Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Corpses In Sarongs

(Author's Note - as ever, I am not 'The Devil's Kitchen')
DK must rue the day he granted access to an Irish Catholic Glaswegian prone to all his adjectives' foibles - however, it was difficult to watch tonight's 'Channel 4 News' without wishing to headbutt the TV and then pray for forgiveness.
Its coverage of the Burmese cyclone disaster seems to be as heavily weighted towards critique of the Burmese regime as towards reporting the terrible human scale of this entirely natural catastrophe. That Burma is led by a shower of nasty old tossers is not in question; that they have cocked up the relief effort probably goes without saying (yesterday, a little iron(y) entered the soul upon seeing George W. Bush preaching to the Burmese about, of all things, disaster relief) - yet Channel 4's focus on them, as opposed to the victims, makes one wonder whether its editors think the victims are just convenient stiffs, bodies conveniently dead for the making of political points, specifically that one's own ideology and form of government are superior to those of others; perhaps proving that as far as Channel 4's concerned, the victims are nothing more than corpses in sarongs.
One might have thought that Channel 4 might have been a little deeper into the whole brotherhood of man thang than other broadcasters; but as we say in Glasgow, see what thought did.


Anonymous said...

Nearly as bad as The Reverend Al gore blaming the disaster on global warming. Truly disgusting.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, it's hard to tell the story of the Burmese cyclone without dealing with the regime.

The paranoid secretiveness of the government and its near total disconnexion from the wider world simply are stopping foreign aid from reaching people who need it.

Similarly, the regime appears to have withheld information about the pending cyclone from the population because the areas in its path were dissident strongholds.

I think, as it pertains to bizarro countries like Burma and North Korea where political repression permeates every aspect of life, it's usually going to be impossible for journalists to tell a story without highlighting the political context.

Also fuck Celtic. 'mon the Gers.

Anonymous said...

Gore is a ghoul.

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