Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Conspiratorial Quote of the Day...

... comes from Frank Fisher over at Liberal Conspiracy.
The Left have fucked this country. You all thought you were acting in a good cause—you all had the best motives, but you fucked it. You fucked it all up. You see the wreckage all around you. Know why you fucked it all up, and why the voters let you? Because 1) you’re dumb and 2) they’re dumb.

What more can one say (without launching into yet another essay)?


James Higham said...

What more indeed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Devil's Kitchen,

I am an internist with a medical news website http://hotmedicalnews.com I have several articles on the downside of government medicine with which Brits are quite familiar. Unfortunately, the left has won here in the US and we're having to get used to it as well.
Perhaps you could link to my site.
Thanks for your time.


Brian Carty, MD

silas said...

The left has won in the US? The left of what, exactly?

Wait, is your left my right because you're facing me?

Politics in the US are, as Bill Hicks described, two puppets operated by the one man. It doesn't matter which puppet you choose, big business still runs the show.

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