Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Insane... But very cool

I find this story of a reservist who, having set off a grenade booby-trap in Afghanistan, decided that he had to save his friends.
Lance Corporal Croucher and his troop were on patrol last month near their base in Sangin, Helmand province, when he stepped into a tripwire that pulled the pin from a boobytrap grenade.

He said: “I thought, I’ve set this bloody thing off and I’m going to do whatever it takes to protect the others. I’m very tight with the three other guys. There have been a few times when they have saved my bacon.

“I knew a grenade like this has a killing circumference of about five metres. So I got down with my back to the grenade and used my body as a shield. It was a case of either having four of us as fatalities or badly wounded, or one.”

Amazingly, he survived with little more than a nosebleed, although his backpack was blown to smithereens. As Samizdata commented,
Fortitude and insane luck are a very cool combination.

Too right. Croucher is very brave chap and deserves his Victoria Cross nomination.


Mark Wadsworth said...

A VC, a knighthood and a lifetime of free drinks, more like.

Dr Evil said...

A very brave guy. Quick thinking too, as he only had 5 to 7 seconds to react before it was stand by!

I hope he gets his VC.

Neal Asher said...

He'll probably get fined for damaging army equipment then taken to court by the HSE.

Anonymous said...

If this guy doesn't get a VC then no-one will ever deserve one.

Anonymous said...

I think it is more likely to be an MC. Not because he isn't brave, he is; but because it was a one off almost instinctive action on his part.

That said, he is more then welcome to tap me for drinks for life!

Anonymous said...

Politicians have the last say in awarding the VC. So do you really think that pile of human shit in Westminster is going to do the right thing?

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