Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Irish Referendum

Now, I happen to like this PledgeBank idea, which was started by Matt of Woking Libertarians.
I will buy 1 pint of Guiness and a £5 bet for a member of the Irish Republic, IF they save Europe by voting NO to the Lisbon Treaty but only if 1,000 other freedom and democracy lovers will do the same.

Can you imagine how amusing it would be to see the faces of The Colleagues when confronted with a "piss off, you totalitarian bastards" result in the Lisbon Treaty referendum?

Go and sign up, people!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, DK, I've signed up

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Irish seem to have sold their souls to the EU to spite the English. In any case the EU parliament has already voted to disregard an Irish no vote (no change there, then).

There is more chance of economic meltdown in one or more of Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Eire due to the ligature of the Euro.

Mac the Knife said...

Done, and done. Come on you Micks!

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