous said...

Previous posts by dirty european socialist advocated the EU to fight off "... the huns, the soviets, and [the] islamic empire ..." also "... islamc nazis, chinese commies, yankee devil worhsipping necons ...".

As dirty european socialist's considered view this is clearly xenophobic and racist ranting of an EU nationalist nature. As a self confessed socialist that makes him/her an EU national socialist, or EU Nazi.

Like DES the Nazis also thought that geopolitics should be left to the male because the national socialist woman was for breeding and the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

>Fuck you paedo nazi scum.<

No, fuck you, you paedophile Stalinist baby-raping suppurating syphilitic cunt.

Like all EUphiles, you rape babies. Stop raping babies, you baby-raping bastard.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't his mum sent him to bed yet?

By the way DES, having an IQ of 120 means that you might be better than average at mentally rotating shapes. It doesn't mean that you actually KNOW anything about the pros and cons of EU membership.

I have an IQ of 139 and yes, a science degree. Does that mean that I know everything about Mostly, what I learned about politics I learned in the last few years from sites like this (and to my embarrassment I still have a lot to learn sometimes, obviously).

But what do you have to offer? Can you make a rational argument about the benefits of the Lisbon Treaty?, but at least you can scream "PAEDO!!!" at people, so you presumably deserve a pass.

I should be offended at your throwing around of that word, having been a volunteer on a site offering support for victims of physical and sexual abuse. But I won't, because it'd be a bit like getting really, really furious at a gerbil trying to give me a dirty look.

Oh, and what's a "dimploma"? 90% of me wants to come around to the idea that your site just might be for laughs, but the other 10% is still wondering why you're not allowing comments.

If I ever started a blog just to try to be funny, then I'd want to know what people thought of it. I think you might actually be for real...I'm hoping I'm wrong but if I'm not then you might want to look in the Yellow Pages under "Oh shit, please put me in touch with a shrink now".

Anonymous said...

>Why hasn't his mum sent him to bed yet?<

Because she hasn't finished molesting him yet.

Anonymous said...

Drooling Euro Supporter-

Nobody is untraceable on the internet. Your general location and a great deal more is evident from your early blog posts. Your IP address is logged whenever you post a comment, anywhere. Anywhere at all.

Don't assume the internet is an anonymous medium. There are thousands of minor officials who could trace any one of us in under an hour, if they should choose to do so. It's really not difficult at all, and thanks to labour we can now be tracked with no requirement for any kind of legal documentation. No tiresome warrants required. Your local council might even have a file on you already, who knows?

If you route through proxy servers it might take them two hours. You don't, by the way.

Careful who you sling your insults at. I won't bother to track you further because I don't care about you at all, and I won't reveal your location because I'm not the sort who does that kind of thing. It's unseemly and downright rude.

But one day you'll rile someone up just enough...

...and you know what? I'm close enough to come and watch.

I'll give you £5 if you can spot me on the street.


Jones said...

Now, now you lot. Play nice now. Stop baiting the troll, it's clearly way past his bedtime and he might start wetting his bed (again).

Just as an aside, pardon my political naivete, but how can a Libertarian, even one who takes an anti-EU stance, be a Nazi? The two political positions are clearly incompatible. Nazism is an authoritarian doctrine isn't it?

As for the troll, isn't it nice to know he's being ridiculed from all over the world?

Anonymous said...


120 puts you marginally in the top 15% of the population by IQ. You're not a candidate for MENSA, or anything out of the ordinary.

I suggest that you're a ratboy from some council estate whose only postgraduate qualifications are a framed testamur that you've stolen from somebody else's wall?

The only evidence of any fields in which you might have postgraduate qualifications is in swearing and an abysmal ignorance of the English language.

You don't seem to realise that you've come unarmed to a battle of wits.

Now fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Nope you're a fucking cunt paedo nazi cunt. I gave legitimate views so you make some bizzare violent requests for me fuck off you evil violent nazi shut.

So tell me, is this the kind of argument you deployed in all those seminars that won you your highly prized postgraduate qualifications?

Still, it's enjoyable imagining you bashing away with your mongo paws, randomly striking the keys to string a sentence together, your lips moving to mouth the words as you type them and your head flailing from side to side as your viscous saliva dribbles over the keyboard.

chris said...

@jones, but troll baiting is so much fun.

@DES, OK I'll act as if you are not just a troll (ho ho). Shame your legitimate view is nothing more than the peace myth (yawn) and some rather dull insults.

You do realise that Churchill was calling for a Council of Europe in 1948, which was then created in 1949 with the UK as a founder member, and this has nothing to do with the EU? Or that the most important product of the Council of Europe, the ECHR (which was much more important in protecting those countries without the Common Law from Fascism than anything that the EU has done) was signed 5 years before the Treaty of Rome and again with the UK as one of the first signatories? Or that by the time that the Treaty of Rome was signed everything that would be actually responsible for protecting the peace (NATO, the USA and its nukes) had already been in place for years? Also since we are using Churchill as a marker for everything that is correct you will know that he also said that socialism (even in its small 's' variant) leads to an overbearing state and the horrors of Socialism or National Socialism, and that he used some of the Conservatives meager paper ration to get thousands of copies of 'The Road to Serfdom' printed and distributed to try and get people to realise this point. Though I'm sure that with your diploma you knew all of that, Dirty European Socialist.

Anyway, to the insults. Just calling people 'NAZI peado scum' is a bit pass&eaccute. It lacks verve and poetry. You really should try working on the imagery, perhaps try telling people that would rather gnaw your own arm off and beat yourself to death with the bloody remains rather than shake hands with them? Animals are always good; say that they make you want to stake them out over a nest of angry Fire Ants. Or that debating with them reminds you of watching fight to the death between deep sea invertibrates; slow, slimy and ultimately pointless. Just mix it up a bit, instead of always reaching for 'peado' when you want to insult somebody call them a 'badger molesting arse sucker that would loose a general knowledge quiz to a grapefruit'. Just think of the things that you enjoy of an evening an claim that others do them as well, I'm sure that most people would find that very insulting.

And use a spelling checker.

Anonymous said...

Rob Fartington Idiot. I am responding to banter. Have you actually read what other people wrote about me grow up you idiot. Anyone who comes up with the line of comparing someone to a frowning gerbil as an insult seems pretty weak. Anyway.

6/24/2008 11:57:00 PM Paedo creep. Leave nmy parents out of this you lying turd paedo shit your parents are the molestors. I bet you are under 18. Only little kids insult other peoples parents.

leg-iron Kist like Tomrat an evil little turd. Comes up with fake threats. Funny how one minute you claim you gave up tracking me the next you claim in an intimadating fashion that the next guy I see could be you. Don't worry if I see any wriggling maggots I will recognise you. Patheitc little coward you are no different to some creep who sends people hoax bimb threats typical evil euro skeptic nazi nutter. You really are ill take my advice get help.

Jones What a boring unimportant response.

6/25/2008 04:23:00 AM Cock wipe peado. You are in the bottom 15% so who cares. I have an IQ of 120 and postgraduate qualifications what rat boys by the way. A new phrase for the lower ordersof yours.

6/25/2008 09:11:00 AM Fuck off paedo creep. I have the qualifications which I earned. Yiouy ghave FA. You insult the disabled to get at me what a creep You have no shame.

Can anyone here tell the difference between banter and creeps making threats over the internet. You are liable to criminal prosectution for making threats over the internet i assure you.

Anonymous said...

chris Nope he was calling continually for a federation there is no evidence it was limited to the council of europe which cannot be described as a federation. Read what he said that one day everyone should call themselves european above their own nationalities. He was not limited in his integrationaist ideas. You can rewrite history as much as you like but you have no evidence. First you claim it was just league of nations he wanted then councul of europe you have no evidence. He clearly stated he was federalist. Rewrite history as much as you like. He called for a united state of europe like the american system of federalism. There is no half measure in his demands.
By the way screw you badger fucker slime bag.

chris said...

much better!

Thatcher's Child said...

This DES is a bit of a dick.

I also have friends with IQ's of only 120 or so - they are not as stupid as DES - do you think Mensa might be devaluing IQ's just like the Government's been doing with degrees?

silas said...

I'm presuming no-one has his IP address? Because it would be awful if someone of such vibrant intelligence and wit was to be DDOS'd off comments boards like this.

Quite entertaining in a "shouldn't you be in school" way, although the Google-fu answers don't really help. I reckon he should just stick to the outright abuse and go on stage with Jerry Sadowitz.

I'd pay to watch someone get on stage and punch him.

Anonymous said...

Silas - his IP address might change if he logs off and on again, depends if he's paid for a static IP which I doubt. So DDOS won't work and it's illegal anyway. He's already broken several of New Labour's special laws on verbal abuse here, so we can leave the criminal activities to him.

I tried advising him that he can, nonetheless be traced through the IP address linked to the time and date of his posts, even if he switched his connection off and on again. He took that as a threat.

Well, actually he didn't. The troll has switched into 'I'm the victim and you're all picking on me' mode. Always happens. I wonder if there's a club somewhere with rules of trolling, or perhaps what we have here is Labour's Last Supporter doing it all.

Anyway, the only one who can get his IP address from this blog's comments is the blog owner.

So I can't get it unless he leaves a comment on my blog. I'd need to bait him into doing that. The IP is logged even if he posts as 'anonymous'.

Is he daft enough to take the bait?

Whoops, DES.

chris said...

Please gentlemen; no threats, keep it civil. It's much more fun that way.

silas said...

Well seeing as he was complaining about how the mods on the Grauniad site knew who he was within seconds, yet still didn't twig it might be IP related would suggest he knows nowt about t'interpixieweb stuff.

I have just been *howling* at his site though. It's either a very good Chris Morris parody or he is ever so slightly bonkers.

Anonymous said...

I have the qualifications which I earned. Yiouy ghave FA.

Which language is that final sentence? Ah, the best-educated generation in history.

Anonymous said...


Listen, you paedophile Nazi, do not be questioning the computer-savvyness of my man DES.

I'll have you know he has a sooper seekrit psotgaurdate dimploma in Computingology. His IQ puts him in the top 0.000000000000000000001% of the population, as is demonstrated by his Epic Talents in logic, argumentation and basic spelling.

Also you are a Nazi paedophile (dunno if I said that already) and you molest children and love Hitler because, as I may have implied already, you're a Nazi paedo. Which is to say, you spend your days goosestepping around your living room throwing out Heils to your portrait of Hitler and then go diddle some kiddies.

Anonymous said...

>Paedo creep. Leave nmy parents out of this you lying turd paedo shit your parents are the molestors. I bet you are under 18. Only little kids insult other peoples parents.<

This is utterly fucking glorious - every single comment he's made has been a variant of "U R PEEDO NAZI" and now he's trying to take the moral high ground....

If DES didn't exist, we'd have to invent him.

silas said...

/me resolves to close curtains before any further goose stepping takes place.

Anonymous said...

leg-iron No cunt. I can cope with banter but i will not accept some dickhead threatening to trace people or threatening to kill people end of fucking story you are evil evil shithead. NAZI CUNT low IQ scum. Can you fucking work out the difference between banter and making criminal threats you evil shithead.

silas Eh! nope I am tlaking about ordinary users of the guardian website knowing who I am within seconds. You do not seem to understand the point. The point was if they knew who I was straight away then either someone in the newspaper is a tory troll or tories are detecting people over the internet which is illegal.


If you cannot reply to my banter then give up politcis. If you have to resort to tracing peoples ISP to cause them trouble you are utterly evil end of fucking story.

Give up before you wreck innocent lives. silas You also close the curtuans to fuck the Goose.

Anonymous said...

Calling people paedophiles = banter.

Pointing out that IP numbers are traceable = death threat.

You really are brainless, aren't you, DES? I mean, you are just about the stupidest motherfucker on the face of the planet.

I hope you catch AIDS, DES. I hope you catch AIDS very soon and die alone, in pain and covered in weeping sores.

Anonymous said...

6/25/2008 03:42:00 PM Fuck you paedo. No one is stupid engouh to think you would try to trace someones IP number for a joke. You do it to intimidate and bully people end of story. There have been plenty of offensive comments made to me. So I got over it by insulting them back. If you enjot banter have it if you want to just insult people wihtout being insulted back thenm this blog is obviously too tough for you. Don't aks for people to be shot if you go boxing.

silas said...

DES do you not think that your weird spelling and insistence on calling everyone a Nazi and/or paedo may have given them a clue that you were the same person despite any elaborate disguise?

Plus, if you had written this slightly clearer on your blog then perhaps I would have been able to work out what you were actually talking about. Again, the rather, er, 'unique' way you write would make it fairly easy for someone to spot you.

Tracing IP addresses isn't evil, nor is it illegal. Causing someone "trouble" - by, for example, accusing someone of being a paedophile - isn't evil, but is, I believe, covered under libel & slander laws.

"Give up before you wreck innocent lives"?!? Hmm. Well, I've already wrecked far too many lives to be able to give up "before", and I'm sure some of them were probably innocent.

I could close the curtains before fucking the goose, yes, but then that wouldn't allow me to offend my neighbours or the school over the road, would it?

Anonymous said...

Dirty european socialist said: "Can you fucking work out the difference between banter and making criminal threats you evil shithead."

In your case there isn't any. You are the type of person who gives it out but can't take it. Your foulmouthed, misspelled, incoherent rants are certainly threatening. Banter? You don't know the meaning of the word.

Moreover you fail to give references for the small parts of your posts that you appear to think are factual. For example repeating "Churchill luvs the EU" doesn't make it any more accurate - it is just more boring.

EU nationalism is the evil of our age. It may be more like the Roman Empire than either Nazi Europe or the USSR but it has elements of both.

As libertarians or liberals we oppose the statist oligarchic EU. We recognise that democracy is only possible within a nation state so it is not surprising that the EU is not just undemocratic but anti-democratic. It is therefore not surprising that you are an EU supporter.

Anonymous said...

>No one is stupid engouh to think you would try to trace someones IP number for a joke.<

Given that you have an awesome seekrit dimploma in computingology, I would have presume that you would be aware that an IP trace does not, in fact, provide you with full biographical detail on the person being traced.

Your belief that someone knowing your IP number constitutes an imminent death threat merely proves (along with your illiteracy) that you have been lying about your Awesum Psotgraudate Dimploma.

I have a ten year old nephew and not only are his spelling and grammar are better than yours, DES, but he also understands the internet better than you do.

(Cue a "NAZI PAEDO" comment from the very guy who bitched when posters joked about his mum.)

Anonymous said...

>If you enjot banter have it if you want to just insult people wihtout being insulted back thenm this blog is obviously too tough for you.<

Calling people "NAZI PAEDO" = banter.

Saying you fuck your mum = epic transgression against all morals.

Pointing out that IP numbers are traceable = death threat.

Dirty European Socialist, I know who you are. I recognise you from your name-calling, your bullying and your hypocrisy.

You are Terry Kelly. Admit it, cunt.

Anonymous said...

Budgie You are incredibly psychotic. I have had loads of foul mouthed abuse toward me. I took it as I thought it was banter it seems you can insult me but I cannot insult you back. Well bull shit. I have already said I can take these insults but the threats of tracing my IP. That is just sick and evil. How would you like it if I did that to you. It is sick. Would you find that clever or funny. It is sick.

By the way Hitler expliclty did not support european integration and even asked nazis to stop formulating such ideas. While the founders of the EU were persecuted by the NAZIs. Plus Churchill and Eisnehower supported european union. So did Orwell, Camus and Kant. So who are you to them.

Here is a refernce for Churchill supporting european integration.

Here is another

And here is another link.

6/25/2008 04:52:00 PM You are an utter idiot. There is only one reason you would want my IP and it would not be to make buddies with me. You lot are psychos. You have even disscusses a DDOS on me. You lot are sick. :

Anonymous said...

6/25/2008 04:56:00 PM Do not insult my mum. You fuck your mum you are a paedo NAZI creep fuck off and die paedo. I can take insults to me but not to my parents you are the lowest of the low you try and trace peoples IP. I can take you saying anything about me but not my Mum, and not tracing me by IP. You are disgusting low life scum. You know it. You are a sinister creep. You proove most euroskeptics are just NAZI violent evil bullying scum.

Anonymous said...

@6/25/2008 05:06:00 PM


Congrats on your exceptional reading comprehension skills, you inbred illiterate motherfucking (literally in your case) cunt.

BTW, DES, how much do you think your mum would charge me for a half-and-half?

Anonymous said...


There is no 'tracing of IP address' involved.

If the owner of this blog cares to look in his records, he will find, attached to this post, the IP address from which I posted it.

There is no 'tracing'. YOU place your IP address on every post you make. The software running this, and other blogs, records it automatically.

IP adresses are not personal information. They are not secret. In most cases, they change when you disconnect and reconnect to the internet. In any case, they are attached to the posts you make in the blog owner's own system logs. Are you saying it's illegal to look at your own computer's systems?

Your ISP (not me, not those devilish Tories who are watching you from secret cameras in the eys of statues in the street, not those Euroskeptics who place coded messages in the personal ads for you to find, not the Satanic cults who have microphones in your home), your ISP records who has which IP address and when, and how long for.

So if someone here were to take exception to, for example, being libellously called 'paedo' (has that happened to anyone, I wonder?), they could go through the legal system and your ISP would tell them (legally) which of their customers had the IP address at the time the comment was posted.

You can't kill someone with an IP address. Unless you have access to ISP records, you can't trace it to the house. The police can, as can many, many labour-inspired officials.

I have made no threats against you at all, but you seem to think I want to kill you. No way, I want you alive and well because you are the best advert for getting the hell out of the EU I have seen in a long time.

Keep it up, play the victim, whine and whinge and show us all what kind of person supports the EU.

I wonder, if I can get your face to turn enough colours at the same time, which tartan would it be?

Snowolf said...

"I wonder, if I can get your face to turn enough colours at the same time, which tartan would it be?"


I'm sat here watching a news story, and wondering if we stuck a funny looking eagle on his right cheek, he might look like the flag of Zimbabwe?

Anonymous said...

Dirty european socialist apart from taking the piss as "Budgie's euro socialist zombie" I have not insulted you. The piss take was constructed using your own words, sometimes your own sentences complete. So you give it out but you that cannot take it.

You are also quite wrong to state that Churchill supported the EU as it exists today. He had just finished fighting one socialist European monolith, why would he help set up another? As the victor he could have done if he wanted. He actually didn't.

Churchill stated: "But we must not attempt on our present electoral basis to change the powers which belong to the duly constituted national parliaments founded directly upon universal suffrage." (
). Churchill's vision was intergovernmental and limited, and it did not include Britain.

This is quite different to the EU which exercises power as though it were a nation state; that power acquired directly from the member states, usually by deception and undemocratically.

chris said...

Dirty, did you actually read those articles that you pointed us too? In the first article churchill says:

"I feel sure," he answered to his own question, "that we have it in our power, if it is also our will, to come through the perils which still confront us. * * * In all this we are moving with the support of the mighty republic across the Atlantic and of the powerful self-governing states and members of the British Empire and Commonwealth of Nations."

That is powerful self-governing state, not states with their powers removed and transfered to a supra-national government like the EU. Not that that article had anything to do with the EU, or the organizations that proceeded it. Again here is quote from the article:

All spoke with fervor in the belief that if the Council of Europe obtained wide popular support it might lead the Western countries to salvation.

I've transcribed the entire article onto my blog so that everybody can read it without having to pay.

chris said...

Dirty, you might not have been given enough pocket money to read the NY Times articles but you really should have at least read the free article if you are going to use it as part of your argument. This is from the first paragraph:

Yet Churchill's rhetoric is sometimes difficult to reconcile with his ambivalence regarding Britain's role in his proposed federation, particularly after he returned to power in October 1951.

and later you get:

He believed that "obsolete hatreds" could be appeased by the American federalist model, but that Britain would not belong. "We have our own dreams. We are with Europe but not of it. We are linked but not compromised."


In a Cabinet memorandum 29 November 1951, Churchill said unequivocally that Britain should not become an "integral part of European integration" as it would "forfeit our insular or commonwealth wide character."

Anonymous said...

Dirty has a bad habit of randomly posting links that don't support his argument and then acting as though they do.

He may be dyslexic but it's more likely he's lazy and ignorant and assumes that everyone else is the same and so doesn't expect anyone to read the links he posts.

Anonymous said...

6/25/2008 05:12:00 PM fuck off you paedo creep. My mother is a good women and would go knowhere near a creep like you. You allways have to bring this to parents don't you cos your dad fucked you as a little boy. By the way I fucked your mother good and hard. Now fuck off paedo bastard just die creep. I talked to your dad and he said it would better for everyone if you just fucking died. You are an evil shit hole bastard.

Anonymous said...

Budgie Bull shit Churchill contiually asked for a federation. I see no evidence for your drivel. You have given a fake link to put forward a fake point.
You failed to use the rest of the Quotw. LOL.
Here it is in full you NAZI shit
"But we must not attempt on our present electoral basis to change the powers which belong to the duly constituted national parliaments founded directly upon universal suffrage. Such a course would be premature".
You see he said premature. Which means he thought it was too early not that it should not be done. But you failed to note that. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

chris I have never denied that Churchill did not ask for the UK to be part of it. But that was at a time when we had a strong commonewealth network that is not the case today. Plus it is not the case that Churchill was against european federalsim. He was in favour of it. You euroskeptics do not simply want the UK to be not part of it but to utterly destroy the EU. Churchill had nothing to do with that evil view. Plus Churchill said on other occasions he did support the UK being part odf the integrationaist movement.

Anonymous said...

It is factually wrong to say that Churchill did not support european integration. He was an avid supporter of it. And at various stages he supported greater integration than even the EU have asked he asked for merger between france and the UK in WW2. He was a keen fedearlist and called for a united states of europe. Plus me all know about memos anyone can write them. There is no evidence that he wrote that memo.

Anonymous said...

DES @ 6/25/2008 09:14:00 PM
>By the way I fucked your mother good and hard.<

DES @ 6/25/2008 05:06:00 PM

>Do not insult my mum...I can take insults to me but not to my parents you are the lowest of the low...I can take you saying anything about me but not my Mum,<

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Consistency ain't your strongpoint, is it, bitch? But neither is logic, grammar, spelling, reading comprehension or argumentation.

Now, get on your knees, DES, and swallow my twelve inches of man-meat.

Anonymous said...


>My mother is a good women<

How many good women is she?

Anonymous said...

Dirty european socialist you have not provided a single shred of evidence (ie quotes with specific references) to support your odd notion that Churchill would approve of the EU. You haven't because you can't.

If you read the rest of the speech you will see I gave a fair representation in a limited extract of Churchill's views which is more than you seem able to do.

Churchill was a democrat, who had just fought one continental socialist monolith, he was an avid supporter of the British empire, and a historian of the English speaking peoples so he would have been horrified by the EU's subjugation of Britain.

I think your error is in believing the EU to be an intergovernmental organisation. This is quite wrong. The EU works by taking powers away from nation states. No democrat could approve of that because of the lack of democracy in the transfer(eg Lisbon) and the anti-democratic nature of the EU.

chris said...

The union with France was just a cheeky gamble 8 days before they signed their surrender to Germany. At the time France had lost. We knew they had lost. They knew they had lost. Churchill was just rolling the dice to see if he could get anything out of the situation, because France did still have a powerful fleet sitting at anchor in the Mediterranean. Had they taken his offer that fleet would have become our fleet. As it was they rejected the offer, so we sank their fleet to stop it becoming a German fleet.

We lost the strong Commonwealth network because of joining the EEC. When we joined the EEC we had to accept the protectionist tariff barriers that the EEC imposes on the outside world, because it is a Customs Union. Had we not joined the EEC we would still have these strong Commonwealth links. Where we to leave the EU now and start free trading we would get them back, plus strong trade links with everywhere else on the planet.

Unfortunately none of the evidence that you have provided shows that Churchill was in favour of a supra-national government like the EU, but it does show that he was against the UK being part of any union. Now since you obviously hold Churchill so highly perhaps you would like to comment on his description of growing influence of socialism at the time:

"Are we to sink, after all our victories and sufferings, into final chaos through ideological wars thrust upon us by barbarous and wicked oligarchies whose fifth-column agents are infiltrating into many lands?"

Anonymous said...

So what if Churchill supported European Union? He made many mistakes in his time, he wasn't all-knowing.

Anonymous said...

Budgie I have provided you with numerous articles and you are the one who refuses to read the parts where he counters your view. He clearly pointed out he supported european integration, united states of europe a federation of europe. But that at this stage the UK would not be part of it. The links I provided showed this view clearly. If you do not want to read them admitt it. But they clearly state he supported a united states of europe.
Read page 4 of

chris No there is plenty of evidence he supported a supra national organisation he clearly said he supported it for the mainland of Europe. You have no evidence he did not. Yet he talks about an amercian style federal system I cannot see how that does not equate to something even more united than what we have at present. I keep procibnd you with links and quotes and you ingore them,. It is difficult to have debate with someone who refuses to pay attention to facts that counter his argument.

I know Churchill was against socialism. But I am for the mixed economy. Which in reality Churchill supported. His definition of socialism was different to mine.

Anonymous said...

Dirty european socialist give us some actual Churchill quotes (with specific links to those quotes) that actually support your assertions. You don't because you can't.

Anonymous said...

Churchill coined the term "United States of Europe" in a Saturday Evening Post article in February 1930. He believed that "obsolete hatreds" could be appeased by the American federalist model, but that Britain would not belong. "We have our own dreams. We are with Europe but not of it. We are linked but not compromised.":

Anonymous said...

I am giving up soon. But atleast the debate has gone polite.

Anonymous said...

Yes I noticed your spelling improved also.. since you stopped spitting bile... :-)

Anonymous said...

>I am giving up soon. But atleast the debate has gone polite.<

Yes. It's funny how everything suddenly got polite as soon as you stopped calling everyone a Nazi paedophile, you illiterate fucktard.

Go fuck yourself, DES. Go fuck yourself with a cactus - a cactus that's wrapped in rusty salt-encrusted barbed wire.

Anonymous said...

I am giving up soon. But atleast the debate has gone polite.

I wonder why? Go figure - it should be easy with your IQ of 120.

chris said...

Or you could go with page 5 where churchill actually sets out his objectives in order of preference:

"Our first objective is the unity and consolidation of the British Commonwealth and what is left of the former British Empire. Our second, the fraternal association of the English-speaking world; the the third, United Europe to which we are a separate closely - and specially - related ally and friend."

Being part of the EU has made us give up our formerly close commonwealth ties as a sacrifice to its protectionism, keeping which was Churchill's number one priority. The EU is constantly being put forward as a 'counterweight' (they are too chicken to come out and actually say 'adversary') to the USA and the anglosphere, and maintaining a good relationship with them was Churchill's number 2 priority. It was also in his list that, unlike with the EU where we are the second biggest financial contributor, Britain would not be part of any United Europe and a good relationship with that was only his third highest priority.

So based on this it is logical to assume that had he been confronted with the EU as it exists now he would have definitely wanted us out (which is enough to kill the EU since it needs our money). Not that he would probably have mind that since the EU as it exists his number 2 priority and is actively trying to set itself up against his number 1. Just because he was in favour of some kind of United Europe does not mean that he would have been in favour of the EU that exists.

Not that Churchill being for or against anything automatically makes the opposing side NAZIs as you seem to believe. After all he was for gassing the Kurds.

chris said...

damn too tired:

Not that he would probably have minded that since the EU as it exists damages his number 1 priority and is actively trying to set itself up against his number 2

Anonymous said...

Dirty european socialist said... "Churchill ... believed ... that Britain would not belong [to an EU]."

Wahey - at last.

Anonymous said...

European Socialist ('Dirty' doesn't really add any information):

When you achieved your magnificent anonymous-online-bragging-worthy 120 IQ rating, I hope the test took account of your educational background.

You don't score any IQ points for solving simultaneous equations if you have a science degree.

Anonymous said...

I was poltie to people were polite to me.

6/26/2008 01:00:00 AM No that is your hobby. LOL

6/26/2008 08:25:00 PM I do not get it. What are you saying.

Anonymous said...

I do not get it.

You never said a truer word DES

Old Holborn said...

Bloody hell

Tomrat said...

Old Holborn,

He must be made up surely - is it April 1st?.

He's not so much a troll as a troglodyte though - pure fisking entertainment.

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