Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stupid comment of the day...

... is on Iain Dale's piece over at—you guessed it—Comment Is Superfluous Free, and comes from someone called Danot.
I think it's sweet that there are tories around who think that they one day might get back into government, the triumph of hope over reality. They just don't grasp the fact that "hug a hoodie Cameron" has about as much chance of becoming prime minister as Pete Doherty has of getting a mention in the honours list this year. Much the same goes for his Old Etonian colleagues in the shadow cabinet.

People are tired of Gordon Brown yes, primarily because of his association with Blair and sucking up to the US. So he'll have to go, to be replaced with a new labour PM. Keep dreaming though.

That's right Danot; the Labour Party are definitely going to be in power in perpetuity. Come to think of it, why don't they just abolish all other political parties?

After all, if Labour are going to remain in government for ever, making all other political parties illegal is the sensible thing to do: it will save an awful lot of effort by those parties and it will mean that NuLabour can concentrate on making the poor poorer richer, decreasing increasing social mobility, creating a database state protecting our way of life against terrorism, removing safeguarding our ancient liberties, utterly failing on educating our children, buggering up improving the NHS, creating valueless, expensive and superfluous public sector jobs, screwing growing the economy and increasing tractor production to record levels.

Danot wins the Evil Wanker Loyal Servant of the NuLabour State of the Day Award too.



* As our beloved leader shows us day after glorious day.


Anonymous said...

This unfortunate oik Danot may be too young to remember a time when there wasn't a scheming, corrupt and incompetent NuLab in power and thinks this is the way all government has to be.

It is also possible that he (or she or it) may be one of those socialists who earnestly believes that one fine day – miraculously after all the endless left-wing foul-ups ever seen through history - true socialism will suddenly shine through and actually start making people's lives better.

That's the thing about lefties: they never stop dreaming it will somehow just correct itself while they carry on ignoring the facts and forgetting what a train-wreck of a political philosophy they cling to.

Me said...

The latest poll from YouGov has the Conservative party 16% ahead of the Labour Party on 44%, enough for a three figure commons majority, even with the in-built bias of the electoral system towards Labour.

YouGov tend to favour the Tories, it has to be said, but if I were a Labour supporter I would be worried, very worried. If I were a Labour MP in a marginal constituency I'd have given up on any prospect of re-election long ago but now I would reckon any Labour MP defending less than a 12% margin of victory is shitting their pants like a tramp with dysentery.

And think on this: we now have a Labour PM who achieved office without the inconvenience of election, high inflation (don't bullshit me with the Government figure, it is as fictional as the "Hitler Diaries"), strikes and the threat of strikes and spiralling national debt. Remind you of anything?

Labour are toast. They should just count their blessings that Dave Cameron is no Margaret Thatcher or they'd be fucked for a generation.

Bag said...

Gordo obviously doesn't feel so confident or he would have gone for an election when he had the chance.

I'm still under the impression that the Tories will drop Cameron when election time comes around and go with a good old fashioned Tory. If they can find one that hasn't defected by then of course. Cameron must be them pulling a blinder. he is just so unreal as a real contender.

JuliaM said...

Is 'Danot' Neil Hamilton, by any chance....?

Anonymous said...

ah dk

I note with interest your new category of "fucking stupid little wankstains"

Could I respectfully draw your attention to this site:

I took the liberty of entering the DK into the machine - they are currently recalibrating.


Roger Thornhill said...

Book him.

Anonymous said...

I have just had another £50 fine from a spy camera photo og me stopping in a loading bay-cum-parking spot-cum-residential bay-cum-betweentimes free parking.

I want to do something very awful to these NuCommunists that have turned this fair country into a slime-pit.

Guy Fawkes, all is forgiven.

Anonymous said...

Wot Bag [4/24/2008 08:00:00 PM] said.

Cameron's not a contender. His programmes and pr forrays are all over the place. There is no true philosophy - except "I want to be the Prime Minister and think I'd be jolly good at it" - that he is driven to execute.

Sleds and glamourouss Huskies (who looked as though they were quicker thinkers than him)in Norway. Graffiti. Hoodies. Disabled child. Policy-free photo ops!

He wants to be Prime Minister. He doesn't long to drive a stake through the malicious heart of socialism, which has destroyed his country with malice. He doesn't long to return independence and personal freedom to the British, who essentially invented these concepts 1500 years ago (although to be fair, so did the Scandinavians). He doesn't long to restore marriage and children born within marriage as the bedrock of our society. He wants to pander to whoever the hell.

He doesn't want to have it the norm that a father give his name and identity to his children, which will see them through life. (BTW, that little semi-kidnapee Shannon's mother, spawn of socialist malice and destruction, referred to her and her elder brother as "twins" thinking that "twins" was the term for two children born from the same father. A real rarity in her circles.)

Cameron doesn't long to sluice the toxin of socialism out of our body politic and return Britain to a stable, inventive, rich and respected society.

No. He wants to be prime minister.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Verity is probably quite right. But let's be fair, he'll be better than the one-eyed fucker.

DK, I am surprised that you let these socialists wind you up. We're centre-right, remember? We are supposed to be the ones with a sense of humour. Socialists don't do humour.

Neal Asher said...

Cameron is only better than the one-eyed fucker in so far as he has people like David Davies and William Hague standing behind him. He seems to me just as much an empty vessel as Blair.


So,all of this goes to show that we are going to get another adminisration that we do not want,another administration that does nothing for the English people ,but everything for any parasitic miscreant that evades the immigration control authorities,and is given a map of where to claim by the police,for do not forget that according to the boy our culture is a threat to asian values and we should try to be more like them,so we had better get started on benefit fraud,assuming unjustified priviliges,and brain damaging infants while we drive at excessive speed while drunk down the high street and election rigging .nowhere is there any mention of his proposed resistance to the imposed constitution,once in office ,it will be a case of "sorry folks ,there is nothing that we can do,it is the law ,you see".The lesser of the two evils is hardly conducive to a meaningfull political franchise,and will not bring us ,the people, any discernable improvement in our daily lives,just more of the same.

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