Monday, May 12, 2008

Define rational

My colleague has written another fine post, in which he appraises the Social Market Foundation report. Ian writes:
Much of the detail of the report is taken up by the advancement of the idea that people aren't 'rational' enough to make the sorts of decisions the Government wants them to make. I guess the people who make up the Government are, however, rational enough to make them for us?

... and is quite correct to pour scorn on the idea that those who occupy the Houses of Parliament.

After all, our Deputy fucking Prime Minister was so rational that he used to binge on food and then throw it all up, before stuffing his face again.

Are these the actions of a rational person?

No, these were the actions of a fat, greedy, avaricious turd with a tenuous grip on reality who was unable to do his job effectively (or, even, ineffectively) without, basically, suffering a mental breakdown..
Bulimia is related to deep psychological issues and feelings of lack of control. Sufferers often use the destructive eating pattern to feel in control over their lives.

Well, what a pity, how sad. My only regret is that he wasn't miserable enough to hang himself (if he could have found a rope capable of taking his whale-like weight).

This greasy, sweaty, unpleasant sack of shit had a good deal of control over our lives and the Social Market Foundation advises that Prescott and his ilk take yet more control over us because apparently we aren't "rational" enough.

Oh, and the least said about our "psychologically flawed" Prime Minister, and the pathological liar who preceded him, the better...


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with our political system that couldn't be put right with a couple of grenades and a sawn-off shotgun.

I suppose that's why we aren't allowed to have those things.

Mac the Knife said...

Sawn-off shotgun? Have you no finesse? *sighs*

Alan Douglas said...

I favour lamp-posts - surely all that light we are told we waste into space must have had some purpose ?

If 25 % of us are now state-employed, I would think us 75 % will have just enough lamp-posts to go round ....

Alan Douglas

Letters From A Tory said...

Actually, the report talked more about how best for the government to intervene if and when they need to - in the sense that current government interventions don't work because they are designed badly.

Needless to say, the phrase 'government intervention' still makes the hairs on libertarian necks stand on end.

Anonymous said...

Rational? That's rich coming from a self-confessed drug user. How rational are you when you're off your head on coke DK?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Pretty damn rational, actually, bintyd. Tell you what, why don't you actually try taking some drugs -- rather than conjuring up these rather ignorant little demons that simply don't exist -- and then come back to me.

Plus, of course, I am not attempting to control anyone else's life. Can you not see the difference?


Little Black Sambo said...

"The phrase 'government intervention' still makes the hairs on libertarian necks stand on end".
As it jolly well should.

Anonymous said...

Prescott is not a bulimic. He is a glutton. There is a massive (no pun intended) difference. His claim of bulimia is just a "therapy nation" excuse for his disgusting behaviour - gluttony would be his fault, bulimia is not.

QT said...

@LFaT: Er, yes. That's kinda what libertarianism is about!

Anonymous said...

'"The phrase 'government intervention' still makes the hairs on libertarian necks stand on end".
As it jolly well should.'

If you don't intervene in stopping problems before they arise, you'll have to intervene (and spend a fucking fortune) arresting people and keeping them in jail. Unless the libertarian twats want US levels of crime.

QT said...

The one change that a Government could make that would at a stroke cut crime and dramatically reduce the prison population would represent not an intervention, but the removal of restrictions:

Decriminalization of drugs.

Old Holborn said...

Heard on Radio 4 last evening

"Prescott suffers from Munchausens Bulimia by Proxy. He scoffs it all and everyone around him throws up"

Anonymous said...

Ian, although I'm a troll and a thoroughgoing twat, I agree with that statement. Legalise drugs. Let's get the drugs trade off the back streets and into legitimate, regulated businesses.

That would cut the prison population, the number of crimes committed, and would also improve health because dealers wouldn't be able to cut their products, just like food & drink retailers can't adulterate theirs.

Fuck me, I've actually said something constructive. But it won't happen again.

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