Monday, April 14, 2008

Climate alarmists are really starting to piss me off

There are a whole collection of fucking stupid unions which Thatcher, unfortunately, failed to grind into dust; Unison is one of those. [Emphasis mine.]
EVERY PUBLIC sector organisation should have to justify the impact on the climate of every decision it takes, under plans to be put forward by the trade union, Unison.

Councils, enterprise agencies, government bodies and the government itself would all be accountable for any development or plan which increases the pollution that is warming the globe.

Unison is proposing that chief executives responsible for climate-wrecking schemes should be hauled up before school children to explain their actions.

Right. Because school children are absolutely the best judges of business, aren't they? They are completely up on the science, and they totally understand the trade-offs that we make, are they not?

Fuck me, it seems like Unison is run by schoolchildren, the bunch of cunts.

And it seems that Unison are attempting to introduce a new orthodoxy of nomenclature to the climate debate: "climate-wrecking schemes". Fucking hellski, there's so much NuSpeak about that it's becoming more and more like 1984—a warning, not a fucking instruction manual, you total bastards—by the day in this country.

However, Climate Skeptic points out that this won't happen...
I run my own business and would love the opportunity to explain to school children why those who try to frighten them about their effect on climate have more to do with controlling them than helping them. I would love to explain why global warming alarmism is hugely exaggerated. Unfortunately, this platform never exists because alarmists, beginning with Al Gore, evade and avoid debate at all costs. Putting me in front of school children to tell my story on global warming is exactly what alarmists don't want.

My son today asked me why we live in a world with so many problems. I responded that he needs to check his perspective. On a historical scale, compared to anyone from any prior generation, our life is a piece of cake. The reason things seem so bad in the media is because politicians and others want us to give up our rights. No one gives up their rights voluntarily, but sometimes can be tricked into doing so in an "emergency." It is therefore in the best interest of those who want power over us to try to convince us that there is some kind of emergency out there.

As a counter challenge, I would love for global warming alarmists to explain in return to school children why our generation enjoyed the benefits of economic growth and near universal wealth (at least by historical standards) but our kids on the other hand must accept poverty due to a grand global fetish surrounding a trace atmospheric gas and a few tenths of a degree of temperature change.



Longrider said...
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Longrider said...

Okay, shall we try again - this time without the typos...

I recall a local news story where the police tried this idea with speeding drivers. They were given an option of getting a ticket or 'fessing up to the kids at the local school with the kids behaving as some sort of star chamber to make the motorist feel so guilty that they might have harmed a child irrespective of how ell they may have been driving, that they never do it again. A sickening and depraved idea - children are not mature enough to make such judgements and the same applies to the climate change scam. Frankly, I'd take the ticket.

This country is becoming far too child centric.

Anonymous said...

What's next? Getting kids to shop parents who hold beliefs contrary to ZaNuLabour?

Why does no-one in these fucking organisations have the balls to tell the fuckwits who come up with these ideas to just FUCK OFF!

Neal Asher said...

So agree with Longrider. I had to go into hospital recently and, after receiving a lecture about my smoking i.e. I was lucky to be getting any treatment at all because of my evil habit, I was informed that my operation would likely be delayed because they had a lot of children in. Right, those that don't pay NI to the head of the queue. Perhaps I should sue for ageism?

Roger Thornhill said...

This reminds me of Maoism, Red Guards and kids denouncing adults. What next, hordes of out of control foot-soldiers smashing technology waiving their Little Green
Books? Unison would love that.

Anonymous said...

Obvious: the children are the future of the Unions. You see, if "bad people" are hauled up in front of kids then the kids can also be "informed' this fun event is brought to them by the lovely Trade Unionists.

So... while we are here kiddies, like to sign up for the newly-formed Trade Union Pioneers? This is where you get to march at all the big demos against nasty capitalism and Amerika, and for all for those lovely people who stopped work for to protest aginst things.

But we won't say anything bad about Iran and the Trade Unions there...

cassandra said...

Its emotional blackmail of the worst kind and its marxist revolutionary politics 101! Brainwash children then use their trusting nature and pervert it to strongarm adults who dare to dissent stray from the path that the socialist master race deem correct!
These bastards are our mortal enemy and these bastards need destroying before they succeed in turning us into the 1984 drones they fantasise about!

pagar said...

I am uncomfortable with this from the aspect of Health and Safety.

Who will check the businessman's details against the Sex Offenders Register before he is introduced to our children?

Even if he's not registered, perhaps his hard drive should be scanned just in case?

Anonymous said...

What global warming is it that the NuFascists at Unison want people to apologise for? The global warming that hasn't happened since 1998? The global warming of the 1930's? The global warming in the Middle Ages?

I know it's a truism, but it's just so obvious that these fuckers are just using the chimera of global warming to impose their colectivst ideology on us, now that we have all seen through the folly of Marxism-Leninism. Cunts the lot of them, you just know that, like that loathsome slug Dianne Abbot, they secretly groove on the fact that Mao could kill 30 million peasants in the name of progress. I don't just want to get their boot off my face, I want to shoot them in the bollocks.

Thatcher's Child said...

Kids tend to think in a black and white way up to the age of 15 or so when the elements of gray start to leak through. This is where they start asking the difficult questions - like,
Why is it that it is only the mentally immature who think that socialism is a good idea?

Once you realize that the whole world is mostly grey with a little bit of black and white - you can understand why socialists like to maintain these little havens of immaturity!

Jones said...

Another nitwit idea from the pro Anthropogenic Global Warming camp, but then that's what they're full of. Nitwit ideas. They want Communist style show trials with dramatic 'denouncements' and the cowed heads of the contrite. That can't happen without some form of compulsion or criminal prosecution. Besides, what constitutes a 'climate wrecking scheme' anyway? The guys at UNISON simply cannot do joined up thinking.

If half of what the pro AGW camp say is true, then said AGW 'truths' should be self evident by now. Are sea levels going to rise up to ten metres? Erm... not by a long chalk. Is global temperature rising by several degrees a decade? Nope. Are remote Pacific Islands in danger of drowning? No. Polar Bears falling through the melting ice? Actually no, they're doing fine. Case closed. Next!

Anonymous said...

Who was it that said something to the effect of: 'Get into the minds of the children and they are yours for life'?

Anonymous said...

The Jesuits?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Pol Pot blaze the trail, as far as making children the arbiters of revolutionary correctness goes?

Nice. UNISON emulates Pol Pot.

Sounds about right.

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