Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good blogs: Falco

I try to vary the bloggers to whom I link in a single day, but for this post I am going to make an exception because Falco's Don't Set Fire To Your Jacket is quite simply one of the very best libertarian blogs out here and, even at risk of writing a hagiography, I wanted to highlight some of his posts.

First up is Falco's variation on Pastor Niemoller's ditty.
First they came for....

the tokers, and I was rather irritated because I like the odd toke.

Then they came for them as likes shrooms, and was narked because they are silly and fun.

Then they came for the protesters, and my blood boiled with furious indignation at the bastards.

Then they came for the smokers, and as they ripped away our liberty they told us that they were giving us more.

Now they're coming for the drinkers, and they may have made a mistake here.

Next up (and you may notice a theme developing here), he points out that alcohol does not cause anything at all (and that the New Scientist is pretty shit much of the time but fucking ignorant twats tend to treat its hysteria as gospel because... well, because it has the word "scientist" in the title).
This week they've managed to piss me off so much I may well feed their editorial team through a shredder:
"Alcohol is responsible for 16% of Europe's cases of child abuse and neglect,"

No you shit for brains fuckwits, the people abusing or neglecting are responsible for 100% of it, pissed or sober. Alcohol is a thing, not a thinking being and cannot "be responsible" for people's actions or anything else.

Next up is Falco's attack on the idea of "passive drinking", which he, quite correctly, terms "Utter Bollocks".
One of the major problems with "Utter Bollocks" is that it blames the drink not the person for their behavior. If someone spikes your drink, (an occurrence much rarer than believed but it does happen), then you have a defence because you did not willingly get yourself into a state. If you choose to drink a bottle of vodka and then throw up on someone you have to face the consequences of your actions.

I find "Utter Bollocks" repugnant on both sides of Libertarianism. You should be free to ingest whatever you desire, equally you must be held responsible for your actions if you willingly enter such a state. I view the promoters of "Utter Bollocks" as nasty little shits, keen to control our lives because of the satisfaction it gives them and keener still to infantilise us to make that job easier. I suggest they go take a running jump into a pit of chili oiled spikes.

And here he is on racism (and the stupidity of Sunny Hundal).
Not only is it impossible to completely separate economic and social policies but the idiocy of conflating "Right Wing" with "Racist" makes my blood boil. There are racist and non racists on either side of the political fence and it is a separate belief that has little to do with any other political affiliation.

And here Falco looks at a couple of Through the Looking Glass moments concerning idiot Lefties.

And, finally, he looks at the erosion of our liberties.
The problem is "Salami Tactics", (see 1.20 in), each little erosion of Liberty is seen as not worth bothering with but they add up over time and before you know it you have nothing left. Instead of a Nuclear Option, we must resist each time those in power attempt to take away our remaining Liberties and demand back those they have stolen from us.

Seriously, Don't Set Fire To Your Jacket is a great blog (and Falco is a very decent chap, too. Plus, of course, he is a member of the Libertarian Party. QED) and should be added to your daily reads forthwith...


Longrider said...

...and should be added to your daily reads forthwith...

He already is.

Falco said...

Thanks very much for the lauding. Not worthy, not worthy, etc, (but very pleased).

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