Saturday, April 05, 2008


The new James album, Hey Ma, is out on Monday and I simply can't wait; from the songs that I've heard live, it should be amazing. Here's one of them...

Upside, love you
Downside, miss you
I'm here
You are there

Love it...


Anonymous said...

No-one likes James. They're gay and not in the good way.

Anonymous said...

Dugg for telecaster.

...hang on, wrong site.

Anonymous said...

What a boring, drab, anodyne lump of nothing. Also, does anyone know why singers have to hold their mikes with two hands? Are they heavy? Correspondents in war zones hold their mikes with one hand.

Singers who hold their mikes with two hands are just too precious for words, and I think it started with Barbra Streisand if you look at some of her old clips.

Can you imagine Frank Sinatra holding a mike with two hands? Oh. My. God. No.

Have microphones got heavier or lighter since Sinatra's day?

The minute I see a singer holding a mike, with pretentious sensitivity, with two hands, I know I hate them.

Anonymous said...

Love the Devil's Kitchen, hate the sound of music being fried here.

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