Friday, April 04, 2008

Perhaps Polly is right...

You see, as we all know, darling Polly's favourite place in all the world is the paradise known as Sweden. Or, rather it was before the Socialists were kicked out of government (in September '06), and their successors abolished the wealth tax.

But perhaps Polly is right; perhaps we should be more like Sweden. Certainly, if this news from The Croydonian is correct (and it is) we should certainly follow in those Swedish footsteps, just as the servant followed in the warming steps of King Wenceslas.
Good news, everybody—the death of socialism

Swedish Social Democratic Party Leader Mona Sahlin: '"If developments continue, this party won’t exist in 10 to 15 years"... The Social Democrats lost 19,000 members last year. The 16 percent drop is the largest in more than 10 years...Membership has been cut in half since the 1990s'. Source.

Alas, I fear that socialism is far from dead but it would be wonderful if it were on its last sickly legs, like a slave tottering through the gates of Kolyma.

And believe me, I'll be leaving no warming footprints for that particular sod.


Mac the Knife said...

Only if you've warmed them by filling 'em with fresh piss... :)

Thud said...

it would be great if the demise of the traditional parties meant something but the twats will just carry on without us...easier for them that way.

Anonymous said...

But if socialism goes, then Polly goes - who can David Cameron admire after that?

"Send not for whom the bell tolls - it's none of your damned business."

Anonymous said...

Poor ol polly she would have to get a real job!! instead of the current one decorating toilet rolls and litter tray liners.

Ewan Watt said...

On the subect of Swedish 'socialism' I thoroughly recommend this article from Johan Norberg:

"Sweden is very good at producing goods, but not at producing jobs."

Obviously a socialist paradise. Protecting rather than creating work.

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