Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Scotsman Reflects On St. George's Day

(Author's note - even if this post's title wasn't a big enough clue, I am not 'The Devil's Kitchen').
A very happy St. George's Day to one and all, and especially English readers (and, er, blog hosts)
No, I mean it - I really do. Enjoy yourselves. Celebrate your Englishness; goodness knows, if it's been difficult enough to do it for long enough, and the way that the SNP are going on up here right now, we could be doing with a visit from the man himself.
At the SNP's sub-Nuremberg 'Spring Conference' last week, The Tartanissimo declared that Westminster would one day 'dance to a Scottish jig'. It is a supreme irony that he made this remark almost 40 years to the day after Enoch Powell made his remarks concerning one group holding 'the whip hand' over another. His own remarks show quite clearly that The Tartanissimo wants the Scotsman to hold the whip hand over the Englishman; a sentiment which, as a Scot, a Brit, a Unionist, and someone who tries to look in the shaving mirror every morning without revulsion, I personally find deplorable.
Maybe Powell should have turned his guns on the Scottish Nationalists instead. So here's to St. George, slayer of dragons; for as the toxins of nationalism and separatism continue to prove, there will always be dragons to slay.


Old BE said...

Good post. What really "gets" me about our* peculiar brand of nationalism is that it is always presented as one group having power over the other when all any of us want is to be mostly left alone by EVERYONE.

* the great British nations

Anonymous said...

When it comes to the SNP I rather feel you are in a minority.

I am English, and proud of it, but frankly, Scotland and things Scottish are mostly better.

Not only that, I have little (important) spies inside the Scottish Government, and morale has never been higher.

Don't knock it till you've tried it.

Anonymous said...

Having been the sole Englishwoman at a Highland Scottish wedding a year or so back I can't say I'm surprised by Tartanissimo's comments. The sheer level of bigotry and insult I encountered there was astounding. And incidentally, saying 'no offence meant to you' after grossly insulting my country of origin and everyone living in it doesn't really wash.

Anonymous said...

So it has come to this, the restoration of the neo-uber-hussite regime that illegitimately rules over the lands of Bohemia, Moravia etc as the eratz state styled the "Republic" of Czechoslovakia.

The rot really started when we loyal Czechs tolerated the beer-bellied, dumpling faced buffoons of Czech nationalism. That was our ruin. They decided to destroy the Habsburg Empire. They betrayed majesty!

The worst culprit as everyone knows is the late (not missed) jumped up fungus-faced, goggle-eyed sanctimonious buffoon Tomas Masaryk, the self-styled first "President" of our "Republic".

The man, whom I will only grace with the name from now on as the "Dumplingisimo" was a disgusting, sepratist rebel who destroyed the union of the Habsburg lands. A fool, a jumped college lecturer married to some Yankee whore.

He who complained about Vienna but was quite happy to study in Vienna university. Hanging out with fat-gutted, dumpling chomping, "Czech" friends, swigging beer all day.

It was of glorious deliverance when the diets of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia elected the House of Habsburg and united one of the finest nations ever known.

They tried to destroy, the fat Czechy hussite fools in 1618 with their "Battle of White Mountain". It was not a battle between "Czechs" and "Germans" you chauvenist cretins, it was war for the soul of Europe, the Church and our common monarchy. All dancing around the cult of an upstart priest, nay false Deacon, Jan Huss, a disgusting Czech beer gutted stupid imbicile of the highest order. He deserved to die and the cult about his should have died with him!

Instead the cult of Huss has brought only problems to this land. It was the Germans who came here and civilised us during the ages who we owe a great debt. Everything "Czech" was rubbish before that. We brought in 1526 only dumplings.

The Dumplingisimo is now considered a hero by many of my "countrymen". He was an upstart, a false prophet, a man who betrayed majesty, a man who took an oath no less in the Austrian Parliament to his Emperor but bit his emperor in the back of the ankle like a disgusting flea-bitten mongerel that he was.

He should have been hanged what he did. He should have suffered the fate of Battisti!

Yeah, he should of hung for his treason. But Satan was in league with him that day. He betrayed his Emperor and he lived. He claimed it was moral to depose the ruling line that had ruled the "Czech" people for four hundred year.

He thought it was moral to set up a "government in exile". Filthy, treachorous idiotic buffoon. And then the final insult. When he becomes "President" - with the colusion of fat drunken oafish Czechy deserters and friends of his Yankee whore wife - he sets himself up in the Prague Schloss - the so-called Hrad - the final insult taking over the residency of the official residence of our most esteemed royal and imperial dynasty!

And what of this wonderful "Republic". Who are the heroes of this so-called erastz state. Well what about fat, drunken, work-shy, bolshie, bigomous, trouble-making anarchists like Hasek. A bigamist no less. This what this "Republic" considers heroes. He and his fat, drunk, idiotic, wastrel creation the Good Soldier Schjek - not Svejk - Schjek - that is how it should properly be written.

Before 1918 we had real heroes like Marshall Radetsky. No, the bitter harvest of Lidice was self-inflicted. Yes suffer little children for the sins of your fat drunken slobby fathers.

The only satisfaction that I have gained is that the dumplingisimo died horrendously from cancer, crying in pain and in his own filth.

Rant etc

Anonymous said...


As a Scotsman who spent six years living in London, can I just say, Welcome To My (then...) World

Marketing Smith said...

Our campaign for a bank holiday on St George's Day continues to grow - we have seen a 300% increase in the number of people signing our petition in 2008 compared to 2007. And over 1,500 'Happy St Georges Day' e-cards were sent from our website in one hour on 23 April 2008. View

I'm sure the Welsh will soon get their bank holiday on St David's Day and then the government will have no excuse for not making 23 April a day off work.

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