Sunday, June 15, 2008

Boris goes economy

Londonist have a round-up of the latest cost-cutting efforts by Boris; this time he is cutting down the amount of money that we Londoners are handing over to the lovely People's Republic of China.
The Ramsay brand and a £400 a night hotel were among the items struck from the budget for London House - our city's presence at the Beijing Olympics this August - at last night's meeting of the Olympic Board, chaired for the first time by Mayor Johnson.

Bozza's frugality saw over £1 million knocked off the bill for London's PR exercise as 18 Ramsay chefs were deemed unnecessary for hospitality and the City Hall delegation to the Games reduced to essential personnel only. The new Mayor is putting our money where his mouth is and opting to stay in a cheaper hotel than was booked for Ken and asking to fly economy (although the chances of BA not upgrading the blond bombshell in all his glory humility for the 16 hour flight are pretty much nil).

Well, as long as BA upgrade him at their expense, rather than the Mayor flying first class at our expense, I don't give a shit what class Boris flies in, frankly.

Anyway, I'm glad to see that Johnson is making good on his pledge to cut spending: maybe the Mayor's precept section of the Council Tax (already sitting at around £300 per Londoner per annum) won't go up next year?

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