Wednesday, June 11, 2008

42 days: I want more!

That is, I think that I would be tempted to imprison the entire Cabinet for far fucking more than 42 days, and they wouldn't need a trial: their crimes over the last ten years are there for all to see. Our politicians seem to think that they are a special case and I agree: whilst I am against the death penalty and would normally be all for upholding the rule of law, in the case of politicians I am willing to make an exemption on both counts.

Some of the bastards do have a chance to redeem themselves though; if they could just raise their procine faces from the trough for a few minutes to vote against the increased detention period, then I might find it in my heart to save one or two of them from the awful fate that I have in store for the rest (at the moment, I've favouring feeding them feet first into a threshing machine, since you ask).

As The Nameless One asks, who exactly is for this legislation?
This isn't a party political issue, it is far more than that. This policy represents a fundamental attack on civil liberties in this country. It must be stopped.

But part of me wonders who actually supports this policy, other than the bitter, paranoid chumps at the head of the broken, compromised Nu Labour hierarchy. It isn't MI5. It isn't even the Labour party. And the sort of celebrities who would normally embrace any Labour policy or politician are also coming out against this policy. So what on earth do Nu Labour think they will achieve by supporting the policy? It is absolutely beyond me.

It is not so much the case that this policy should be voted down, but rather it must be voted down. Otherwise we sit and watch as our government sleepwalks towards the dystopian nightmare of the film version of V For Vendetta. Or as they re-enact McCarthyism in a way that is both anachronistic or absolutely wrong for any modern democracy.

Policy should be based on pragmatism and intelligence. Not paranoia.

Quite. Still, Iain Dale points to one bunch of authoritarian cockheads who do support it.
UPDATE: Astonishingly, ConservativeHome has declared its support for the government on 42 days.

I don't know why Iain is surprised; after all, he used to work with Tim Montgomerie. Indeed, it was whilst Montgomerie was presenting 18 Doughty Street that I first took to calling him "a total cunt". I didn't do this because Montgomerie was a shit presenter (although he was), nor because he is a loony Christian (though he is) and nor because he is a total twat (though he is that too).

No, I called him a total cunt because he defended ID cards and 90 day detentions.
In the End Of The Day Show 18DoughtyStreet on Monday, Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home announced that he thought that ID Cards were a good idea. The man is a total fuckwit. Full marks to Iain Dale (who I like more the more that I watch him) for slapping the curly-haired cunt into the ground over both ID Cards and 90 day detentions (which Tim was also in favour of).

Tim objected to ID Cards solely on the basis that he didn't trust the government to implement it properly, which is precisely the stance that arch NuLabourite Neil Harding takes. Tim trotted out the usual fucking bollocks about ID Cards stopping fraud, illegal immigration and terrorism.

Let me just state this again: Tim Montgomerie, you are a total fuckwit of the very highest order.

Tim Montgomerie, however, is—and I know that I'm repeating myself, but I think that's it's an important point to make—a total, utter and comprehensive fuckwit. And let us not forget that this man runs Conservative Home, one of the most visited blogs in the UK blogosphere. I think that we can see the direction that Conservatives are heading. It makes one want to weep. Or throw things at the cunt.

It is therefore no surprise that Conservative Home should defend 42 days because their editor was in favour of 90 days the last time that this came round. I am not suggesting, of course, that Tim's Christianity has anything to do with the fact that this legislation will be mainly aimed at Muslims; I am not suggesting in any way that this might motivate Master Montgomerie in any way whatsoever. I can't make that clear enough.

So, for the record, let's go over this again: Tim Montgomerie, you are a paranoid, illiberal fuckwit of the very highest order. I can only hope that you and Sam Coates squirmed with embarrassment at PMQs.
I was aghast when Gordon Brown started quoting ConservativeHome's editorial in favour of 42 days this morning, and I suspect Tim and Sam will have gone a little green around the gills too.

The only reason that they will have been green is because a Labour minister quoted them, not because the measure that they support is an utterly illiberal, unnecessary and totalitarian measure. But that's because they are a pair of cunts.
However, it's a free country and if they feel so strongly they have every right to make their views clear, I suppose. It's just a pity it had to be today.

You said it, Iain. I support their right to express their views, but I most certainly support my right to call them a couple of charmless, dictatorial cunts with all of the principles of a particularly rancid weasel cock. I diskard them.

In the meantime, it seems that our government can't be entirely fucking brainless since they have learned, presumably from the EU, how the "ratchet" mechanism works. After all, once you can hold anyone for any length of time without charge, it isn't really a further assault on civil liberties, eh?

I mean, you've already surrendered the absolute principle, so 72 hours is fine, yes?

Oh, we'd like 14 days: what's that? An assault on civil liberties? Well, surely if civil liberties were so important, you wouldn't have allowed us 72 hours. After all, it's the principle that counts, eh?

Come to think of it, 28 days would be far better; yes, 28 days with the option to extend it further if a judge agrees. What? No, come on: don't pull that civil liberties schtick again; not after you let us have 14 days.

Of course, if we could just have 42 days and make the order scrutinised by Parliament, not the judges, that would be even better. Well, come on: you really cannot bleat about civil liberties at this stage...

You see? A ratchet effect: it always goes forward into more illiberal territory, and never back again.

And this whole process is pretty much applies across the whole of government; no government willingly relinquishes power. Which is why, of course, we eventually end up with bloody revolution.

And, crass, ignorant and cunting shitty that this government is, they just couldn't resist resorting to bribery, could they?
Ministers are expected to offer a last-minute compensation deal to help push through plans to extend detention of terror suspects to 42 days.

It involves compensation of £3,000 a day for those held for more than 28 days and eventually released without charge, the BBC understands.

What gets me is the absolute affrontery of this; not only are they attempting further to destroy our civil liberties but their "concession" is to attempt to bribe us with our own fucking money!

Fuck you, you thieving fucking shits; fuck you right in the ear.


Anonymous said...

That shower of shit don't represent the vast majority of Conservative supporters. They only represent the Montgomerie/Dorries view of life and politics and the most sinister parts of politics. I only have to reflect on the way that dozens of people were treated at the hands of Montgomerie during my time at 18 Doughty Street - people ended up hating him and it tore the organisation apart. He didn't "get it" then and he doesn't now, and probably never will. A more out-of-touch man I am yet to meet.

Anonymous said...

This is a recipe for miscarriages of justice. With so much government credibility invested in the 42-day detention policy, there inevitably will be great pressure on the police to manufacture evidence. It will the 1970s all over again and in twenty years we can look forward to the spectacle of people convicted of terrorist offenced being released and exoneratd.

This is why Brown can be so fast and loose with his promises of compensation - quite simply, none of the 42-day internees will ever be released. Irrespective of your guilt or innocence, if you are detained for 42 days, "evidence" will be found and you will go to prison for a long, long time.

The government has shown time and again that it cannot be trusted and that its respect for our liberties is non-existent - just in the last week, we've heard of local councils using anti-terror legislation to spy on and tap the phones and email of people suspected of overfilling their fucking bins.

If this legislation passes - and it will - then Britain will finally be dead, murdered not so much by the statists and the authoritarians as by the apathetic public who shrug their shoulders when faced by the prospect of internment without trial.

Tomrat said...

Excellent arguement DK and one I (as always) fully ascribe to, however, you are dead wrong to think Mr. Montgomerie's views are in any way affected by his Christianity; true Christians have nothing to be afraid off from the "muslim menace" - its very hard to frighten someone who believes that eternal life is a given (Phillipians 1:21 says it pretty succinctly). ;-)

The ratcheting journey to a more illiberal Britain is not the product of Christianity but of politics and compromise - having seen many jail cells themselves under an illiberal authoritarian regime such as the romans I doubt the founders of Christianity would be in agreement with such rules.

I do agree with one thing on this subjec; these clowns are making us look like crazy illiberal, swivel eyed morons.

Anonymous said...

ConservativeHome should rebrand themselves as ConservativesinaHome.

silas said...

I reckon MPs would happily take 42 days if they can get paid £3k a day for it. As long as it fitted in with their unbelievably long holidays, they could have yet more tax free income.

Bastards the fucking lot of them.

niconoclast said...

We had internment during WW2.I'd be happy with the muslim suspects to make it 141 days or even 14100 days.And where is our Guatanamo?With profiling and targeting it would only apply to muslims not to British people so who the hell could be opposed to that?

Jules Wright said...

The spooks aren't demanding 42 days and that says it all. But lo! And surprise! Inspector Plod and the Rt. Hon. Cockface Fuckdangle, MP want it. Just because.

And why 42? I know it's supposed to be the answer to life, the universe and everything but what's that got to do with the price of goose fat? 50 is a much better number; its has a nice roundness to it, reminds me of a good day on the cricket square and is halfway to 100. Which is also a good number if you play cricket (but not if you're fielding and haven't taken any wickets yet). Then again, I like 66 because if you add 600 you get The Number of the Beast, which was a song by Iron Maiden in the 1980s that always makes me laugh.

Before you know it, Dorset Fucking Cunty Council will be using the legislation to apprehend people for farting in public or some such utter tomfoolery.

Jesus H Christ on a jewel-encrusted donkey. It's enough to make a robot weep.

Anonymous said...

Like previous Labour "anti-terror" laws this will be entirely useless at deterring Islamist terrorists. Labour has used these laws against ordinary citizens of the UK, dismantling freedoms gained over the last 300 years which protect us from the excesses of incompetent and vindictive governments. How low can Labour sink?

chris said...

Well I would for one, and not just because the list of people to be disappeared to these camps would inevitably grow with each new panic. Habeas Corpus is one of those ancient institutions that make Britain great. It was Habeas Corpus that abolished slavery on this island, and it is habeas that that safeguards the other rights; like fair trail, and not being punished without a trial.

Yes we had internment during WW2 only when there was imminent danger of invasion, and then only for a handful of blackshirts. Mosley was released in 1943.

A handful of incompetent religious fanatics that cannot even blow themselves up properly are not remotely comparable to an army that just conquered almost the whole of continental Europe and much of North Africa. They are not even in the same league as the IR: which ran a sustained campaign of bombing and sniper attacks on both Northern Ireland and the mainland. Which assassinated several Conservative MPs. Which almost blew up the entire Conservative Party, and which mortared Downing St.

P.S. We have internment now as well, via Control Orders, just that it is under house arrest since internment in a goal was declared to conflict with the ECHR.

Jules Wright said...

Ah well. They scraped another brick of the police state through the door.

However, every cloud has a shitty lining and it's perversely gratifying to see that Brown couldn't do it with the support of his own party - and that, very satisfyingly, means that he'll continue to twist in the political wind without the benefit of the quick political bullet from the Labour NKVD that would likely have been prompted by a clear defeat.

Twist you motherfucker, twist. Feel the bite of the rope as it creaks out your Promethean demise.

Korenwolf said...

It's very simple, 90 days was rejected, nuLabour like the EU don't like being told "no", they'd have hated to have me as a parent. So they keep coming back until they get what they want. 12-18 months down the line they'll be after another few weeks, they might even try and push 90 days as an election thing.


Anonymous said...

Nobody's ever going to get £3000-a-day compensation. No chance.

To get it, you have to be in the nick for more than 28 days and then released without charge.

So all they have to do is, on day 42, charge you with something. Anything. Even if it's so ridiculous it's thrown out by the first judge who sees it, you've been charged.

Therefore you weren't released without being charged. Therefore, no compo.

I suspect it'll follow the Spanish Inquisition model though. Once arrested, you're guilty of something. Nobody gets released without confessing to something minor, as a 'deal' to let them off being charged with something big.

Think you'd never agree to that? 42 days is a lot of persuading time.

And to think the police were worried we didn't trust them yesterday. I'll be crossing the street to avoid them from today.

Old Holborn said...

Hope the IRA kneecap the fucking lot of them

Let us take a few hundred thousand DUP supporters for a 42 day holiday on South Georgia on the grounds that they once knew the Red Hand Defenders.


Rope, lamp post, the whole stinking deceitful lot of them

Anonymous said...

Are Tim and Sam in the monday club do you think? I'd like to detain those fuckers for 42 days in a cellar with a pair of pliers and a leaky tap and see if they'd confess.

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