Thursday, May 08, 2008

Medical hypocrisy

I have a few questions about this story, in which MPs lay into professional idiot, Sir Liam Donaldson, over MTAS and MMC.
And Dr Hamish Meldrum, chairman of the British Medical Association, added: "This is a damning indictment of the government's failure to listen.

"We completely endorse the basic analysis that there was a massive systems failure and a complete lack of clear and effective leadership within the Department of Health."

Well, thank you for that, Dr Meldrum; however, is it not the case that you are now head of the BMA only because your predecessor had to resign?

And is it not true that the main reason for said resignation was because of the BMA's unquestioning support for the government's position?

And is it not also true that, so egregious was your support for government policy on MTAS and MMC, doctors set up a new organisation—Remedy UK—to represent their interests?

Further, is it not true that the BMA supported the government to such an extent that it even testified on behalf of the government against Remedy UK?

And, finally, do you think that—just maybe—all of this might fairly be described as "a damning indictment" of the BMA's "failure to listen" and, as such, that you should shut your fucking face, you fucking hypocrite?


Dr Evil said...

This is fundamentally true. But the Gov also allowed foreign interest pressure groups to misuse the awful human rights act to bully and bludgeon the interests of their non EU members at the expense of British doctors. Unforgivable that this act is applied to foreign non citizens at the expense of the British.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe the government when it says junior doctors now only work 56 hours a week. They work longer - they just don't book it because to do so gets them labelled as "incompetent" (for exceeding the hours they "need") by the wonderful NHS managers (aka bullies).

Anonymous said...

err.....a little inaccurate DK. The previous head of the BMA resigned because he personally went out on a limb to defend the much hated Chief Medical Officer (Fatty Donaldson) - he was toppled by his own organisation, who found his behaviour increasinly untenable (frankly many within the organisation had been unhappy with him for some time but that's another story).

The BMA was far from perfect over MMC/MTAS, for far too long leaving it solely in the hands of Junior doctors rather than having the full attention of the organisation. However even brief perusal of the Health Select Committee report reveals that the BMA's JDC were the first to raise concerns, back in June 2006 when Remedy were not even a twinkle in the two Matt's eyes. Had the Government and Royal Colleges headed the clear and precient call from the JDC we would never have got into the mess we did. Again in February '07, the BMA was the first to call for the failed MTAS process to be scrapped - and again was ignored.

So a little bit of factual accuracy wouldn't go amiss DK.

Devil's Kitchen said...

BMA Insider,

What you'll notice is that the post is written as a series of questions: do you see the significance of that?


The Shrink said...

Concise, precise and on the nail, as usual, Mr Devil.

Anonymous said...

Chalcedon, "foreign interest pressure groups"? I'm not sure whether you know what you're talking about.
Firstly, the above post is not about the immigrant doctor issue, but about the government's disastrous attempt to reorganize medical training and recruitment. These are separate issues, although HMG would love you to believe they are the same, because these are terms every dimwit Sun/Daily Star reader can understand.
Secondly, when you really want to talk about the immigrant doctor issue: these are people who signed up for a programme offered to them, and in the progress had to commit to living in the UK (this was on the application form). The NHS would crumble and collapse without them. Only fair to treat them reasonably, oh, and for that matter, lawfully. Mind you, they didn't go to a European court, but to the House of Lords, and won their case.

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