Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Irishman speaks the truth

Don't worry, Twenty, I share your frustration.
I’m tired of hearing shite from people who commit serious crimes.

Actually, I should correct that. I’m tired of hearing shite from their defence teams. How often have you turned on the radio and heard:

“Counsel for the defence accepted their client had done wrong but urged the court to take into account the background in which Mr X grew up. His father was an abusive alcoholic while his mother was a heroin addict who was regularly beaten by his father. When turning to his uncle for guidance Mr X was abused up the arse and when he told the local priest he forced him to take part in orgies with oil and other assorted toys. He then spiralled into a life of addiction and alcoholism, marrying a glue sniffing mother of four. He then abused and beat those children only because he didn’t know any better himself before spending some time in prison for battering an 81 year old pensioner in her own home so he could steal the €17 she had left of her pension so he could score drugs.

Mr X expresses deep shame and remorse at his actions but feels he has been a victim of society.”

Well fuck you and fuck you again just after you’ve been fucked. And the fucking will be done by an elephant’s cock, you poxy, despicable cunts. And that’s the just the defence counsels.

We have become a nations of excusers and enablers. When people behave badly we are dealt a litany of excuses about how tough a person’s life has been, how they suffered this or that (whether it’s true or not and I suspect a lot of the time it isn’t), how they battled this addiction or that, and the reality is that even if those things were the truth it doesn’t alter the fact that this person behaved like an utter cunt.

ZZzZzzzzz. We’ve heard it all before. Fuck excuses, fuck reasons, even the most poorly educated, junkie prick in town knows that beating/robbing/killing/stabbing etc is wrong. I don’t give a fuck about your sob stories, your namby-pamby social worker bollocks or anything else. I just want you dealt with and off the fucking streets.

I don’t give a fiddler’s what your life was like. If it was bad then you aren’t alone. There are plenty of people who suffer bad lives and childhoods who don’t behave like cunts.

Indeed. And their lives are then made considerably worse by the cunts who rob, beat, torture, rape and murder them, i.e. you cunts who are in the dock.

A legal friend of mine once told me that a lawyer would not ask their client if they were guilty of the crime or not. This is because, if a lawyer knows his client to be guilty and then defends a not guilty plea in court, that lawyer is in contempt of court.

So, can any lawyers out there tell me if the same applies to any lawyer who says that his client is basically a good person and that the judge should be lenient when the lawyer knows that his client is actually a utter fucking cunt who should be put locked up for the rest of his natural life?


Anonymous said...

When it comes to the reasons I am generally with the left/liberal wing, I can understand why people are sometime the way they are, we are all prisoners of our upbringing.

I just also believe that none of that should matter a fuck. The penal code should be determined by practicalities and while anyone is a serious risk to the rest of us, in the absence of any other effective methods to protect us, they should stay locked up. You don't blame a dog for killing a child but you still put it down.

There is a great deal of hand ringing about people being locked up for "minor" offences. Has anyone seen the effect it has on some people to be mugged or to be the victims of an assault by burglars in their own home? I have.

Anonymous said...

There are millions of people who get raised in desperate circumstances and miss out on all sorts of reasonable child-nurture such as love, affection, stability and even a decent night's sleep.

And... they don't turn to crime! They sort their lives out, and even become responsible parents themselves.

But on the subject of defence counsel... I know someone who as part of working in a law firm helped a guy get off who had a great record of repeating the same crime by simply making sure that each offence was heard individually on a single charge. This way he could plead circumstancial evidence in each one. Taken together of course he would soon be seen as guilty as hell.

As this one-time law employee said; he was clearly guilty, and they got him off.

He also said every time the list of the bad guy's offences were read out after the man was found not guity the look of dismay on the jury's face was always quite something to behold.

Anonymous said...

What, you mean there are people still out there who think a courts main purpose is JUSTICE........if only it were that simple.

Anonymous said...

Your fucking web page has turned dilute dog shit broon again !!!!

Devil's Kitchen said...


This is a problem with your browser. My server is up and running and so the page image is serving properly. This is an issue with your browser, not my site.

However, I might be able to implement something that will help. I'll look...


Anonymous said...

Bloody rotten stinking thing!!!

I've re-visited after a spin round Eugenides prodicus Dizzy etc etc etc etc and everything is now just fine and a delight to my poor eyes.

Thank you. (It does keep happening though you know)

Devil's Kitchen said...


No worries. I have now given the mainContent div a background colour so, even if the images are not loading, the posts should be readable.

Thanks for prodding me to do so.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, just when I was beginning to think that the Libertarian Party might have something to offer.

An accused's defence counsel is his representative, and, as such, his role is to present the defendant's case as eloquently as possible. In a way, he is lending the defendant his skills and brain for a fee.

The reason for this is to ensure justice. Thus a stumblebum's case is presented with every bit as much gloss as if the stumblebum were, say, Tony Bliar presenting his own case.

For example say T. Bliar and Gordon were to find themselves in the dock accused of raping the United (what was) Kingdom for eleven years. And say they were representing themselves without the aid of a 'brief'.

My guess is that Bliar would leave the court "Without a stain on your character" whilst Brown would be remanded to await the Judge's finding of his black cap.

Hardly fair as they both deserve to be strung up from the nearest lamp whatsit.

My dream is that Bliar, Brown, Campbell, Mandelson and Cherie eventually experience the same fate as the French aristocracy suffered at tne end of the 18th century.

But, only if represented by 'Counsel'.

Devil's Kitchen said...

"Oh dear, just when I was beginning to think that the Libertarian Party might have something to offer."

What the hell has this got to do with the Libertarian Party?


Not a sheep said...

Of course if you are caught speeding then there are no excuses allowed to be made.

Anonymous said...

Or if you leave your bin lid open 4 inches.

Roger Thornhill said...


Nobody is saying that the defence cannot try and polish a turd. What is important is that the courts do not reward such polishing when possible if to do so results in a miscarriage of justice.

Just because the system enables such behaviour as an unintended consequence of the way due process has to operate, does not mean that it is right or that those who do it can escape vitriol.

Anonymous said...

Ironically your "humble" Devil's policy on drugs would create more addicts and thus more spawn who claim that their parent's/their addiction led them to the life they live. The very fact that you are dignifying this with a post assumes that you agree with the underlying premise that drugs and alcohol mess up peoples lives, a complete contradiction to your more recent post which states that most people are absolutely fine when they consume drugs etc... Which clearly isn't the case because you are moaning about the vast number of cases where (in a society where drugs anre illegal) people are getting messed up because of drugs and thus messing up their kids who then use that as a defense to their criminal trials!

Retarded: yes

Devil's Kitchen said...


"Ironically your "humble" Devil's policy on drugs would create more addicts and thus more spawn who claim that their parent's/their addiction led them to the life they live."

BANG! Did you se it? The strawman? What, you missed it? Right, I'll highlight it...

""Ironically your "humble" Devil's policy on drugs would create more addicts..."

BOOM! There, y'see? Where is your evidence for that assertion, o mighty binty?


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