Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cameron: still a lackwit, know-nothing arsehole

Via Vindico, here's the odious Richard Corbett MEP quoting a speech by Cameron (Corbett doesn't link to the original article, alas, because he's a horrible little turd).
"I don’t want to leave the European Union and I'll tell you why. This is a trading nation. Yorkshire relies on traded goods and on businesses which can trade all over the world and particularly in Europe. We export more per head of the population than America, Japan or other countries. We are a trading nation and Europe is a very important market for us. If we are not in the European Union, we would not be able to have a say over what the rules of the single market are. That is the primary reason for being a member of the European Union."

OK, let's have a look, shall we?

First off, exports to the EU are not anywhere near as important as they are made out to be.
Exports of goods and services only account for 21 per cent of ‘final demand’. If exports of goods and services to the EU account for 48 per cent of total exports, then ten per cent of GDP is currently the result of exports of goods and services to other EU members. In other words, about 79 per cent of our economy is the result of domestic activity, involving buying from and selling to each other, and exports of goods and services to the rest of the world account for another 11 per cent.

That does not alter the fact that the EU is an important market, of course, but then Cameron is making the classic mercantilist mistake.
He’s committing the mercantilist fallacy, that exports are either the point of trade or that they make us rich. No, it is imports that make us rich, exports being merely the shite we ship abroad to pay for them. We don’t actually care what the rules of the single market are, as long as we can buy what we wish from there. However, we do care very much about the fact that membership of that single market means that we are not allowed to buy what we wish from other countries around the world… something which makes us poorer.

Quite so. Still, at least Cameron does not commit the fallacy of claiming that we would no longer be able to trade with the EU, but instead confines himself to whining about how we would not be able to control the rules of the Single Market (in even the minimal way that we currently do).

However, that nice Mr Cameron misses a very important point, though whether it's through ignorance or deceit, I couldn't possibly say (it's deceit). The simple fact is this: at this point in time, whilst we are members of the EU, 100%—I'll repeat that: ONE HUNDRED PER CENT—of businesses in this country have to comply with EU trade rules. And the costs of compliance are very high.

Were we to leave the EU, I sincerely doubt that the rules or direction of the Single Market would change significantly, i.e. they won't become anything except more draconian and more expensive.

Were we to leave the EU, only those companies (and sections of companies) that deal with the export of that 10% trade that we do with EU countries need be crippled with the costs of said compliance.

The EU costs this country money, through direct charges, through the various levies, through red tape and compliance costs that stifle growth and in a massive democratic deficit. That Cameron supports our membership shows him to be merely another pointless would-be local government lackey of the EU.

Fuck Cameron and fuck his massive forehead: he's a cunt leading a party of cunts and those of you welcoming him as some sort of saviour simply because the present incumbents are slightly more cunty should be ashamed of yourselves.

UPDATE: Raedwald has the original question and Cameron's answer in full. I don't think that it negates any of the points that I have made, and there are other weasel words in there too: read it really carefully...


Anonymous said...

I thought you would no better than that. Tut and tut again.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Er, whoops! Didn't engage brain: corrected...


Anonymous said...

I guess you're off Ian Dale's Christmas card list and as for Conservative Home, they'll be sending round the hitman soon.....

Anonymous said...

Cameron is an impotent piece of political fluff to the powers that run this country from the EU.

He will not advocate leaving the EU and therefore knowingly devalues his own position in parliament and that of his country as an independent nation.

UKIP,the only mainstream party that makes leaving the EU as the central plank of its manifesto gets my vote. I hate Nu Labor, but the Tories will not get my vote just because they are slightly less of a bucket of shite than Brown's mob.

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