Monday, April 28, 2008

Moron of the Week: Barack Obama

Via Matthew Sinclair, I find Dominic Lawson's article on the great American Presidential race. Now, as you may have realised, I take little interest in the US Presidential nominations; my philosophy is that, whoever is in the White House, our government will maintain the so-called "special relationship" and the US President will do precisely what they like anyway so it makes very little difference. Plus, of course, I'm not a US citizen, so sticking my oar in might be a little pointless.

However, it seems to me that Barack Obama is either a lying bastard or a protectionist moron with zero understanding of economics.
The most extraordinary thing is that Obama has actually been pandering to the "bitterness" he identified – the "anti-trade sentiment". In the rust belts of Ohio and Pennsylvania the Senator from Illinois has lost no opportunity to blame America's economic woes on the free-trade treaty with Canada and Mexico (Nafta) – which had been enacted by President Clinton.

Obama is one of three Congressional sponsors of "The Patriot Employer Act", which seeks to give preferential tax status to American companies that choose not to invest overseas. His anti-globalisation rhetoric goes far beyond criticism of free-trade deals such as Nafta. Obama told voters in New Hampshire:"I would stop the import of all toys from China". China supplies 80 per cent of the toys sold in the US, so that's one heck of a pile of embargoed fluffy bunnies.

The man is a total idiot and he will impoverish the US in a spectacular way if he does enact any of these policies.

I don't care what colour he is: I do care that he is either a lying bastard or a lackwit, fuckwit tit.


Anonymous said...

Fair enough but he's still better than that poisonous incompetent cunt Clinton or the mentally deranged McCain.

Anonymous said...

It sickens me when people equate non-support of Obama with racism. Diane Abbott's smug face ruined last week's "This Week" with her "forget everything you think about Obama, it's all really about race". Or the fact that he voted to criminalise the burning of the American flag, you well-poisoning witch. Also, he's not even close to "anti-war" which everyone keeps projecting onto him. He wants to add 65,000 soldiers to the army (give or take) and 29,000 Marines, for chrissakes!

Ewan Watt said...

This is an excellent article:

Anonymous said...

Expanding the military does not, ipso facto, make one pro-war. In the US, specifically, the peculiar socio-economic alchemy is such that the military has always been a vehicle for social advancement - it's been a means for kids to get an education they otherwise couldn't and learn some skills.

Within that specific context, the expansion of the military is better seen as intended to expand social opportunity.

Also, do you have a source on the claim that Obama voted to criminalise flag-burning? Last I checked (which I do regularly since the wife is an American citizen), Hillary was the one who voted for that and Obama voted against it.

Re racism: one interesting thing is the hostility of Trevor Phillips and the CRE to Obama's candidacy. Phillips has actually gone on record as saying that, if the US votes for a black president, white people will no longer take claims of racism seriously which will undermine the CRE's basic function.

Pissing off the right-on fucktards at the CRE is one fine reason to cheer for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Walken for President!

Mark Wadsworth said...

"Barack Obama is either a lying bastard or a protectionist moron with zero understanding of economics"

Sadly, he is both. Re rust-belt, look up what Steven Reed did in Harrisburg.

Anonymous said...

somebody needs to give obama the "economics for dummies" book.

either that, or he's a lying fucker.

i'll bank on the latter.

Old BE said...

I think this would be an excellent policy - it might dampen down our own import inflation rate

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about Obama's grasp of economics. However, his economics advisor is a Chicago man and, as you might expect, absolutely and utterly sound. I can't remember the guy's name, but I saw him on News 24's Hard Talk and he was really good. Having said that, Bush had the equally impressive Greg Mankiw as his economics advisor. Bush has by no means been the small government President that Mankiw hoped for but he has been pretty good on free trade in so far as the limits of his office allow.
(Rory Meakin)

NotClauswitz said...

It's not only his poor grasp of economics but "sociologics". The "Patriot Employer Act" seeks to institutionalize a Corporate-Government *synergy* unlike anything seen since...oh, 1932 Italy and Germany. It creates tax advantages and preferences on government contracts with those Corporation which "play ball" and allow the elimination of the secret ballot for union voting, while setting in place a blackmail situation where politicians can essentially demand donations or "revoke" a company's "patriot" status. Nice bit of kit.
It's economics straight out of the 1930's Progressive Playbook typical of a "Chicago Man"...if you mean one like Al Capone or some other thuggish Union leg-breaker.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said earlier.

Within that specific context, the expansion of the military is better seen as intended to expand social opportunity.

How in hells name do you come to that conclusion?.. That has to be the most ridiculous thing i've EVER heard...

So tanks, guns. submarines, missiles are all produced to give social opportunity to the underprivileged huh?.. At which point did it not occur to you that the military need the impoverished as a means to recruitment for its fallacious State led wars... Anyone lucky enough or bright enough for that matter, have no intention of joining the military

Anonymous said...

A little background reading for dirtcrashr

(Rory Meakin)

Anonymous said...

"last time you checked", anonymous? Bullshit. It's right here in black and white (LOL)

Stop projecting your hopes and dreams onto this hyper-statist wannabe-messiah.

NotClauswitz said...

Obama's not running against Bush, he's running agains McCain and his "economics man" is from Stanford man.
For all Obama's dismissal of flag-pins and "traditional patriotism" as jingoism and implied neo-fascism, for all the Democrats complaining, "How dare you question my patriotism"? - The Patriot Corporation Act he proposes is Government defined Patriotism - and tied to economic fruits, and combined with powerful, un-opposable unions lacking any secret-ballot to organize around, it creates some dangerous bedfellows. A very similar (almost exactly similar) program of government rewards and regulatory interactions with companies and corporations was implemented in post-Weimar Germany - this interaction has a specific name...

Anonymous said...

dirtcrash(e)r "Obama's not running against Bush, he's running agains(t) McCain"


"and his "economics man" is from Stanford man."


Some more research for dirtcrashr:

"Austan D. Goolsbee is an economist and is currently the Robert P. Gwinn Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business... He has been Barack Obama's economic advisor since Obama's successful U.S. Senate campaign in Illinois."

NotClauswitz said...

Wrong?McCain's economics man is a Stanford guy. Obama's might as well be Bill "I Blow Things Up" Ayers for all I care.
All youse Anonymusses look alike, try addressing the "Great Patriot-Corporate Leap Forward." Successful shill-campaign? Chicago where dead people routinely vote? One of the most notoriously and proven corrupt administrations among the States in the Union? Give me a break.
Maybe Goolsbee can advise them on that aspect.

Kim du Toit said...

Obama's a Commie cocksucker. Beginning and end of it. If he becomes the Democrat candidate, McCain (who is almost as much of a cunt) will win 40 of the 50 states.

Peter J said...

Hey I don't know what sort of fucked up economics books you've been reading!

Let's look at the BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS. High-labour cost Western economies clearly need to (1) protect their intellectual property rights and (2) protect a functional economic base including manufacturing. This necessarily involves preventing foreign economies dumping on the EU and the US.

Why are so many sad pricks so keen to bend over for the Chinese? Don't get any of this. Though I do think we should arrange a fair and equitable trade settlement between all economic parties...

Billll said...

Obie and Hill are both doctrinaire Marxists. The difference is that Hill is better at lying about it.

McCain's no prize either, but he'll do less damage overall, assuming the legislature works to keep his worst ideas in check.

Next year we WILL NOT allow the media to pick our candidates 2 years in advance.

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