Friday, May 02, 2008

Strike me down with a feather...

In the wake of the various teachers going on strike for more pay, Burning Our Money has been diving into the figures.
Meanwhile, the ludicrous Jim Knight, Schools Minister, has released a Good News Bulletin. He says:
“Teaching is now one of the most sought after professions thanks to increases in the average teacher’s salary by 19% in real terms to an average of over £34,000; cuts bureaucracy and tougher disciplinary powers for staff.


First, let's note that last year the government spent [PDF] £41.5bn on schools in England. That's up from around £23bn in 1997-98, an increase of about 80%. Which is one whole shedload of money.

The bottom line? Just as they've dumbed down our exam system, Labour has also seriously dumbed down our school staff rooms.

In fact, the proportion of school staff who are full-time qualified teachers has plummeted from 69% in 1997 to a mere 49% now: a 20% drop which means that fewer than half the people now employed in schools to educate our kids are full-time qualified teachers...

Salaries up by 19% to an average of £34,000: that doesn't sound too shabby to me. I can quite see why one of their unions might be on strike, can't you? Anyway, do go and read the whole thing: it's depressing reading.

And naturally, our teachers were entirely deserving of this largesse; they've got... ooh... at least 19% better, eh? Er, apparently not. [Emphasis mine.]
A school is paying sixth-formers as young as 16 to teach lessons instead of hiring qualified supply staff. It has put a team of 24 A-level students on standby to fill in when regular teachers are away, paying them £5 for each 50-minute lesson they take. The headmistress says they do a better job than qualified adult teachers hired from supply agencies.

Fucking hellski.


QT said...

re. the sixth form students: What a great idea.

How long until some tosspot bureaucrat comes along and declares it illegal for one inane reason for another?

Anonymous said...

Devil, I can easily believe that 6th-formers might do better!

(1) They have not been to gramsci-marxist training colleges (yet)

(2) They have just learned the stuff themselves, earlier,

(3) they are full of "attitude", and will not stand for scum at the back texting and larking about in front of them.

I support the 6th form buggers - I even teach a number of them myself, so I know them!

haddock said...

So teaching is that easy ?....

perhaps you would be just as happy if the sixth formers also staffed your doctors surgery, pharmacy, solicitors offices etc... would save a fortune.

I imagine there ARE legal concerns here, should each A-level student have clearance under the checks required by law for teachers ?
Your general classroom teacher does not get a sniff at £34,000 unless he is prepared to brown-nose.
If your argument stands for some lessons, why not pull all teachers out of the schools and save even more money.
There are good hard working teachers earning every penny.... there are also some useless cunts worth nothing.... just the same as in any other employment.

So that's a libertarian 'fucking tough titty' to anyone earning a living as a supply teacher then.

James Higham said...

I think your concluding two words sum it up.

Anonymous said...

Haddock said..."So teaching is that easy ?.."

So, only people with a teaching degree can teach?...

Anonymous said...

Govt figures refer to fte i.e. full time equivalent.

Part timers only count until they add up to a full time teacher.

I have read BoM's posts. He got his figures wrong.

On this occasion, DK, you're missing out a load of shit between your first para intro and your last para conclusion.

haddock said...

"So, only people with a teaching degree can teach?..."
I did not say that.... I implied that 16 to 18yo fuckwits from the sixth form can't.....
But that is only under modern rules. In the 1800s pupil teachers were used to good effect but.. ( and ain't there always a but ) there was then a very strict discipline regime which allowed teaching to take place.
The sixth formers are being used ,not as teachers, but as childminders.
When I see 16yo kids employed in other professions without training (or even a full education) I will revise my thinking.
On this I do think I know what I'm talking about.... for more info go to my blog and go back to some of my early posts on education.

Anonymous said...

Haddock said... "Budgie, .. "So, only people with a teaching degree can teach?..."
I did not say that...."

No, you didn't. But neither did you state any obvious caveats.

I was talking about more than 16 year olds teaching younger children, though this happens all the time in an unstructured way.

Most parents teach their children a whole raft of skills: eating, social, play, walking, speaking, singing, reading, counting, times tables, timekeeping, work ethic, etc. Teachers are the first to complain if this is not done by parents.

My impression of teachers is that they are both bossy and amazingly full of their own self importance. Their arrogance is such that they appear to think the only teaching that does and should go on is by themselves.

I suspect this attitude derives mostly from their being part of a bureaucratic state monopoly. Which is why I support the elimination of state schooling.

Anonymous said...

As the present crop of politicians appear to have not progressed beyond the sixth form it's quite appropriate

And if I see another sign saying "If you can read this thank a teacher"
I will thank them warmly by the throat

bloody educationalists

monkey said...

16 yr old teaching for £5 an hour now that is child labour.
This is a joke, budgie you must have had some serious bad experiences while at school. when i was at school i know what would have happened if and 16yr old tried to take the lesson and thats fuck all.
Im sorry but todays generation of parents can not teach their children what they get from school, its a totally different experience and learning environment.
Haddock i agree with all you say and well argued, id like to read you blog drop me your link please.

Budgie if you show no faith or respect in the teachers then how are you children going too.
Or are they going to learn everything from the shit you read on the internet, i can see its worked well for you.

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