Thursday, May 29, 2008

Their Contempt For You Is Total

Author's Note: The author of this post is not The Devil's Kitchen

laws aimed at protecting the consumer from 31 types of scams and 'unfair practices' came into force this week; but no such protection of the taxpayer from the thieving cunts they get to choose between every four years or so looks to be forthcoming.

In fact, there exist among their number members who are so fucking brazen that, following the outcry over the scandalous abuse of expense claims (which, thanks to the tenacity of campaigners like Heather Brooke, were made public in full last week), they are calling for a £23,000 tax-free pay rise to save them having to make expense claims which would then be publicised.

Mr Eugenides' response to the announcement sums my feelings on this up exquisitely:
But I think they do realise. I think they know full well that the cork that keeps our anger in is held in place by the rustiest of wires; that the public see their taxes and cost of living rising, inexorably, like a tide of sewage, threatening to overwhelm them at any moment, while at the very same time our political class is demanding a tax-free, audit-free bung to keep their property portfolios ticking over, and people make the fucking connection, because they - we - are not stupid, and can see that we are being taken for a ride by people whose interest in themselves far outweighs their concern for us. They see this, but they go ahead and ask for the money anyway, because they don't give a flying fuck about you, your anger or your problems, and they don't even care if you know it, because their contempt for you is total.

Their contempt for you, us, "the electorate" is indeed total. Whether it is awarding themselves a pay rise that equates to just under the median yearly salary* of a full-time employee, or selling our sovereignty down the river against our will, or treating us like complete idiots who can't make our own decisions without Government prying on us and/or coercing us to change our behaviour all the fucking time, contempt oozes from about everything they do.

The fact that MPs voted to give themselves more money and to protect themselves from public examination of what they spent all those thousands of pounds of taxpayer's money that they manage to fucking spend above their £60,000+ wage on is no surprise. That the cunts have no fucking shame whatsoever in this regard is hardly headline news, though it is ample justification for the righteous rage the Greek one expresses.

What astounds me, what has me in absolute disbelief that anyone could be taken in so utterly, is that there are people in this crazy community we call the blogosphere that actually think that MPs deserve to be paid more. OK, the 56% on PoliticsHome voting that MPs are paid too little may be a little bit of a red herring - as Guido points out, the poll was of 'political insiders'.

Paulie: What fucking planet are you on? "Do MPs make the right decisions?" Well, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they make quite extraordinarily stupid decisions - taking us into the Iraq war, for example. More recently, the spectacular stupidity of Nadine Dorries MP has been on display for all to marvel at. You think paying MPs more would lead to fewer Nadine Dorries in the House of Commons? Give me a fucking break.

What do MPs do for their employers (the electorate, in case you've forgotten)? Not represent them, that's for sure. The Lisbon Treaty debacle puts paid to that particular myth. 88% of people in favour of a referendum, a referendum that even pro-EU commentators admitted would be lost by the Government. So what do they do? Give 88% a great big middle finger. We don't give a shit what you think, we're going to go and sign it anyway. Because we're your elected betters. Fuck off.

Their contempt for you is total. Never forget that.

* £457 * 52 = £23,764


Mark Wadsworth said...

Nice link to that Guardian article. He heads up his list "Five good reasons not to have a referendum and one bad one" but then he lists six bad reasons. Strange.

I like this bit:
[If we don't sign up, then] Europe will waste several more years in navel-gazing, while Russia and China walk all over us and the planet boils over

Er, have Russia and China walked over us? Not yet. Has the planet boiled over? Hmmm. Let me just go an check my outside thermometer ....

Anonymous said...

They give me rage, they really do. The fuckers run the country into the ground then want a massive pay rise for doing so. And as for not having transparent expenses, well they need to wake up and join the real world. Would my employer accept a 20 odd grand expenses bill from me without wanting to know what I spent it on? would he fuck, he'd fire my and rightly so. Perhaps their renumeration should become performance related - that way we'd only have to pay them the minimum wage and the country would save a fortune. As for this second homes shite, why can't each constituency buy a house in London and kit it out appropriately. When the MP gets booted out, the house is passed over to the next incumbent. This would save a fortune as well and would prevent the bastards from flogging the house each time and pocketing the equity that the taxpayer has funded. Or we could just burn the whole fucking lot of them at the stake and put some monkeys in charge. Not that many people would notice the difference.

RfS said...

Part of the problem is that they are treated as self-employed and this gives them a sense of self worth far above their station.

It is time to change how they carry out their duties to ram home the fact they are little more than a wage slave. And our wage slave at that.

Anonymous said...

A modest proposal

-Salary around £50k

- Pension 66% final salary index linked subject to 15% contribution.

- A free pass for all public transport and an requirement that it is used whenever possible.

- Purchase / build a tower block in London providing each MP with a bedroom, kitchen / diner and living room and let them live there rent free whilst they are in a job.

-Absolutely no payment whatsoever for any other dwelling or personal expenses.

-Absolute requirement to have a home within your constituency and a residence for at least 3 years requirement. (Might as well balance out the parachuting in of apparatchiks whilst we have the chance)

- Office / Admin expenses as per current system but we need to know who you have employed and what they are doing for us.

- All of the above written down and signed off clause by clause, line by line, page by page by every fucker that wants the job. No more of this "It's all too complicated, I didn't understand the guidance" rubbish.

- Attempt or actual deception dealt with as a suspected criminal offence first time every time. No referral to softy Parliamentary Commissioners, no sirree Bob, just call the cops.

Don't like it? Don't stand for election.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The idea with having a block of flats for MPs has been mooted several times, and there are countries that have this.

Seems perfectly fair to me. And it will make it easier for MPs and their 'researchers' to shag each other out of the public eye.

Anonymous said...

"The idea with having a block of flats for MPs has been mooted several times, and there are countries that have this."

In view of recent whinges from the cossetted, it'd be so much more secure, too.

Anonymous said...

"awarding themselves a pay rise that equates to just under the median yearly salary* of a full-time employee"

Even worse than that, I think. This £23,000 will not be taxed, so effectively it is a pay rise of about £38,000 (tax payable at 40%, unless those corrupt bastards have introduced a law permitting them to pay a lower rate).

Anonymous said...

My contempt for the political class is total. I gave up on all the main parties ages ago.

I love the idea of a Libertarian party, but fear its appeal will be very limited to say the least.

I loathe the EU and far right knee jerk white power parties like the BNP. That leaves UKIP and that is the party I go with.

I hear the wasted vote agruement all the time, but to me a vote for any of the big three pro EU fuckers is the real waste.

Anonymous said...

Frank Field MP stated on a TV programme that it had been decided (following Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech) by the two main parties that the issue of mass immigration should not be discussed further "in front of the children" by which, he helpfully explained, they meant the electorate.

That was when I really understood the contempt in which they hold us. I loathe and despise this current bunch more than I would ever have dreamt possible. I'm now beginning to wonder when the anger and stress felt by many people will finally erupt. people

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I intend to punch the next politician I meet.

We really do need to hang some.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick!.. the media wont admit that the Chines eare too namby pamby... Simple answer: get out of the eu and get our country bak!!... Time to ge nu-liarb-ore OUT!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

t's not politically correct to say so but illegals are destroying our heritage .Mark my words chop their hand's off, see how they like it. Next stop HELL ON EARTH!

Anonymous said...

Hear me out! it's obivous that Gordon Brown is opening our bodrers because our country is full already. It is vital that we bring back Hitler. What ever happened to putting UK frist?!?!

Anonymous said...

Its simple... when will people realise that New Labour is interfering in our lives again... when will this government run them out of the country... This is why Im emigrating soon!??


Anonymous said...

global warming climate change, no such thing, its just another TAX. Open your eyes people soft-touch Britain is telling us what to do. All true brits should promote marriage. whats it going to be - only you can choose!?

Uncleofchurchill - staffs

Anonymous said...

FYI IMO Labour is run by communists because of nu-liar-bore incompetence, Wake up people! elect Jeremy Clarkson as prime minister, Simple as!!!!!

Fighting for My Rights Manchester

Anonymous said...

I know you will delete this becaude you ate a communist!

But the nu labour ar all nazis who teah us kids to swim by pedoses and that!


Devil's Kitchen said...

Oh look! It's people having fun with that BBC HYS automated answer generator...


Anonymous said...

It's simple, I've told you all before:

1) yes, block of flats for all non-London MPs. A good tube ride out from Westminster, so that they realise what the rest of us have to put up with.

2) MPs paid the average of their earnings in the 5 years before they wntered Parliament. That way the successful can stand for election without losing out, and it's not a gravy train for the useless.

3) Standard class train fare back to constituency once a week.

4) The House of Commons can employ a few secretaries to do their typing and answer the 'phone ("sorry, he's in a meeting; he'll be sober by next Thursday").

5) Nothing else. No pension, no allowances, nothing. The salary t oinclude the value of any pension schemes they belonged to before being elected, but they can buy their own. Live like the rest of us do, you arrogant tossers.

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