Thursday, April 10, 2008

Will This Cunt Never Learn?

Does this ring a bell: "In the face of [insert crisis here], Prime Minister Gordon Brown has urged [insert supranational body here] to [insert zany 'action' here] to [insert imagined outcome here]"?

You could churn this stuff out by the hour if you wanted.

Here he is again.
"Gordon Brown is calling on the chairman of the G8 group of industrialised nations to devise an international plan to deal with rising food prices."

Approximately 88 years after everyone else realised that a mish-mash of ('fair trade') forced agragrian backwardness, (Government driven) rising fuel costs, extra demands on land usage, the (Government-inspired) dash for bio-fuels and the (Government endorsed) steps away from adoption of GM technology was causing food prices to rise, he is demanding that Governments (there's that word again!) take co-ordinated, urgent action to resolve the problem.

Here's an idea, Gordon. I won't even charge you for it. Stop taxing every fucker to death, pull out of any fucking trade agreements that impose any kind of constraint or additional cost on imports and exports. Stop subsidising biofuels. Take you and your fucking government's fat fucking schnebs out of the GM 'debate' (such as it is) and announce that you're not going to try and create a 'framework' for anything at all - let alone 'the medium term'.
"Hungry rioters have demanded the government scrap all taxes on staples.

Mr Brown said the crisis had many elements and that he was demanding a full, co-ordinated response.

There you have it in cold black and white. People are driven to the point of rioting over food and that is the wan, colourless, posturing of the cockeating bastard who somehow sits at the apex of this nation. He is 'demanding' a 'response'. From other people naturally. And from one of the Big Supranational Bodies of which he is so in awe. Well they've done a bang-up job so far on everything fucking else they've touched, so this should be a cinch.

In fact, put your fucking money where your face is Gordon and increase the world's food supply by starving yourself to death.


Anonymous said...

What's needed is a multinational government plan to stop profits being made from food. That way prices can be lowered and everyone will be happy, just like patients in the British National Health Service.

Trixy said...

EU inspired dash for bio fuels in light of EU targets on reducing reliance on gas, coal etc.

They've been told a zillion times but they're such utter, utter pricks they can't cope with dealing with the information. Does. Not. Compute.

Roger Thornhill said...

As prof Lovelock said:

"It take 10x more land to power the car than feed the driver".

These people are imbeciles. I think it would be good if someone trawled the archives for all the flag-waiving bs they have said about biofuels.

Wholesale rice prices have doubled. India is blocking exports, as is Vietnam. Thailand, the worlds largest exporter, predicts to low on reserves and, sensibly, will probably stop exports before they risk domestic supply.

I have just bought another 25kg sack of rice, as it is my staple (not spuds or pasta). I am watching the price of flour carefully (I bake my own bread).

Yes, these clowns need to "step away from the vehicle", but after too much State involvement their answer is yet more state involvement. This is not hair of the dog, but offering the rabid dog your other buttock to sink its slavering jaws into.

Guido Fawkes said...

No, he is a cunt.

Anonymous said...

There is a real chance that one day any surviving historian, on top of recording the myriad AGW lunacies that beset and befuddled these times, will be able to tell future generations that the early 21st century headlong rush for biofuels was one of the worst-ever ideas in the story of mankind.

It will note how we tried to starve ourselves for a ludicrous idea.

He or she will, hopefully, also be happy to name the unelected (and unelectable) G Brown as the worst ever PM of Britain – before it became "EU Operating (Waste Disposal) Zone 13" and prompted the Great War of Sovereign Independence – but also be able to finally say this was truly the final twitch of the Socialism madness that so often drained the life and spirit from the people.

I probably won't be here to see it, but as several million of us have to be sacrificed for the "Greater Good Initiative Scheme" I can only hope my kids' kids survive.

Anonymous said...

guido + devil

fukin priceless. the guy is indeed a cunt and long may you both point out this obvious fact!


It Will Come to Me said...

Does this ring a bell: "In the face of [insert crisis here], Prime Minister Gordon Brown has urged [insert supranational body here] to [insert zany 'action' here] to [insert imagined outcome here]"?

Yes it does ring a bell. In the words of Lewis C's Bellman:

"Just the place for a Snark!" the Bellman cried,
As he landed his crew with care;
Supporting each man on the top of the tide
By a finger entwined in his hair.

"Just the place for a Snark! I have said it twice:
That alone should encourage the crew.
Just the place for a Snark! I have said it thrice:
What i tell you three times is true."

Anonymous said...

Just as 1 * 1 =1 and 1 + 1 =2

Then Gordon Brown = CUNT


Two Gordon Browns = 2 CUNTS

Whitby Bridge said...

He's asking for a co-ordinated international response because he's got no ideas of his own. is full of them. Wrinkly Spanish, Italians, French. A year from their pension. Licky licky.

Fuck biofuels. That's just ripping off the 3rd world to pay for the 1st. And adding to global ermmm... ermmm... whatever. Lets just get their nurses.


I'm on a rant

Whitby Bridge said...

I phoned Scarborough Hospital tonight.

That's Scarborough North Yorkshire.

I got a Lat on the switchboard and a Filipino on the ward.

I'm not racist.

But you like to speak to someone who understands the sub text of what you're saying.

That's o/t. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

The complete non-sequitur or cognitive dissonance or what have you regarding the "high food prices" thing is just about bringing my mind to a halt. I can only speak with some certainty on American policy, but I thought that Western Europe is more or less the same:

It has been the explicit policy of the government to artificially raise the price of food for the past 80 years -- not merely an unintended consequence of leftist delusion but EXPLICIT.


Anonymous said...

regretfully his starving... will only produce another glutton... but i enjoyed your candor...

Anonymous said...

I totally dissagree. We need more CAP subdisides for food. The free market failed in the British Empire to stop famine. Millions died in famines the British empire. In Ireland and Inida. famines happened all the time. Europe needs to subsdide it's farming industry to keep going, to keep food security. Do you want us to be in the same statr we are with energy. You support nuclear subsidies, so why not food subsidies. It is the same logic. Do we want to be dependent.
Africa also needs to subsidise it's own food industry.

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