Friday, April 04, 2008

Nothing to see here...

Now, I know that other bloggers have covered this, but your humble Devil thought that he would put those graphic design skills to work and animate this Promoting Prosperity Progressive Governance Summit logo with all of his usual subtlety.

However, I would like to make it absolutely clear that there is no connection whatsoever between a bunch of authoritarian socialists—who decided that the best way to Promote Prosperity was through a programme of massive public spending (largely financed through huge amounts of government debt), who undermined the traditional justice system and who illegally invaded sovereign countries—and NuLabour.*

None at all. Y'hear?

Good, I'm glad we've cleared that up.

I wouldn't want anybody to get the wrong idea...

UPDATE: is this the most lazy and incompetent redesign ever, or what?

Things to note:
  • the logo is now sitting in the middle of nowhere, relating to nothing,

  • it doesn't even align to the right edge of the YouTube video,

  • why (from a design point of view) is it cut off at those points when it is obviously part of a greater whole,

  • and might it not have been better to align the logo to the right, cut it off at the right edge and fix the right and bottom edges at the right viewport edge and top of the menu bar respectively?

  • the shade of background blue appears nowhere else on the site,

  • the navigation uses arrow shapes, so even the fact that the background is rectangular looks wrong.

The whole thing's a shambles.

UPDATE 2: as Guido points out, why are we funding this thing, precisely?
Why is the British taxpayer picking up the tab for what the organisers said candidly "is the largest ever international gathering of international centre-left leaders, policy-makers and thinkers"?

Oops. That kind of blows the lid off it being an inter-governmental, non-partisan affair doesn't it? If it is an inter-govermental affair, why is Wilf Stevenson on the guest list? Since when was the director of the Smith Institute an "independent and non-partisan" think-tank that has nothing to do with Gordon Brown, part of the government?

This is just a jamboree for the international parties of the tax and spend policy persuasion, paid for by taxpayers. You can be sure that they will not be holding back on the wine list either.

Naturally not. Aren't we lucky, boys and girls...?

* Quite apart from anything else, the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei ensured that their soldiers had decent equipment when they went to war.**

** As Mark Wadsworth quite correctly points out, the equipment wasn't all that great for the Eastern Front (and other experimental technologies weren't as good as they could have been). What I meant is that at least the Nazis equipped their soldiers properly for the initial theatre in which they were fighting.


Anonymous said...

How could anyone be that fucking stupid? Words fail me.

Semaj Mahgih said...

Where is your tongue firmly planted, DK?

Mark Wadsworth said...

The chaps on the Eastern front had lousy equipment, I mean it was good stuff in nice weather, but rubbish when it went below freezing.

And they didn't have very good radar, that Enigma machine was rubbish. And so on.

Frederick Davies said...

That is worse than stupid, it is utterly incompetent. It also shows that all of the media-savvy people left with Blair, because no matter what you think of Tony and his cohorts, I am sure they would have spotted that one up. How low have they fallen.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't have anything to do with being 'media savvy', it has to do with having a brain. Labour fail on both counts, mind you.

tyger said...

I actually couldn't see the swastika in the image when I first saw it at IDD. Now you have differentiated it in the animation, it stands out like a sore thumb.

Odd. Maybe it's just me.

Kay Tie said...

"Now you have differentiated it in the animation, it stands out like a sore thumb."

It's a bit like the Lisa Simpson Blowjob logo (aka London 2012).

Anonymous said...

This might have worked better

no connection whatsoever between a bunch of authoritarian socialists—who decided that the best way to Promote Prosperity was through a programme of massive public spending (largely financed through huge amounts of government debt), who undermined the traditional justice system and who illegally invaded sovereign countries—and the Nazi Party

silas said...

ah anon@10.14 that was exactly the phrase I was expecting to read as well!

Missed a gag there DK

Herr Schicklgruber said...

I don't see the problem. It's a fucking fantastic logo.

CityUnslicker said...

So is Max Mosley invited or not?

Anonymous said...

Uh, not sure if you're being ironic @silas and @anonymous 10:14AM, but the way DK put it was the gag.

silas said...


Yeah, I was. Sorry, should flag that a bit better.

Reminds me of the Richard Herring gag, "and that was just the teachers"

/me gets coffee

Matthew Revell said...

Whether or not it looks like swastika, it's a bloody awful logo. It's a mess of muddy colours and far too busy.

Anonymous said...

New (same old Labour shit) Labour are cunts. End of. It doesn't need some bollocks like this to prove it. Stray dogs get put down with injection, so why can't we do that with Labour politicians?

BOF2BS said...

Brilliant redesign - Could you make it spin & then we could all rejoice in Braun's spinning swastika (the SS)!

The Remittance Man said...

Mark may be correct about German kit freezing on the steppes, but it was still miles ahead of anything the western allies could produce.

Now can we get back to bashing Die natsionalebritisherarbeiterspartei? :-)

Simon Harley said...

The British and French had plenty of decent kit which was just as good as anything the Germans had in 1940. The difference being the Germans used it in a slightly more effective manner...Bonjour Ardennes, 'Allo Paris!

Anonymous said...

simon harley is entirely correct. In '39/40 the Froggies had (a) more tanks and (b) heavier tanks than anything the Krauts could manage. Difference is, the Frogs spread their tanks around giving one or two to each infantry regiment while the Krauts concentrated theirs in the archetypal panzer schwerpunkt.

Germany would never have won such stunning early victories had the Allied commanders during the first six months of the war been bolder in going on the offensive and more inventive in employing new armoured tactics (and, after all, panzer strategy was ultimately based on the theory of British transvestite and corset enthusiast Liddell Hart).

Intense strategic conservatism, fear of innovation and an inability to understand or utilise new technology are what fucked us in 1940.

William Gruff said...

Re French tanks: I read a long time ago, too long for me to be certain of the type, that Guderian was said to have advised Hitler that the Somua S35 (I think it was) was superior to anything the Wermacht possessed.

Re the blue swastika: Isn't that blue the same shade as that recently approved by the Scotch parliament as the official blue for the Scotch flag? If so one can readily understand why The Tartan McReich's Führer might wish to be associated with it, expressive of the Scotch claim of right as it is.

Wir McFahren Gegen England!

Albert Speer said...

I agree with Herr Schicklgruber, I think it's great!

Anonymous said...

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