Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to tell if your country is fucked...

... from The Nation of Shopkeepers, with assistance from Vindico.
Simple. You look around to see if there are state agencies using draconian legislation to spy on and otherwise harass civilians, while introducing ever more authoritarian laws. You check to see if, despite large amounts of job losses, your EU masters are preparing to fuck over the city in an act of pure jealousy. Noticing increasing inflation and unemployment, your government attempts to bribe the population ahead of a by-election.

Boxes all ticked: we're fucked...


Anonymous said...

Not so, according to Frank Field, who I bumped into last night in the Chestnut Tree.

Sitting alone with a glass of Victory Gin in his emaciated grey hand and a tears in his eyes, he told me that that Mr Darling's announcement was "wonderful", and that he hoped to be shot before his love for Gordon went from his mind again.

Anonymous said...

It is 13 o' clock, time to face the telescreen as Ode to Joy, the new national anthem blares out.

War is peace
Slavery is freedom
The EU is a democratic instiution created to save us from future European wars

Gordon Brown is leader of his country - alright made that one up even Orwell could not conceive of such a cunt as 'head' of what was once Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase (in a big way) 1984:

"New Labour are a bunch of c*nts; New Labour have always been a bunch of c*nts."

Anonymous said...

I would incite a revolution but that is such an
un-English thing to do. Best just sit back and let them get on with it old boy. Pip Pip.

What Hitler and his mates could not do with arms The EU does with a few nicely chosen rules. And we stupid English tie ourselves up in knots.

Dr Evil said...

They would prefer Frankfurt to be the financial powerhouse of Europe of course.

It's really about time the whole EU lie was revisted but no mainstream pols are interested. Too many snouts in the trough now.

Anonymous said...


Add to the political class,the general media, as they all feed from the same trough. We are fucked so long as we remain in the EU. Vote UKIP, vote Libertarian, vote for anyone who is advocating our exit from the pox ridden EU.

Old Holborn said...

Wait til Albania and Morocco join.

What a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Neither Morocco nor Turkey will join. The EU is the resurrection of the (western) Roman Empire, with almost the same territory and copying its legal methods and authoritarianism. The EU will disintegrate as fast and as "unexpectedly" as communism.

Anonymous said...

The EU will fall apart, for sure. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later. The longer it goes on, the more likely it is to have a violent end.

So we should hasten Jonah Brown's promotion to the higher echelons. That'll hasten its end.

In fact, all we'd ever have to do to ruin any country is send Envoy Brown to help them out.

Nuclear? Who needs it? We have the One-eyed Son of the Manse. The Doomsday Weapon.

Send him somewhere. Anywhere. Quick.

Anonymous said...

And I assumed only negligent mothers bought 'Baby Monitors'.

The attitude of one life-for-u, one-life-for-me sure starts with the bitch in the home.

Now she works, having had a nanny to bring up Gay Jonni, and the eight year-old's at boarding school, and she's got a new girlfriend, and by damn she's going to carve out a good income for herself without ever having made a better thing for the planet.

One life for you... one good life for her. Rotten to the core. Therapy would help, but the real therapists have been run out of town, and placebo therapies (homoeopathy, acupuncture) have sprung up to take their place.

Socialists are mad, and like their Mullah counterparts, will screw us into a backward cesspit.

Anonymous said...

The country was fucked when, years ago, two vain and ambitious "socialist" men sat down and made a deal between just themselves. If elected, the glum one would be quiet while the smarmy one got on with ruling, and then oily would graciously hand over power to the dullard and disappear. No contest, no argument, and though smarmy hung on for a little longer than the sour one wanted, it did happen in time.

It was private and it negatively affected millions and millions for a long time; we were fucked and they were happy.

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