Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mad about the money

Dorries and a foetus, yesterday: one has an underdeveloped nervous system, cannot live independently, is unable to argue coherently, is somewhat slimy, is unfamiliar with the concept of shame and possesses an almost non-existant IQ, and the other is a foetus.

Continuing the delightfully fun kicking of Mad Nad Dorries—after all, it's so damn easy because she is, let's face it, as thick as pigshit—is Liberal Conspiracy: they are asking, who is funding Nadine's Campaign, eh?
A week ago Nadine Dorries launched the 20 weeks Campaign through the Daily Mail, which wrote up this glowing story and dedicated its editorial comment strip to supporting it. The 20 Weeks website has Nadine Dorries MP’s picture on every page and she has promoted it relentlessly through her blog. So we can reasonably assume it is her campaign.

Indeed,, and this is, of course, relevant from a funding point of view.
But who is behind this campaign? Is it just Ms Dorries? The website doesn’t say. On the Q&A page however it does have this question: Is this a religious campaign?. Answer: “No. There are people of all faiths and of no faith who support this campaign.”

But that’s about it. Shouldn’t we be told who is running a campaign fronted by a Conservative MP?

Yup. And can you guess who it might be? Well, yes, obviously it's religious nutjobs; but which ones, eh?
I say this because thanks to Unity we can provide the answer. A search on the domain name reveals that it was registered by David Clark. Email address:

That email address is a give-away because David Clark is in fact one of the founding members of Christian Concern for our Nation.

In other words, Nadine Dorries is fronting and representing campaign without declaring that is in fact being run by a religious group that: “exists to serve the Church by providing information to enable Christians to publicly stand up against a tide of unchristian legal and political changes in the United Kingdom.”

CCFON launched its own anti-abortion website recently called Alive and Kicking. AaK is linked to from the 20 weeks website in numerous places.

Let's not be too hard on Dorries though; not only is she so thick that the true extent of her stupidity is almost beyond comprehension, but she's pig-ignorant too. Although, come to think of it, that was an inappropriate phrase to use: they're very intelligent animals, pigs, and they are a fuck sight more useful than Dorries too.

Still, CCFON are not the only sky-fairy-driven loons involved in Nadine's campaign, oh no.
CCFON is close to the Conservative Christian Fellowship (CCF), which was co-founded by Tim Montgomerie of ConservativeHome and includes Caroline Spelman MP as one of its members. The website says that: “For many years the CCF has been hosted within Conservative Campaign Headquarters.” Sweet.

Well, isn't this cosy? Because I keep hearing rumours that Tim Montgomerie and Nadine Dorries are very, very good good friends. I couldn't possibly comment on whether or not they are actually fucking, because I don't know, but there's no smoke without fire. Although, to be fair, most of that smoke is probably coming from Nadine's burning underpants.

So, let us sum up Nadine Dorries, shall we?—financial obfuscation, shadowy undeclared backers, misappropriation of taxpayers' money, a quite embarrassing penchant for self-publicity, rumours of sexual shenanigans, misrepresentation of testimonials, total disregard for the rules that everyone else must obey, rampant hypocrisy, an inability to accept and digest established facts, a propensity simply to smear those with whom she disagrees, a near pathological inability to construct or sustain a cogent argument, a staggering combination of stupidity and ignorance and a quite fantastic inability to open her mouth or touch a keyboard without lying.

She's the perfect MP really, eh?


Anonymous said...

I am concerned. I am having unclean thoughts about Nadine and think she would look really fantastic with ribbons of cum dripping off her stupid born again chin. Does Timmy get to do that - I need to know!

I'm off for a Jodrell.

Anonymous said...

Quality post.

Anonymous said...

DK, every time I see one of your posts about the attacks by the abortion industry on Nadine Dorries I look on her site to find a haven of decency, common sense and truthfulness.

You may flap and screech, but abortionists have been rumbled - the pictures of the unborn child within the womb have seen to that. Clearly every unborn child is a unique living human being.

All of us adults have been teenagers, infants, babies and "fetuses". We were not unhuman in the womb. Our DNA was set. And so alive is the unborn child that its stemcells can be used to repair adults.

One of the methods used in the abortion industry is D & C where the baby is chopped up alive. A hapless nurse then has to put the body back together to ensure all the bits like hands, legs, head, etc have been scraped out of the mother. It is a £multi-million industry - why believe whatever they say?

Instead of ranting from ignorance go on the LIFE site ( where you will see, for example that LIFE Housing has 33 houses nationwide which offer accommodation for pregnant women or mothers of small children.

Anonymous said...

Lots of links, but you should put one to Ministry Of Truth. He's been doing a pretty fucking superb job lately (and at all times), it must be said.

Anonymous said...

Why is it if I myrdered the writer of the column I would recieve a murder conviction, but if I am a doctor and rip apart a 24 week childd from the womb that is a reason for celebration?
Abortion is the sick kick of the psychopath.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Here's a thought: how about you stupid fucking monkeys remember that my subject at Uni was Microbiology. And then, think that, instead of posting, you shut the fuck up?


Anonymous said...

Human in the womb? Some are barely human now.

Honestly, in a world so full people are soon going to be falling off the edge of it, still we hear bizarre notions such as a 'D&C' resulting in the reassembly of bits of a little human in order to justify another unwanted child forced into a life of misery.

Utter bollocks. Look it up. It. Does. Not. Happen.

Doctors do not stick blades up women's parts and play Freddy Kreuger with foetuses. Budgie, that is an absolute and utter lie.

Budgie. What are you going to do with these children you want to force women to have, women who aren't in a position to care for them. Can they all come and live with you or is there a limit to your wonderful insistence that all must live, whether it's worth it or not? Does charity continue after the blog message, I wonder? I doubt it.

Pictures of the unborn child within the womb mean less than the mice you empty from mousetraps or the flies you are happy to spray with insecticide. They are born. The foetus is not. They are already alive and living independently. So is lettuce. Would you balk at eating it? Did you know it's not dead when you bite its leaves? Food for thought there.

And so alive is the unborn child that its stemcells can be used to repair adults

An amazing misrepresentation of reality. Stem cells can be obtained from adults too. Stem cells are alive, yes. So are bacteria. Don't you disinfect anything? Do you grieve for each abject Clostridium, each desperate Salmonella, each screaming Escherichia clinging to life? They are only doing what your Creator made them for, after all. Yet you bleach them all to death while claiming your own creation as superior to theirs.

And then accuse science of arrogance.

Rail and rant at me if you wish. It will bounce off because you are worthless to me.

Abortion happens, nobody says it's a good thing but it is a necessary thing. We would all rather it didn't happen but forcing your religious viewpoint on us isn't going to change it. That will take changes at a social level and that's hard to do. Pompous declarations have never, and will never work in that respect.

Your description of D&C is just lies, so why should anyone believe anything else you say? Why should any of us follow a faith that encourages such made-up nonsense in order to get its way? Do you imagine we're all uneducated idiots who will believe anything we see in print? Come on. Leave that notion to politicians. They are wrong too.

As for anonymous, well, there's no point responding to someone who's afraid even to say who they are.

Anonymous said...

sod it, I'm going to anyway...

Why is it if I myrdered the writer of the column I would recieve a murder conviction,

Because you would have murdered someone. That is illegal. Abortion isn't.

but if I am a doctor and rip apart a 24 week childd from the womb that is a reason for celebration?

One. Doctors don't 'rip apart' foetuses. That is a lie.

Two. It is not a celebration. Not for the doctors, not for the mother, not for anyone at all, anywhere. It is a tragic event and only sick bastards like you see it as any kind of celebration. The mother is traumatised, so is the doctor. Nobody wants it, but sometimes it just has to be, for reasons zealots like you can't even begin to care about.

Abortion is the sick kick of the psychopath

No, the sick kick of the psychopath is to victimise and threaten an already traumatised woman, and to harass doctors for doing a part of their job they'd really rather not be doing.

Look up psychopath. It doesn't descibe a doctor. It describes you.

Anonymous said...

Fucking. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

She is also illiterate apparently

Old Holborn said...

Wonderful stuff. Keep up the good work DK.

I'm off to throw some more bleach down the bog and laugh like Vincent Price as millions of Gods creatures suffer and burn at my cruel sadistic hand.

And I'm definately having a lettuce for lunch, the bastards. That'll teach them.

Dr Evil said...

It's called maceration and it is performed at an early stage. Mincing the foetus.

Anonymous said...

Leg-Iron...You total retard:

Anyone who tries to claim that they don't "rip apart" the foetus is clearly not aware of how some abortions are actually administered. It was even shown on dispatches on Channel 4, there was an actual vidoe clip of it being done and you see it douche bag.

How much of a total retard is Leg-Iron!?

Budgie was lamenting the fact that there is a distinction in law between murdering an adult and murdering an unborn baby, your answer: "Because you would have murdered someone. That is illegal. Abortion isn't" Is fucking total shit, you missed budgies entire point. Fuckwad.

Oh you total goon, you then went on to say: "Pictures of the unborn child within the womb mean less than the mice you empty from mousetraps or the flies you are happy to spray with insecticide. They are born. The foetus is not" And from where, enlightened philosopher, did you pull this objective distinction from? Out of your fat arse? So the foetus is unborn, a fly is not, that means that you can kill the foetus because...? What is the foundation of your logic, you have just attributed different values to these arbitrarily, probably so that you won't have to look after your future bastard children.

"No, the sick kick of the psychopath is to victimise and threaten an already traumatised woman, and to harass doctors for doing a part of their job they'd really rather not be doing"

Leg-Iron! You've done it again! You rascal, you have said total bollocks, I bet you spout this crap down the pub with your chav mates who call you "brains" on account that you are slightly less retarded than them.

DK! You've attained an undergraduate degree in microbiology? Well allow me to bow down to your infallible knowledge on medical-ethics. I think I speak for everyone when I say "A thousand apologies for the nerve to say what we believe, and our stupidity and forgetfulness that you have indeed attained an undergraduate degree (the most basic award possible) in microbiology, those three years must have been hard, but we're glad you made it"

We've all got degrees you douch, mine's in politics, do I say that you shouldn't have an opinion on this?


Devil's Kitchen said...

"mine's in politics"

That says more about you than I ever could. But it does explain your total fucking ignorance and reactionary and supercilious attitude, you cheap troll.


Anonymous said...

Q: what is responsible for almost all the aborted foetuses due to lifestyle influences (resources, emotional etc)?

I'll tell you: The mother's body. Women abort more babies due to the body not wishing to carry it than people wish to admit to. Yes, the same body some people wailing here demand that their sky fairy created. So, their sky-fairy created a machine that has as part of its design the means to reject/abort/terminate a pregnancy due to environmental, nutritional and emotional inputs.

The only way to stop abortions by women is to prevent normal coitus and enforce test-tube fertilisation and invent a synthetic womb.

Anonymous said...

Just been reading (and smirking) at the LPUK website. I love the press release page:

"UK Libertarian Party calls for the abolition of personal income tax"

- You called.... no one listened.

Just checked out your artwork, not too terrible surprisingly. I liked the dread picture best.

Anonymous said...

Surely Mad Nad proves that in certain circumstances post natal abortion could benefit the whole of human civilization.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that. I haven't laughed so much in days. Good to see you getting so fired up and resorting, already, to personal abuse. Wait till I tell my 'chav mates down the pub' about that. Perhaps I should get myself an education, so that I can make proper use of grammar and spelling, and use all those delicate persuasive words you seem so fond of. Ah well, I suppose I'm stuck with what I know. What a pity I'm too much of a fuckwit to even be educated.

I'm not going to put my CV here. You wouldn't believe it anyway. Just imagine me in Burberry if it suits you to do so, and do your best to read my text-message style of ignorant, badly-spelled and unintelligible tirade of meaningless abuse. I can only hope you can decode the random typings of this drooling thicko.

As I thought I made clear, I don't 'support abortion'. Nobody does. Some of us recognise that it has to be done sometimes. Nobody is dancing in the streets about that.

You and your vile kind love to portray images of hunchbacked, wart-faced doctors lurking in the shadows of the ante-natal clinics and sharpening knives. You want us to imagine them salivating whenever a pregnant woman comes in, hungry for the kill. I'm surprised you don't accuse them of using the product for their Sunday roast.

You will be surprised to know it's not like that. Doctors do NOT enjoy performing abortions. Any doctor that did would be struck off. They hate that part of the job. They will explore every possible alternative before taking that step.

Women do NOT enjoy having abortions. It's a risky and invasive procedure. Their child is dying at their own hands. You crow about that, you call this act as a triumph of your beliefs over the Satan-inspired world of medical science, but have you ever wondered what that feels like for a woman? Have you ever wondered about her mental state immediately after the procedure? No? Well, of course not. That would spoil your fun, wouldn't it?

I don't 'support abortion'. I have not been responsible for any abortions, and I take care to ensure I never will be. However, I recognise that this medical procedure is sometimes necessary and I would not deny a woman the right to that procedure.

In your case, Bintyd, I'd not only support abortion, I'd support backdating it.

Now I give you the floor so you can present your calm and reasoned rebuttal. I look forward to it.

Leg-iron the Retard (who doesn't have a degree in politics).

Anonymous said...

I don't have a medical degree either so I looked up 'maceration/abortion'.

The foetal cord is cut. The 'maceration' part refers to the self-destructing of the fetus once this is performed. The cord is the only part cut. No dismemberment. Not even a toothpick through the heart.

The image of 'maceration' portrayed by those who would impose their religious dogma on us all is one of a doctor shoving a blender up a woman and turning it on.

The foetus is removed intact. Intact. There is no nurse reassembling a miniature bloodied corpse. There is no special surgical glove with razor-tipped fingers. These are the imaginings of sick minds.

I said it was lies, was called a liar, checked and found that it was lies after all. Compounded with more lies from, of all things, a political graduate. Who'd have expected that?

Incidentally, if that's how they are teaching our future politicians to apply the art of debate, then those normally dull televised Commons sessions can expect a massive ratings boost.

The thing is, I don't believe these people care at all about these aborted foetuses. They certainly care nothing for the woman who has undergone the procedure. Be honest. I know it flies in the face of everything a political degree stands for, but try.

It's not about abortion. It's about telling people what to do and watching them do it. You really couldn't give a damn about the foetus. It's an excuse to fly into Righteous Rage and get yourself some power. It's a case of 'Do this because I say so. Someone else can deal with the consequences'.

It's about control. Another sign of a psychopathic personality.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. I've been reading a fair bit about Dorries recently and found this page via Ministry of Truth and Hawk/Handsaw's coverage of Dorries' daftness. She first came to my attention with the Minority Report and her support of Prof Wyatt's evidence to the Select Committee (covered by the Bad Science blog).

Please tell me this comment is a spoof though: "DK, every time I see one of your posts about the attacks by the abortion industry on Nadine Dorries I look on her site to find a haven of decency, common sense and truthfulness."

Stew said...

"every time I see one of your posts about the attacks by the abortion industry on Nadine Dorries I look on her site to find a haven of decency, common sense and truthfulness"
I suspect budgie is Dorries.

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