Monday, May 19, 2008

Daily amusements...

Your humble Devil's life continues to be very busy but, equally, very enjoyable and so I can only apologise for leaving you all alone for so long but—sorry—I was having fun.

I have some time tonight to entertain you but, while I get warmed up, here's Mr Angry on Google and on form.
A computer is a very personal thing. It is a bit like a car, or a girlfriend, in that it can be quite an uncomfortable experience letting some else have a go in it. Especially if you really really like the car.

Computers can be similar in that they are generally only used by yourself, and over time they learn your habits and idiosyncrasies. It can be as hard to navigate your way round someone else’s computer as it is to find the G Spot on someone else’s girlfriend.

The thing about computers though, is that they don’t immediately recognise they are being used by someone else, which is sort of the where the girlfriend analogy falls down a bit, unless you are using Rohypnol.

I chuckled...

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