Thursday, May 01, 2008

April showers: stat pr0n

Well, it's that time again and The Kitchen did very well at the beginning of April. However, visitors have been down for the last couple of weeks for the simple reason that, because of the new job (and other things), I have been posting far less frequently than has been my wont.

These are from Google Analytics.
52,738 Visits

23,067 Absolute Unique Visitors

68,006 Pageviews

And these are from Statcounter (using their nomenclature, i.e. "Unique Visitors" equates to Google's "Visits").
70,683 Page Loads

56,878 Unique Visitors

Again, thanks to all of of The Kitchen's contributors, commenters and readers.

Prompted by The Englishman, who has published his stats for the last 18 months...


MatGB said...

"The Kitchen did very well at the beginning of April""The Kitchen did very well at the beginning of April"

"comment thread of the year" possibly helped with that one methinks. You haven't linked to anything controversial nor called any of the Big Names a liar, that's not going to work.

But like the good Dr Vee always says, quality is better than quantity, if you can have both great, but the former is more important. Good that job/life is going well though.

stats and more stats said...

68000 views a month = about 2,300 views a day, with about 3 posts day, likely to generate 3 views per person, so about 700-800 real, in-the-flesh people.

Which is consistent with the volume of comments here.

Not bad but as always a figure not shown in stat pron but one that gives a real comparison to the msm etc.

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