Saturday, May 03, 2008

They're Voting Wrong!

Author's Note: The author of this post is not The Devil's Kitchen

If there's one thing that was more predictable about the aftermath to the Local and London elections than the moaning about the BBC's election coverage, it is the complete bilge that has emanated from large sections of the lefty blogosphere.

Like Neil Harding, for instance:
"Livingstone was the best politician of his generation but in the end it wasn't enough to beat the Tory press lies. This is a sad day for democracy, how this country yearns for a free press and a press that tells the truth as a rule rather than as an exception."

In what way was it a "sad day for democracy", Neil?

Is it because the turnout on May 1 was 45%, higher than either of the two previous Mayoral elections? Uh, guess not. In 2004, when Red Ken was re-elected, the turnout was just 37%. So which was the 'worse day' for democracy? Obviously, it's the one in which the Tory won! Because you're a fucking totalitarian who doesn't actually give a flying fuck about democracy, or for that matter even the most basic of civil liberties. Democracy is when Neil's lot win.

I guess it's possible to write Harding off as a loon. After all, he's put his utter, mind-boggling stupidity on display for all of us to marvel at over and over and over again.

But he's not the only one making this same witless argument. Vivienne Westwood(!) for instance, quoted by Zoe Williams in her deservedly pilloried hatchet-job article published in the Guardian G2 on election day:
"Boris as mayor? Unthinkable. It just exposes democracy as a sham, especially if people don't vote for Ken - he's the best thing in politics. Unthinkable."

Steve Richards, writing in the Independent also on election day, displaying unabashed contempt for the Londoners about to go to the polls:
"The failure of voters to make connections is the only reason why Ken Livingstone might lose today...Today it is the voters, not the political leaders, who face a series of tests. I wonder how many of them will pass."

These are among the worst examples of lefty arrogance I have come across over the past few days - I don't doubt there will be many more as the dust settles over the coming days and weeks. What they demonstrate is a toxic attitude amazingly common among left-wingers.

That is, if the people don't vote the right way, there's something wrong with the voters, not the politicians or their loyal supporters. There's little to no introspection. It's as if they think that if only the media weren't so evil/Brown weren't so incompetent/commentators weren't so negative then everyone would fall in line, trot along to the polling station to vote Labour (for it'd have to be Labour, despite the fact they've shown themselves to be no less corporatist and authoritarian than the Tories), and everyone would be happy ever after. Well, I don't think it requires me or anyone else on this blog to tell you that's bullshit.


Anonymous said...

"There's little to no introspection. It's as if they think that if only the media weren't so evil/Brown weren't so incompetent/commentators weren't so negative then everyone would fall in line..."

Indeed. It's sheer narcissism. I think it must be a compulsory trait for columnists and 'journalists' at the Beeb and papers like the 'Guardian' and 'Independant'.

Longrider said...

I have been enjoying a wry smile at their discomfort today. Far from it being a bad day for democracy, it has been a good day. A relatively decent turnout for local elections and Labour thoroughly trounced. Far from sending a message to Labour that they should ditch brown - as Neil Harding would have it - they sent a large "Fuck Off" in neon capitals right across the capital.

Yes, all their bigotry, arrogance and sheer nastiness has been on display for all to see - and the proles went and did the wrong thing; they voted for the Tories. Naughty little proles.

Anonymous said...

Neil was already in the Elusive Pimpernel Big Book of Wankers but I've added the others. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love going on CIF and bigging up Boris it really pisses em off.

Anonymous said...

Harding, Westwood, Richards - arrogant statists on the way out.

When a politician (or his hanger on) begins to hate his own constituents he is finished (at least in a democracy).

Anonymous said...

Well I think they`re right and it`s only because of this stupid democracy thing that we dont bring tanks onto the streets and shoot the ungrateful little s***.
Instead of taking your voter card to to polling station it should be a cutout coupon from the Guardian or New Statsemam that allows you to vote.

Anonymous said...

NOT the Devil's Kitchen? Damd good impersonation, down to the last flying fuck.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I'm really not the Devil's Kitchen in disguise. My more usual place of blogging is here.

Anonymous said...

Well said; I'm sick of being treated like an illiterate prole who needs to be 'guided' by our lords and masters.

Traction Man said...

Paddy Ashdown on Question Time this week said: "the public ain't always right". he went on to say how the majority of the UK population may be in favour of hanging but that the politicians must never allow capital punishment to be reintroduced. How arrogant is that?

Quiet_Man said...

The arrogance of these people is incredible, it seems as if all they want are some dutiful easily controlled masses to legislate and control. Woe betide anyone who disagrees with their authoritarian bent, they must be "fascists" and hence simply not able to appreciate the wonderful world of leftyness. Indeed I imagine that many on the left will now seek the means of preventing such aberrantly undemocratic behaviour from ever being allowed into the hands of the general public ever again, after all they've proved they cannot be trusted with the vote.

Bill Haydon said...

What was that I once heard about the people having forfeited the confidence of the government and needing to redouble its efforts to win it back? And there was me thinking it was some kind of satire, whereas all it was was a slightly more subtle type of the Guardian/Independent mindset.

Hey ho.

Anonymous said...

"Would it not be easier
for the Commentariat
To dissolve the people
And elect another?"

What with them being thick hicks 'n all.

Anonymous said...

We were sure too thick to vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"how this country yearns for a free press and a press that tells the truth as a rule rather than as an exception"

Well, then, don't read the Guardian. Cunt.

Anonymous said...

Common in my experience. Middle class lefties are supposed to support the working man against the greed of the rest of us, but discuss issues like immigration or feminism with them and their contempt for the majority views of the working classes soon emerges.

Anonymous said...

Us poor thick proles are obviously here only to provide funds for the 'economic wonder machine' that is labour. Well in keeping with our designated status I would suggest we totally ignore all their legislation,and all their 'fucking political correctness' whenever and where ever possible. Bin the BBC and ban all lefty bastard journos from every pub in Britain !

Dr Evil said...

Will the bastards listen now? I doubt it. Matthew Paris said during the kicking on Thursday night as he results came in that Milliband said they would have to tell the electorate how evil the Tories are and would be in government, how they would rduce government (i.e. stop snooping and leave us free of interference) and cut taxes, that is reduce public spending. Oh joy. These actually are positive messages. But look, he isn't listening, he's reacting against the Tories not proposing something positive for the voters.

Return the 10p tax band, scrap these awful nasty car tax rises, give us a referendum and butt out of our lives, reduce fuel duty a bit, stop fining people for the most trivial of reasons, get councils to be efficient and allow a reduction in council tax and reinstate weekly bin collections. If they do that, they are listening. If not, they will die at the next general election.

I hope McBroon stays as leader. He is the bloody albatross around Nu Labour's neck I wish to see remain.

Not a sheep said...

The BBC are continually telling us that Boris is an "oaf", an "old Etonian" and a "toff". Of course we were much better off having as Mayor a man who was friends with people who believe in hanging homosexuals, stoning adulterers and having no democracy.

Katy Newton said...

It's bizarre. Here's the left, traditionally the party of the people. They get a massive mandate in 1997, they abuse it to within an inch of its life, they cap eleven years of overweening arrogance by putting up income tax for the very poorest tax payers - the very people they claim they protect and right-wingers in government abuse - in the month before local and mayoral elections, and then they're bewildered when the people use those elections to withdraw their mandate.

It's amazing. All that whingeing about class privilege and yet they expect that the mere fact that they label themselves "left wing" should entitle them to continue in power regardless of whether the people they're supposed to serve approve of what they're doing or not.

It's brilliant to watch.

Anonymous said...


Katy Newton said...

I particularly enjoyed this post, written by someone who begis by complaining that

"an alliance of gameshow fans, 4x4 drivers, suburban curtain twitchers, BNP second-preferences, Labourphobes and the thoroughly fed up, mostly from places that don't even count as London, have foisted a Thatcherite mayor on our generally left leaning city"

and then goes on to admit in the comments that he... er... didn't actually give Ken his first preference either!

Bill Haydon said...


A new psychological problem! Oh how wonderful! Will we see this diagnosed in the doctors' surgeries around Finchley and Cheltenham, will we see it taught in primary schools as one of the most appalling bigotries which your parents might have and in which case you need to be polite but firm with them; will we see it turn up in GCSE history and geography papers ("Labourphobes caused the election disaster of 2008. Discuss"); will we, more likely, see a new law designed to protect those of a Labour-inclination from unnecessary abuse?

Unfortunately, yes, I suspect so. Wait for the legislation outlawing offensiveness towards "those who work tirelessly for social justice" or some such.

Anonymous said...

Not a sheep said...
"The BBC are continually telling us that Boris is an "oaf", an "old Etonian" and a "toff". "

Do you deny any of that?

Miri Sloboda said...

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes to everything above. I'm currently taking much required deep breaths of grateful relief that the whole country hasn't gone completely fucking mad.

In a way, I am pleased about the outpouring of seething arrogant bile that has come my way in the last couple of days (I've been blamed for the BNP getting a seat, compared - unfavourably - to Hitler etc) because it has clarified that political landscape for me with exceptional clarity. Things I always suspected, but was encouraged (and often bullied) out of believing about lefties have now been made abundantly, ineffably clear.

That Steve Richards piece is particularly stunning. Anybody who didn't vote for Ken was a "spineless imbecile" leading a "disassociated, atomised life".

The attitude of the 'liberal' press and my liberal friends regarding the Mayoral elections has been in places repugnant. More so even than Boris' haircut. I don't really have anything to add to what's been said here (apart from by own blog rantings, natch) but bravo everyone and I'm enormously encouraged to see so much evidence of these sane, adult attitudes.

And I couldn't be happier to welcome in the democratically elected (by some considerable margin) new Mayor of London, Mr. Boris Johnson, even if he does have a *really* bad haircut.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so surprised that the left whines about the death of democracy whenever anybody has the temerity to vote for someone else?

The whole leftie mindset has always been "we are perfect, so anyone who dissents from this is either mad or dangerous."

Our self-stroking party of the peope is only a few shades lighter than the commies in Russia who routinely put their opponents in mental homes. Here the party faithful, aided by a compliant MSM, condemn and ridicule anyone who thinks other than tax, control and ignore.

I used to be faintly surprised that socialism has never actually, once in power, resorted to suspending the vote and declaring themselves the best of all possible worlds. But maybe after this deserved kicking, panic will set in down in red square and they will make serious moves to prevent the removal of useless fools like the Darling-Broons.

Perhaps the impending threat of terrorism and rising sea levels will allow them to finally go the whole hog and end free votes.

Your next ballot papers will already be completed, for your convenince, with an X next to the labour choice.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm not surprised at all @windy blow. Just think it needs to be pointed out when it gets as egregious as it has done over the past few days.

Anonymous said...

Leftoids = moral vanity + exhibitionism - selfawareness.

This is a perfect example.

Anonymous said...

The people we're talking about form a distinct social class that has been called the Bourgeois Bohemians, or Bobos for short. The Bobos affect to be radical outsiders while eagerly embracing a lifestyle of wealth and privilege. They don't just want to have their cake and eat it. They want to have a bigger cake than everyone else while castigating the greed of the rich. But the only way they can reconcile the difference between their claimed beliefs and the way they actually live is to tell themselves that they deserve special treatment because they are morally and/or intellectually superior to the common herd. When they moralise about consumerism and the need to go green before jetting off to their villas in Italy they are not just being hypocritical. They are using an ostentatious display of moral superiority as a claim to social privilege, and also as a way of reassuring themselves that they are good people who deserve all their wealth.

Bobos naturally tend towards statist and paternalist politics because they take it for granted that the dumb masses need to be guided by enlightened people like themselves. They also gravitate toward the public sector and the arts, because it is an affront to their sense of superiority to have to do some ordinary job as if they were just like everyone else. They expect to be given money to express themselves, or to tell other people how to live. They also despise the private sector, for three reasons. Firstly, because capitalism and free markets aren't part of what they claim to believe in. Secondly, because they hate to see people that they consider to be their inferiors making more money than them, and often doing so from activities that Bobos consider to be unimportant. Thirdly, because successful business people enjoy the same lifestyle as the Bobos but without the guilt and self-doubt.

But the wealthier Bobos become, the greater the sense of superiority they need to cultivate in order to justify their position to themselves. Bobos face a constant struggle to avoid the contradiction between what they think they should be and what they actually are. They are very sensitive to distinctions of social status because they have such a strong need for other people to recognise their superiority, so they tend to be very deferential towards individuals they recognise as higher-status and to expect the same deference from those they consider their inferiors. Eventually their attitudes become almost indistinguishable from that of an aristocracy. The one big difference is that the culture of the old English aristocracy included a strong element of duty. They carried out the responsibilities of squires, magistrates and commissioned officers because they felt obliged to do so, while Bobos just feel entitled to do whatever they like.

Katy, it really is all about class privilege. It's about the class privilege of the Bobos.

Anonymous said...


No, I know you personally are not really surprised by the lefties, and thanks for your excellent article

andrew zalotocky

Agree with much of your thoughts, but there is a key element in Boboism: they all strive, despite all their hot-air and rhetoric about fairness and equality, to keep the "masses" as workers.

This ensures they can indulge themselves in intellectual flights of fancy while others do the toiling – the nasty, grubby but essential work that keeps society ticking – so they do not have to.

By endlessly encouraging the idea of "the workers" and championing their "rights" from a distance they make all the right noises but avoid getting their hands dirty, and so can plan to ensure the workers stay on the lowest rungs and never rise to their own exalted levels.

Capitalism is nasty to socialists because under a system that allows real opportunity, anyone with talent or ambition or a desire to get on will not only upset the stauus quo but also rise above the chattering socialists.

Anonymous said...

I always knew that Steve Richards was a cunt. The first time I saw his face in the paper, I said to myself: "that bloke's a cunt". I was right.

The Remittance Man said...


You forgot to mention that Bobos also love to lecture everyone else about how bad cake eating is for them.

In their wettest of wet dreams they are even given the power to forcibly stop other people eating cake "because it's bad for you".

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you! My sort of blog. God, they are all such tiresome little pricks, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Ian, so the public were right to elect Labour in 2005?

I don't remember anybody on this blog, least of all DK, ever arguing that.

Your argument is full of holes.

Of course the public can be wrong, and £1 trillion of advertising shows us the power of the media, so don't pretend the Evening Standard's lies on 500 billboards around London (day after day for 6 months calling Ken a crook and Boris a saint) didn't alter the election result.

Mark Wadsworth said...

As somebody who dislikes Ken and Boris in equal measures and lives in London (and does not read the ES) let me say right here and now that Ken has spent an absolute fortune of taxpayers' money on self-publicity over the last 8 years, and got a very favourable ride from the MSM right up to the death.

Boris got a positive write up up from the ES, which has a circulation of but pretty much fuck all else. I don't remember seeing any posters or leaflets.

Seeing as he beat Red Ken by
140,000 votes maybe this will go down in history as Labour's 'Dolchstosslegende'. If the MSM are so powerful, how come they didn't stop Red Ken winning in 2000 and 2004?

Ah, so many questions, so many stupid answers.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Link fucked up, sorry. Should read "ES has a circulation of 290,000".

Anonymous said...

When power transfers peacefully from a politician to his opponent following an election result, how can that be anything other than a good day for democracy?

It is perfectly plausible to believe people have made the wrong choice without thinking that a 'sad day' for democracy.

The ginger one seems to enjoy mixing up the two ideas.

Longrider said...

Ian, so the public were right to elect Labour in 2005?

This week's results tend to infer that the public has had second thoughts on that one...

Math Campbell-Sturgess said...

What a shock coming from Labour.

That party care naught for democracy, the voters nor even anything but their own miserable jobs, expenses accounts and ministerial status.

This party here in Scotland wants to control the independence debate by getting a raft of unusable powers for the Scottish Parliament and in return give back any "inconvenient" ones to London, like the right to decide on Nuclear power stations (which London would quite like to situate a load of in Scotland despite the fact Scotland is a net energy producer). Oh, and they want to do it without asking the People. And definitely not even considering independence which almost a half of the population now appear to support (rising daily, no wonders why).
They won't ask the People in case the People come up with the wrong answer, so they'll spin and they'll spin till they look good and get what they want anyway.
Apparently Bendy Wendy (the Scots Labour puppet) now "supports" a referendum (despite being dead against it not 2 weeks ago). Could this be a damage-limitation exercise on behalf of Brown and Co. to try and shore up the Labour heartlands that Scotland used to be so they have a chance in the next election?

If so, it's too late. Scotland is no longer a Labour territory, and i firmly hope our English (and Welsh) cousins down south shortly join us.
Wouldn't vote Tory though; look a bit dodgy to me. Don't have the SNP to vote for either. And the British Nazi Party aren't a good choice either...
There's always the Lib Dems!

Anonymous said...

I used to be faintly surprised that socialism has never actually, once in power, resorted to suspending the vote and declaring themselves the best of all possible worlds.

What do you think the EU is for?

Old Holborn said...

Since June 2000, Ken Livingstone has been an outstanding mayor of London. He has stood out in support of a multicultural society and has supported the Muslim communities of the city against racism and Islamophobia as well as all other minorities against all types of prejudice.

His stands and policies have constantly championed justice in the Middle East and around the world, freedom for the Palestinians and withdrawal of occupying troops from Iraq; a rare trait of modern-day public figures.

He has enhanced London's standing in the world and helped improve the lives of all of the city's communities.

For those and many more traits continuously and consistently demonstrated by the Ken Livingstone, we the undersigned believe that it is in the best interest of the Muslim communities of London, and indeed all Londoners, to back Mr Livingstone in this year's mayoral elections.

We pledge to continue our support for the mayor on all levels possible in order to secure his staying in office for a third term.


Abdi Ismail, East African Society
Ali Alhadithi, Federation of Student Islamic Societies
Ahmed Amir, European Academy for Islamic Studies
Abdurahman Abu Daya, Al Hiwar TV
Abdallah Faliq, Islamic Forum Europe
Abdulmonem Haresha, Muslim Welfare House
Abdul Shaheed, North London Central Mosque
Ahmed Malik, Editor, Muslim Weekly
Ali Khan, Muslim Green Pages
Anas Altikriti, The Cordoba Foundation
Atif Choudry, Zaytoun Trading
Azad Ali, Muslim Community Radio
Belgacem Kahlalech, Algerian League in Britain President
Dilwar Hussain, London Muslim Centre
Dr Abdul Fattah Sa'ad, Al Muntada Al Islami
Dr Abdul Kareem Khaleel, Muslim heritage Centre
Dr Azzam Tamimi, Institute of Islamic Political Thought
Dr Daud Abdullah, An Noor Masjid Acton
Dr Kamal Helbawi, Centre for the Study of Terrorism
Dr Hafiz Al Karmi, Mayfair Mosque
Dr Hashim Charif, Amal Trust
Dr Ismail Jalisi, Muslim Association of Britain London
Dr Jameel Sharif,
Dr Noureddine Miladi, Centre for Arab & Muslim Media Research
Fareed Sabri, Iraqi Communities in London
Fida Alaeddin, IslamExpo
Hashir Farooqi, IMPACT International
Hassan Muinudeen, Dawatul Islam
Imran Hamid, Muslim Health Network
Inayat Bunglawala, Islamic Society of Britain
Ismail Patel, Friends of Al Aqsa
Luqman Ali, Khayaal Theatre Company
M Iqbal Asaria, Afkar Consulting
Majid Azeer, Palestine Return Centre
Mohammad Ali, Islam Channel
Mohamed Basha, Arabic Cultural Community
Mohammad Habib ur Rahman, President Islamic Forum Europe
Mohamad Mounir Rai, Hounslow Jamia & Islamic Centre
Mohammad Kozbar, Lebanese League London
Mohammad Sawlaha, British Muslim Initiative
Mohamed Mumtaz, Crescent Relief
Munier Hagus, The Eritrean Muslim Community Association
Mustafa al Mansur, MOSAIC Foundation
Mohammad Zabadne
Mufti Barkatulla, Islamic Computing Centre in North London
Naja Mohammad, Sri Lank Islamic Forum- UK
Professor Tariq Ramadan, Oxford University / Lokahi Foundation
Ruhul Trafader, 1990 Trust
Riaz Wali, UK Islamic Mission
Riaz Ramzan, the Muslim Directory
Ruqqaya Collector, NUS Black Student
Salma Yaqoob, Vice Chair Respect
Salim Bhorat, Just Peace
Sheikh Haitham Al Haddad, Al Muntada Al Islami
Sheikh Islamil Gangat, Leyton Mosque
Sheikh Sulaiman Ghani, Tooting Mosque
Sir Iqbal Sacranie
Soumaya Ghannoushi, Academic and freelance writer
Tanzeem Wasiti, Muslim Solidarity Committee
Tariq Dhaal, Pakistani Community Centre Brent
Unaiza Malik
Yasmin Qureshi, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
Zahir Birawi, Palestinian Forum in Britain

Mark Wadsworth said...

OHB&T - fantastic list. Does anybody have the time and energy to track down how much money all these quangos get from Red Ken assorted gummint departments and tot it all up? Must run to a £100 million at least.

Anonymous said...

Enough to buy plenty of semtex I would wager. The 'left' never fail to amaze me in cosying up to a group of people who advocate death for homosexuals, ok wife and women beating,demand special rights for the one 'true religion' plus for good measure killing animals without humane stunning prior to cutting their throats.

Oh, I forgot they hate America and all that western civilization has created so that is OK then.

Anonymous said...

Ah the Labour whiners. Always nice to once again see that nothing can ever be Labour's fault and that the reason that Boris is now mayor has nothing to do with the fact that Ken wasn't achieving and people are sick of Labour's crap, nope, it's because democracy is flawed and the people are stupid. Why, for fuck's sake, can they not for once just stand up and say "ok, we've made a cock up and we're going to try and change" instead of bleating on about how the electorate are wrong? Wankers. And Vivienne Westwood? Have you seen her? Can a women who dresses like that possibly be of sound enough mind to make political commentary. Judging by her shitty offering I would say not.

James Higham said...

Ian QT - what have you done with DK?

FlipC said...

It's a sad day for democracy when people chose the candidate they want in charge and not the candidate we think they should want in charge.

Oddly enough I've just popped back from an parallel universe where Ken won and all these people were quoted as saying what a good day for democracy it was :-)

Old Holborn said...

Well, let's just pick ONE random name from my list of Mecca grovelling tax creeps.

Yasmin Qureshi was born in Gujrat and moved to Britain in 1972 when she was nine. She was recently appointed the London Mayor's Human Rights advisor. She was also Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Brent East, facing an incumbent Lib Dem MP in the 2005 General Election. In August 2007 she was selected by Labour for Bolton South East, inheriting a comfortable majority of over 10,000 votes from retiring MP Brian Iddon.
Yasmin Qureshi qualified as a barrister in 1985. She has worked in the Government Legal Services and the Crown Prosecution Service. She was the Head of the Criminal Legal Section of the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and later the Director of the Department of Judicial Administration in Kosovo. She is a past President of the Pakistan Club (UK). She is the former Chair of the Human Rights and Civil Liberties Working Group of the Association of Muslim Lawyers.

What fun. No wonder she is DEMANDING that the citizens of London elect Ken again. Her job depends on it!

Conflict of interest anyone? Resignations anyone?

I also thought charities were not allowed to support political parties, certainly not in open letters to the meedja.

I'll bet the shredders haven't stopped all weekend

Anonymous said...

Oh this is fucking priceless!!!! All those Islamists on a plate. I think you'll find that if any of those bodies is a charity (and some of them are) then an email or letter with a copy of this letter will be pretty straightforward demonstartion of a breach of the Charities Act 2006.

The guidance is unequivocal:
Example: A chief executive of a charity, in that capacity, signs a letter to a newspaper advocating support for a political candidate. This would clearly be party political activity and, as such, is not permitted activity for charities.

Go on then, what are you waiting for?

Charity Commission Direct
PO Box 1227
L69 3UG

In the words of Withnail: "The fuckers will rue the day...."

Anonymous said...

@dr cromarty: Nice work, but I think it needs pointing out that the Charities Act 2006 and the Charity Commission guidance aren't the same thing.

The 2006 Act doesn't say anything about involvement in politics (maybe previous legislation does, I haven't checked).

The actions of those signatories who are representatives of charities (e.g. Mohamed Mumtaz of Crescent Relief) do however appear to go against the Charity Commission guidance you link to.

Dr Evil said...

One of Boris' first jobs should be to turn the money tap OFF that is feedling those raghead outfits mentioned in Old Holborn's post.

So many. And all totally unnecessary.

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