Sunday, May 11, 2008

Not very Wise...

The News of the World has an exposé of MEPs' scams in general and those of Tom Wise in particular.
THE News of the World can name and expose the British politicians milking a fortune from our taxes. For years, we have all suspected the European Parliament is a money-pit. But no one could prove the grotesque extent of MEPs' excesses... until now.

In a two-month investigation deep within the Brussels and Strasbourg corridors of power our undercover team found British MEPs pocketing as much cash as they can lay hands on.

And the amounts run into many millions. Many pay their wives, children and lovers up to £60,000 a year from public funds. They fill their boots on expenses at top restaurants and rake off thousands by flying on budget tickets and trousering full fare from the taxpayer.

Our dossier of shame will shock all Europe. And it must at last force Gordon Brown and David Cameron to bring these greedy fatcats to heel.

Well, that will be a little difficult since all political parties here are, themselves, up to the eyeballs in corruption, but the sentiment is sound, for sure. And there are further revelations of the scams of various MEPs of Tory and other persuasions in this article.
OFFICIAL documents obtained by the News of the World reveal TWENTY British Euro MPs are milking taxpayers' cash to bankroll wives and family as highly-paid "assistants".

However, a certain reliable source sends me this little missive.
Tom Wise left the Ind Dem group yesterday, amongst the reasons for his leaving being:
"Lastly, is the summary dismissal, for no good reason, of two highly effective members of the research staff, one of whom was seconded to work for me. Not only was no attempt made to seek my views or involve me in the process; the individuals were told of this action by a cursory letter!

"In Britain this would be a gross breach of employment law and would represent the worst of employment practice. In political terms it is the sort of thing one would expect from an extremist organisation or people with totalitarian instincts.

"For these reasons I can no longer associate myself with those who blatantly violate the very principles on which I was elected and I therefore have resigned from the Ind/Dem Group. I of course remain a UKIP MEP, a member of UKIP and will continue to campaign and work for Britain to leave the EU."

These members of staff were employed by the Ind Dem group and instead of working to highlight what the EU were really doing they were trying to damage UKIP. They were nasty bullies who spent their time having coffee breaks, not working and trying to get Nigel [Farage] overthrown as leader of UKIP.

They also went through the e-mail accounts of MEPs and staff and sold stories to the national newspapers. So unlike being a totalitarian state, we would rather people do the jobs they were paid to do. They were fired for breach of trust which, in the circumstances, rings true.

As a quick aside, I was tangentially involved in gaining evidence for said assertions and can tell you that they are substantiated. Breach of trust aside, bringing your employer into disrepute is normally a straight sacking offence anyway.
Tom Wise still says he's a UKIP MEP but he's not. He's using taxpayers' money to pay for lawyers to threaten and bully UKIP senior figures who are, unlike him, trying to do the job they were elected to do. It costs Nigel Farage huge amounts of money to do his work but he does it for the cause.

And that, too, is true.

Timmy has a little more information.
Here for a right old bashing of Tom Wise (I’m told by those in the know that at least one of the reasons he left UKIP was so that he might continue to avail himself of some of these possibilities).

I also hear from those in the know that the NOTW team couldn’t find any UKIP MEPs abusing the system in the same way. I know very well, for example, that the airline ticket scam is not allowed for those in the party.

Not that all of this is all that new of course. The Social Affairs Unit published a guide to how to work the system just after the last elections.

There is of course only one thing left of interest: who helped the NOTW girl to get that job in Brussels in the first place?

Beats me for sure.

Oh, absolutely; I can't imagine...


Anonymous said...

Wise is a fat arsehole who will be de-selected next time. We are making sure that our next line-up will be up to the job.

Trixy said...

He can't be deselected from a party he no longer represents, which is a good thing in light of this work.

Anonymous said...

Wise may very well be all you say, but ...
Farage has a track record of stabbing people in the back who don't brown nose him enough.

Trixy said...

Does he? Don't think so, m'dear. He just wants people who work hard and don't break the law, really.

Anonymous said...

I see Anthony '(MI5)' Bitcher and the armchair cabal are foaming at the mouth in the BNP forum

Anonymous said...

Only way to deal with the EU is to get the fuck out of it. Before throwing up and chucking the wireless out of the kitchen window ths morning heard the EUBBC dribbling on about how the EU was now coming to the solutions to save Europe that was once decided by wars, etc etc.

The only thing the Beeb arsehole said that had the ring of truth is that whilst the Americans (could almost hear the spit foaming from his mouth as he had to utter that hated word) were going nuts over the election campaign (what silly colonials and their silly ideas about participating in the democratic process) no one here gives a monkey's fuck about the EU presidential appointment and the fact that we no longer govern our own country.

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