Monday, April 28, 2008

Nadine Dorries is a liar

I feel that it is important that I spell it out in black and white, because otherwise Nadine's tiny, wee brain may not be able to engage with the concept. Just stop it, Nadine: we've rumbled you. Stop lying and pretending that you aren't.

I know that, as a politician, lying is like a reflex action for you but, seriously, we've got the data, you lying, hypocritical bitch. Please, ladies and gentlemen, hie thee over to Unity's place, where he lays out (in one of his shorter posts) the data which shows—for the nth time—that Nadine Dorries is a liar.
For an all too brief moment I thought that Mad Nad might be gearing up for a startling admission:
When on TV, It’s ok to argue your point as hard as you wish, and to use evidence and statistics to back that point up.

It’s not ok to lie.

What? Is this to be a belated mea culpa from Dorries?

Have you got that, everyone? Nadine says that it is not OK to lie. Absolutely wrong it is, oh yes, that evil lying. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Lying is wrong.

So why do you keep doing it, Nadine?
No, of course not. It’s just the usual piss poor attempt to smear an opponent while lying through her teeth herself:
There is no NHS hospital which will carry out abortions over 16 weeks, unless the mothers life really is in serious danger and in those cases the hospitals are in Newcastle and London, North and South.

All abortions over sixteen weeks are carried out in private clinics, cross charged to the government.

We have a government policy which says it’s ok to abort to 24 weeks, and an NHS which doesn’t want to put that policy into practice.

And so an abortion industry has built up around government policy.

The lady from the pro-abortion lobby whose organisation is paid for by the unions, announced with gusto, “that’s not true,” when I made the point that no NHS hospital will carry out abortions over 16 weeks.

All of which creates something of a problem for Nadine as the statistics don’t lie and prove conclusively that NHS hospitals do carry out a significant number of abortions at 16 weeks gestation and over on ’social grounds’, all of which Nadine would know had she simply consulted the Department of Health’s published abortion statistics.

If you want the statistics which show that Nadine is a lying little liar with lying disease and pants on fire, then Unity's got 'em. His conclusion at the end of his exposé of Nadine's lies?
I’ve seen some lousy and discreditable performances by backbench MPs over the years but I really do think that one would have to go right back to the 1980s and the era of John Carlisle and Peter Bruinvels and their defence of the apartheid regime in South Africa - for which they were dubbed the MPs for Johannesburg East and West - to find such a sustained and disreputable campaign of utter mendacity and contempt for the electorate as that perpetrated by Nadine Dorries in her efforts to cheat her way to a reduction in the upper limit for legal abortions in the UK.

Perhaps the only saving grace in all this is that the longer this goes on the more I’m rapidly accumulating enough material to make for a potentially interesting book on political propaganda and the manner in which the anti-abortion lobby has come to rely on smears, misinformation, outright lies and the promotion of what amounts to little more than a stream of conspiracy theories in an effort to manipulate public opinion.

Who knows, when all this is done an dusted, it a book I may get around to writing that book, if only for the pleasure of tearing Nadine Dorries to pieces once and for all.

In the meantime, if you live in Mid-Bedfordshire, why not use to send Nadine an email asking her why she just cannot stop lying? Additionally, why not ask her when we might expect anything other than a lie to pass her lips and, if lying is wrong (by her own admission), why she continues to tell massive, whopping lies? The skinny fucking liar.

I know that I may have been overly subtle in this post, but what I was trying to convey is that Nadine Dorries is a liar. Did that come across at all?

That she's a liar, I mean?

UPDATE: Bookdrunk's on this too...


Whitby Bridge said...

What I don't understand.

Is how someone can be in favour of abortion.

And against the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Am I to understand that you're not Nadine's biggest fan?

Anonymous said...

@whitby bridge

In favour of both, on the other hand: flawless logic?

Mark Wadsworth said...

I wouldn't mind the lying so much (nobody believes politicians anyway, do they?) but the fact that she thinks that She Knows Best. Which she clearly doesn't.

John B said...

"What I don't understand. Is how someone can be in favour of abortion. And against the death penalty."

It's pretty easy: you just have to believe that 1) we shouldn't kill people; 2) a foetus is not a person.

Equally, it's perfectly consistent to be in favour of the death penalty and against abortion: you just have to believe that 1) we only shouldn't kill innocent people; 2) a foetus is a person.

Anonymous said...

Talking about lying:

So an unborn baby is not human? - so what sort of animal is it?

So an unborn baby is not alive? - why is aboprtion required if it is already dead?

I think most people know that an unborn child is alive and human, it just doesn't suit our current world view to admit it. It is a cultural blind spot. Or a lie.

Devil's Kitchen said...

No, Budgie, it is a potential human, not a human.

The argument is at what stage the blastocyst/embryo/foetus becomes more human than potential human and at what stage that difference trumps the rights of the fully-fledged adult human that has to bear it.


John B said...

Obviously, what DK said.

Interesting side note: from AD354 to AD1869, the Catholic Church believed the foetus became human at 16.5 weeks.

Little Black Sambo said...

"No, Budgie, it is a potential human, not a human."

(And, as you might have added, "End of".)

Newmania said...

Unity , who I have always assumed is a girl, is always so shallow. I am unimpressed with the statistics thrown around by the pro death lobby . Nadine has got hold of a basic truth . The medical profession are profoundly committed to abortion and a palette of materialist metaphysical beliefs abhorrent many of the people paying for them . They conduct a campaign against life and their carefully arranged evidence is no more trustworthy than that from the Police now commonly admitted to be a fiction. She is also right that there is cultural elite who have imposed a pro choice (anti life) set of beliefs which have been socially damaging and spiritually corrupting

Its all connected with the women’s movement which for obvious reasons saw establishing ownership of the body as a means of establishing a new identity . That battle is past and the wreckage is birth control by throwing babies in the waste disposal.
But what about the souls DK , if we are really just atoms bouncing pointlessly around then why not abort you , you’re quite young , and what difference does any of it make if we are only our bodies . This is , of course the true heart of the religious objection that a humanity is not located in its corporeal self.
Would you have the severely impaired “Put down”…need I remind you who it was that liked the ideas ….(Godwin's Law moment )
Adolf Hitler and of course the progressives whose golden rule is “If I cannot see it it isn't there…Justice for the dead is inexplicable to them for the same reason.

Dr Evil said...

Abortion for social reasons? This is utterly outrageous and I'm sure illegal. Abortions are only supposed to be sanctioned for bona fide medical reasons. Of course the reality is that it is often not the case, it is sanctioned for convenience, which is wrong. It is not a woman's right to kill a baby just because it is undeveloped and the wrong side of a 6 inch elastic duct.

we have lost over 5 million potential citizens. Bit of a holocaust really and sanctioned by the most evil of laws.

Anonymous said...

DK - there is no such thing as "potentially" human. Either an animal is human or it isn't. Even a just dead man is human, just not alive.

The right to life of the living human fetus naturally trumps the convenience of the mother.

Anonymous said...


By that logic, we've also saved ourselves the trouble of dealing with potential rapists, muggers and terrorists. You've shown me the way, Chalcedon, thank you. Thank you. Hooray for abortion!

Anonymous said...

"...if only for the pleasure of tearing Nadine Dorries to pieces once and for all"

- Would that be to tear her apart by D&C or by vacuum aspiration? How about salt poisoning her instead?

Sure! Lying is the real "crime" here!

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