Friday, April 04, 2008

Keep London moving

Volunteer to keep London moving, annoy the fucking unions and get to drive a train: how cool would that be?

Thanks to the LA email correspondent who sent me the link to this campaign: one which I would wholeheartedly support. So, here's the preamble...
KEEP LONDON MOVING brings together commuters and passengers who are sick and tired of the repeated threats of industrial action by transport workers and would be willing—in principle—to volunteer their own time and effort to help maintain a functioning service on the London Underground in the event of future strikes.

Over three million people everyday rely on the tube, but increasingly they are being held to ransom by a tiny coterie of militant trade unionists—led by self-proclaimed communist, Bob Crowe—who frequently threaten to bring the nation’s capital to a standstill on the most flimsy and spurious of grounds. Their principal intention is usually to inflate still further the grotesquely large pay packets of London Underground staff. The needs of millions of passengers must not be continually overridden by the ridiculous demands of barely 8,000 RMT members who work on the underground system.

Tube drivers are paid approximately £40,000 a year to work a thirty-five hour week, with almost nine weeks’ annual leave, a generous pension and free travel thrown in. Unsurprisingly, such staggeringly overpaid work ensures that all vacancies are enormously over-subscribed. Even if tube drivers’ salary packages were halved, they would still be paid about the same as London bus drivers who undertake considerably more skilled and difficult work.

As a modern, 21st century city, London cannot afford to fall victim to waves of 1970s-style industrial action. This is especially true in the present uncertain economic climate. And with the capital due to host the Olympics in four years’ time, the capacity for the RMT union to wreak havoc on our city will only increase unless drastic action is taken.

By becoming a supporter of KEEP LONDON MOVING you would be pledging—in principle—to volunteer for an eight hour shift for every full week of strikes on London Underground and to make yourself available for rudimentary training before commencing any work. You would not be incurring any legal obligation by pledging your support.

The campaign has been launched yet another think-tank, Progressive Vision and it's one that I approve of, not only because I live in London, but also because it's part of the "individuals helping the community" ideas that underpin libertarianism.

Besides, as this song attests, how hard can it be?

Sign up and while we're at it, why don't we start a Kick Bob Crow In The Nuts With A Lead-Weighted Diving Boot campaign too?


Longrider said...

Well, if you are planning to start driving trains, you will have to lay of the booze and drugs...

Bill Haydon said...

No, DK, no, no, please, no, not that, anything but that. I totally agree with you on the politics etc etc but please tell me you don't support that "version" of the world's greatest ever 3 minute pop song...why would anyone bastardise a song whose video shows a hand coming out and sweeping away photos of Attlee, Churchill, Eden, SuperMac, Wilson, Heath, Callaghan and Thatch??

No, you can't do this, no I won't allow it [TD is carried away by persons in white coats]....

Anonymous said...

And your views on PPP are what, exactly?

Dr Evil said...

What about sueing the RMT? What about sueing that bastard Crowe for the misery he and his wretched members inflict on the travelling public.

He's a commie, but in the Soviet Union he would have been shot for economic sabotage. A crime I would like to see on our statute book, if it still is ours and not that of the EU.

Dorothea said...

Yeah, any idiot can drive a train.

Not half as difficult as growing Northern Rock into the great success it is, or real 'hard work' like that, eh?

I'm sure the caring libertarians will be flooding in to volunteer.

Bishop Brennan said...

A huge improvement on the original song... :)

Even the cheese-eating surrender monkeys manage to prevent this kind of cr*p with unions - who are obliged to provide a level of service on strike days. Why can't we? Oh, because we've got muppets in Gov't (literally in the case of 'Sam the Eagle' Darling) [hattip: Private Eye].

How about applying EU 'abuse of a dominant position' monopoly laws to Crowe et al? Let's bankrupt the cunts!


Longrider said...

Yeah, any idiot can drive a train.

Not half as difficult as growing Northern Rock into the great success it is, or real 'hard work' like that, eh?

Train driving is unskilled work. Providing someone has the basic aptitude and an ability to learn the rules and apply them in practice, it is not a particularly difficult job. Indeed, the greatest risk comes from boredom leading to inattention - hence the reminder equipment provided in the cab (I talk of main line trains here - I'm not familiar with LUL cabs). No it is not as onerous as growing a national or multi-national business. I could do the former, but never the latter.

No, I wouldn't be volunteering to drive any trains - I've spent enough time on the footplate to realise that it is mind-numbingly tedious.

Old BE said...

There are volunteers in more specialised and "frontline" jobs, so why not tube drivers?

Good idea. Now that the government takes so much of our hard-earned, many of us only have our spare time to donate to "good causes".

The Remittance Man said...

We've got part-timers from the TA fighting Terry Taliban in The Stan, and I reckon hunting a bunch of hardened terrorists is a tad more difficult than driving a train, so why not.

Tap into that seam of volunteerism we Brits are famous for. If it impressed the Kaiser, its bound to piss off the guys from ASLEF.

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