Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The triumvirate is broken

Another blogger bites the dust, and this time it is one of those from the glory days of the Scottish swearblogging triumvirate.
As you'll have noted, my blogging has, over the last few months, become less and less frequent. This is partly due to an increase in work but partly due to general lethargy when it comes to blogging - I've found it increasingly difficult to write ''good'' posts, find interesting things to post about and I've found, sadly, the blog annoying - something I was doing because I thought I should keep posting and not something that I was doing because I enjoyed it.

Unlike others, I shall not be fighting for you to stay: I understand your reasons for leaving.

Fare ye well, o Snob; you shall be remembered—if only for the palpable (surprise) hit that was the Ban Darling campaign.

No doubt I shall be back in the 'Burgh sometime soon and you, I and the poor little Greek boy shall repair to Whigham's to enjoy fine wines and ludicrously strong passionfruit margheritas.

Vale, va bene.


Reactionary Snob said...

Thank you, DK. That's very kind of you.

The Darling Campaign was accidental. I'd much rather be remembered for my swearing. My personal favourite, if I may be so bold, was describing Blears the capo tut di capi of New Labour Harridan cuntwitches.

Still, I cherish my Bloody Devil.

Best wishes and thanks for all the help over the years,


Dan Vevers said...

Whighams as in Whighams just off Princes Street, right before Lothian Road? Christ, that was pretty much my local last summer! Small world.

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