Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Harriet: "Polly's a genius"

I have been meaning to mention the rather wonderful Happy Harriet Harman blog for a while now. It is a spoof blog, naturally, but does it rather well. Needless to say, nothing that a spoof says should be taken at face value.
In a thousand years, the people of the future (or possibly aliens depending on how this climate change thing plays out) will look at the early 21st century and recognise that Polly Toynbee was one of the cleverest and most loved people around*.

i.e. Polly is a pusillanimous idiot with all of the talent of a badly-mangled melon.

Oh, and you want to know what the asterisk denotes?
*In fact, Polly has many admirers, not least of all a certain Tim Worstall who manages to blog about her at least once a day in between the rest of his anti-woman commentary, the pig! It is an open secret in the blogosphere that Tim (who is not very brght) is madly in love with clever Polly but unfortunately his hatred of all that is female causes his love to manifest in a deranged and twisted form.

Excellent! Duly added to the RSS feeds...

UPDATE: it is definitely not a spoof blog, OK?
For goodness sake, I'll say it once and once only....


It's what I like to call a complimentary blog. To complement my official one which is really boring, but which for legal reasons has to stay quite dull.

Well, that last sentence is certainly true...

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Anonymous said...

What about a spoof Gordo blog as a complement to the spoof Happy Harriet blog? Then the spoof Gordo blog could compliment the spoof Harriet blog and vice versa. Or not, as the case may be. Then we can all be happy. Though not Happy Harriet. Of course Harriet could be happy as well as Happy. Or not. But we would not be Happy (Harriet), we would just be happy, or not. Perhaps. Where are my glasses?

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