Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gordon Brown: see the cunt suffer

Gordon Brown's colleagues say that "there may well be a fuck load of skeletons in his closet but there's sure as hell no magic, ageing picture in his attic. I mean, just look at the cunt!"

The Nameless One has a quite glorious post up, reminding us all that we should never feel sorry for Gordon Brown.
Sometimes I feel sorry for Gordon Brown. No, really, I do. He is such an easy target these days - a lumbering, injured buffalo of a politician - just waiting for someone to fire the fatal shot, and hating every moment of his miserable existence until someone finally does. Kicking Gordon Brown sometimes seems a little like kicking someone in a coma - fucking easy, but ethically wrong. Hell, even Ming Campbell could probably kick Gordo's sorry ass in this day and age.

Of course, those moments are moments of embarrassing weakness, and they soon pass. Just as soon as I remember just some of the mountains of reasons that exist to justify despising Gordon Brown. Because everything, everything about him screams that here, in this dour, grey form, we have a man utterly deserving of hate and angry contempt. John Prescott—a lard mountain in human form—describes Brown as irritating, and you believe him. John Prescott claims Blair was frightened of Brown, and you believe him. Frank Field talks of Brown's rages, his unreasonable behaviour, and you believe him. There is something about Brown that demands you believe the worst of him. He looks haggard, he looks bitter, he looks unhealthy. Frankly, a piss stained drunk looks marginally more healthy—and certainly more in love with life—than our PM. And then there is his behaviour. He seems to revel in the misfortune of others, at the same time as hating the world every time when even the most minor calamity befalls him. He is like a sulky teenager, without the redeeming quality of being able to grow out of it.

Perhaps it is something in the British psyche—that we feel guilty for laughing at those who have fallen on hard times, even if it is their own fault. But if you feel that way about Gordon—don't. Because—and you'll have to trust me on this, but deep down you know it already—he'd laugh at you if you fucked up and ruined your big chance. Hell, it is that sort of moment that probably represents the only occasions when his sour, grey, creased and ill-looking face is cracked up by a smile.

Quite; I recommend that you read the whole thing, for TNO is in his element. However, your humble Devil would like to express some disquiet about Brown's calamitous and, admittedly, hilarious fall.

No, it isn't the fact of it, but the manner. I'd always hoped that maybe I would be the one to bring him down: instead, the Gobblin' King has utterly fucked up his career all by himself. I consider myself cheated, frankly.

However, a glimmer of hope remains for, whilst he is definitely on the ropes, Gordo is not down yet.

Perhaps, just perhaps, I could be the one—to steal TNO's coma analogy—who delivers the swift kick to the throat that knocks out the ventilator tube and who leaps for joy as—in the grey, dank, dirty hospital room—the machine that has recorded the last moments of this great, fat, joyless tosser's life emits its final beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep before lapsing into a final, remorseless silence.

Let's see the cunt laugh that off...


Anonymous said...

Hey - you should see that picture in his attic!

Or maybe, it's better not to ...

Anonymous said...

Brothers and sisters, pray have some mercy for Mr Brown a man who has only tried to do the best for his country and the toiling New Labour voting masses who have to sweat it out all day at the DHSS to get their giros and allowances in time to get home to watch strictly come ice rollerskating on the nicked 43" telly.

Let us put aside our petty and hateful comments and all pray for a man who is clearly in such mental and physical pain. Let us pray to God the Father that he yanks the fucking cunt off the face of the earth as soon as possible, preferably while he is in a limo with the whole cabinet that crashes into the latest mosque stuffed with the religion of peaces' preachers of tolerance to all of us in the west.


Letters From A Tory said...

Sympathy is indeed in short supply for Gordo.

silas said...

So unpopular that nearly 84% of people who voted, decided that they didn't want him in Madame Tussauds! He's the first incumbent Prime Minister in 150 years not to be in the "World Leaders Zone".


Mark Wadsworth said...

Two more years of watching that bastard 'suffer' while wreaking untold damage upon the rest of us? Hmmm.

He's not 'suffering' FFS! he could resign tomorrow and live off his gold plated pension. There aren't many who have that option.

Roger Thornhill said...

"He's the first incumbent Prime Minister in 150 years not to be in the "World Leaders Zone".

To put him there would be misrepresentation.

Anonymous said...

Might as well stick the cunt in Mme Tussuardsds as he is just a waxwork fucking dummy while the EU runs the show anyway.

Anonymous said...

That Madame Tussaud's poll would have been a lot more interesting if it had given three options -

1. A waxwork of Gordy

2. No waxwork of Gordy

3. The real Gordy, stuffed and mounted

Although 2 and 3 might split the voters.

Anonymous said...

Blair was the grinning snake oil salesman and Brown sat round the back brewing it up. Blair buggered off and Brown took over the stall.

Now the poor sods who swallowed the shit were made sick and are turning up with tar and feathers and there's Brown trying to sell them another bottle.

Brown's not to only one who's earned a good hiding, but he'll do.

This snake-oil business, you've got to be able to realise when you've been rumbled then fuck off fast.

Anonymous said...

"The real Gordy, stuffed and mounted....

Mounted by what or who?...Cherie Blair might be up for it!!!

The Village Villain

Anonymous said...

Free The UK is the way forward and this c u n t Brown and all his cronies need to be dragged out of power now by the people of this country.
Don't sit there idley waiting for a mirical, it aint going to happen people!

Join Me, George Toon and my Free the UK campaign to march on and make the UK a prosperous and prud place to live and work, giving people money in their pockets and confidence to live life again.

Corrupt powers need harsh and painfull lessons from the people that they are there to serve.

Let us have a people's revolution and get rid of this useless TWAT and co NOW!

See me on www.facebook.com GEORGE TOON (Founder) Free The UK

Anonymous said...

PS... sorry about the typos... crap keyboard!

Passerby said...

Hey George, We're not all on facebook you know. Broaden your catchment!!

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