Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blog post title of the week...

... comes from Dr Rant and is admirable in its succinctness.
Trust Me, I'm A Doctor. Ignore him, he's a lying fuck politician.

Team Rant reports on the fact that people apparently trust doctors more than they do politicians.

Which is, if you ask me, stating the fucking obvious.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but doctors are losing trust as well, at least from me. Still, they have an enormous distance to travel before they even get within radar range of politicians.

Anonymous said...

Well Rob, I like my GP; she's a smashin' woman.

Mind you - she does keep trying to take responsibility for my health, and I keep stopping her. I'M responsible for my health, and the fact I'm falling to pieces is my responsibility, not hers (if I'd thought I was going to reach 55 I'd have looked after myself better at 25 - but given the shit I was up to I figured someone would shoot me before I reached 35) - so I didn't care a toss.

She also keeps trying to prescribe me anti-depressants, but I'm not having that either. As I keep saying to her - I'm not depressed, I'm just fucking unhappy and angry. Both perfectly normal conditions in this shite civilization we're all trapped in.

But I do still generally trust doctors (my brother's one).

PS I'm the bloke that emailed doc Rant the link he based that post on. Hah!

knirirr said...

Funnily enough I said much the same thing to someone earlier today, except I said "scientist" rather than "doctor."

Anonymous said...

Having a couple of unclassified medical degrees doesn't make you a fucking doctor.

When you get your PhD, your DPhil, your DLang, your DLitt or any other degree that actually features the word "Doctor" in its name, you can call yourself a doctor.

Until then, just admit that you're a jumped-up science graduate who knows how to apply a sticky plaster.

Anonymous said...

Until then, just admit that you're a jumped-up science
graduate who knows how to apply a sticky plaster.

I'll remember that the next time you need a central line, imbecile

Devil's Kitchen said...


Who were you aiming that comment at, exactly?


Anonymous said...

In the UK, doctors were basically middle class kids that were too stupid to be genuinely top-notch at science, but too intelligent to think that getting top grades in science subjects at A level makes them top class scientists.

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